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    Vacuum Concave Suction Cup for Granite & Glass Lifting, Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Glass Lifter

    Vacuum Concave Suction Cup for Granite & Glass Lifting, Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Glass Lifter

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: GYKNJX9BWDWJ8
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    High-Quality Material

    Solid, odorless, and high-strength ABS and rubber materials make the whole product durable, so it can keep practical for a long time.

    Excellent Suction

    The 8-inch diameter and high-quality material make the suction reach 240lbs, and make it long-lasting and airtight, so it can help you easily lift most heavy objects without sliding and loosening.

    Humanized Design

    The practical vent valve allows very fast and complete release, while the ergonomic handle allows you to grasp comfortably to reduce hand pain caused by long-time work.

    Simple Operation

    The simple structure and practical barometer enable you to master it in a short time and check the pressure in time, even novices can quickly learn.

    Compact and Lightweight

    The 8-inch diameter, the overall size of 8*8*7.3inch, and the net weight of 2.65lbs make it easy to store and carry anywhere you need.

    Ideal Gift

    With good performance, this product is an ideal choice for gifts to family or friends engaged in decoration and other industries.

    Sealing Side

    This sealing side can effectively prevent air leakage and improve your work efficiency.

    Solid Screws

    These 4 solid screws can firmly fix the air pump to reduce shaking.

    Anti-slip Base

    The round base with many grooves can increase the friction and make the product more stable.

    Safety Indication

    The red line indication warns the user of any vacuum loss. When the true vacuum is lower than 100%, you only need to pump the plunger until the original vacuum pressure is reached, without taking the cup out of the glass.

    Effortless Cleaning

    The smooth surface allows you to easily remove dust and residues with a towel and water.


    This product can be very suitable for handling large glass, ceramic tile, aquarium, furniture, plastic, metal, slate, household appliance cabinet, marble, car windshield, furniture, and iron plate, and can be widely used in any smooth surface.

    • :
    • Material: ABS+Rubber
    • Color: Blue+Black
    • Assembly Required: No
    • Applicable Surface: Flat and Smooth Surface
    • Suction: About 108.86kg/240lbs
    • Package Size: 29*25.5*21cm/11.42*10.04*8.27inch
    • Product Size: 21*21*9.5cm/8*8*3.7inch
    • Gross Weight: 1.3kg/2.87lbs
    • Net Weight: 1.2kg/2.65lbs
    Package Included:
    • 1*Vacuum Concave Suction Cup


    Material ABS+Rubber
    Color Blue+Black Assembly Required No
    Applicable Surface Flat and Smooth Surface Suction About 108.86kg/240lbs
    Package Size 29*25.5*21cm/11.42*10.04*8.27inch Product Size 21*21*9.5cm/8*8*3.7inch
    Gross Weight 1.3kg/2.87lbs Net Weight 1.2kg/2.65lbs

    How to Use:

    1. Place the suction cup on the contact surface so that the red line can be seen when lifting the load.
    2. Pump the plunger until it is fully connected. When the red line is hidden, it indicates that the vacuum is sufficient.
    3. If the red line appears during lifting, please immediately put down the load and pump the plunger until the red line is hidden again.


    1. Please always inspect vacuum suction cups before use. Clean them and the load surface with soap and water with a clean sponge or lint-free cloth. Make sure both surfaces are dry and free of any dirt or obstruction. Make sure the handle pump has enough lubrication for the pump. Please check whether the elasticity of the vacuum suction cup is good and whether there is damage and obvious abnormal distortion.
    2. Before use, please test the suction of the vacuum sucker on a small piece of material.
    3. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.



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    Vacuum Concave Suction Cup for Granite & Glass Lifting, Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Glass Lifter