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    Paint Sprayer Airless Paint Spray System Control Max. Spraying Flow Reaches 0.48Gal/min Airless Control Pro Paint Spray System

    Paint Sprayer Airless Paint Spray System Control Max. Spraying Flow Reaches 0.48Gal/min Airless Control Pro Paint Spray System

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: JZCU5T2PUKFKH
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    Powerful Motor

    It adopts a pure copper motor of 1800w, so the maximum spraying flow reaches 0.48Gal/min and can spray 21527.82-32291.73sq. ft a day. It allows you to do more spraying work in less time, greatly improving the working efficiency.

    Great Convenience

    13.78-15.75-inch spraying distance, 9.84-inch spraying width and 15Mpa spraying pressure allow you to spray high places and corners easily, which is more time-saving and effective than manual spraying.

    Safe and Reliable

    Uniform heat dissipation holes can ensure the stable operation of the product. The overheating protection and the self-stop function of the gun shutdown can effectively prevent some safety accidents from occurring, so you can feel more at ease and easy to use.

    Simple Operation

    After starting the motor, you only need to move the spray gun up and down or left and right to spray, which is very simple and saves time and energy.

    Thoughtful Design

    The high-pressure hose with a compressive strength of 25mpa can make the spraying process less resistant without affecting the pressure. Fan-shaped spray design can take care of the surroundings, making the atomization effect better.

    Easy to Clean

    The removable design makes the cleaning after spraying faster, more convenient, and more thorough cleaning to avoid paint residue.

    Two Support Brackets

    It adopts two brackets to support the whole machine so that the motor is separated from the ground, which not only increases the stability of the machine but also reduces the vibration of the ground.

    Build to Last

    It is made of high-quality aluminium alloy and plastic, making it strong and durable and extending its service life effectively.

    Airless Technology

    This sprayer adopts airless spraying technology, which better solves the problems of air bubbles and cracks in the coating and makes the spraying more even and delicate.

    Portable Handle

    The top handle is more convenient for your outdoor use and makes carrying easier.


    The package is equipped with a strainer that effectively filters the paint, making the coating more delicate.


    It is suitable for large and medium-sized residential, commercial and industrial buildings, indoor and outdoor wall spraying, finish spraying, infrastructure spraying, public building spraying, old house renovation and remodeling, industrial flooring works, foundation protection, fence spraying, etc.

    • Material: Aluminium Alloy, Plastic
    • Color: Blue and Yellow
    • Model: 450
    • Mounting Type: Floor Standing
    • Assembly Required: Yes
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Power Source: Corded Electric
    • Plug: UK Standard
    • Motor: Pure Copper Motor
    • Power: 1800W
    • Voltage/Frequency: 220V, 50HZ
    • Maximum Injection Flow Rate: 1.8L/0.48Gal/min
    • Nozzle Model: 517
    • High Pressure Pipe Compressive Strength: 25Mpa
    • Shooting Pressure: 15Mpa
    • Shutdown Pressure: 20Mpa
    • Max Output Pressure: 3600psi
    • Optimal Spraying Distance: 350-400mm/13.78*15.75in
    • Spray Width: 250mm/9.84in
    • High Pressure Pipe Inner Diameter: 6.3mm/0.248in
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.15-0.19mm/0.00591-0.00748in
    • Extension Rod Length: 50cm/19.69in
    • Fiber Pipe Length: 13m/42.65ft
    • Maximum Output Tube: 50m/164ft
    • Package Size: 50*42*46cm/19.69*16.54*18.11in
    • Product Size: 45*33*41cm/17.7*13*16in
    • Gross Weight: 18kg/39.68lbs
    • Net Weight: 17kg/37.48lbs
    Package Included
    • 1*Wall Paint Sprayer
    • 1* Extension Rod
    • 1* Fiber Tube
    • 1* Spray Gun
    • 1* Nozzle
    • 1* English Manual
    • Other Accessories for Assembly


    Material Aluminium Alloy, Plastic Color Blue and Yellow
    Model 450 Mounting Type Floor Standing
    Assembly Required Yes Number of Pieces 1
    Power Source Corded Electric Plug UK Standard
    Motor Pure Copper Motor Power 1800W
    Voltage/Frequency 220V, 50HZ Maximum Injection Flow Rate 1.8L/0.48Gal/min
    Nozzle Model 517 High Pressure Pipe Compressive Strength 25Mpa
    Shooting Pressure 15Mpa Shutdown Pressure 20Mpa
    Max Output Pressure 3600psi Optimal Spraying Distance 350-400mm/13.78*15.75in
    Spray Width 250mm/9.84in High Pressure Pipe Inner Diameter 6.3mm/0.248in
    Nozzle Diameter 0.15-0.19mm/0.00591-0.00748in Extension Rod Length 50cm/19.69in
    Fiber Pipe Length 13m/42.65ft Maximum Output Tube 50m/164ft
    Package Size 50*42*46cm/19.69*16.54*18.11in Product Size 45*33*41cm/17.7*13*16in
    Gross Weight 18kg/39.68lbs Net Weight 17kg/37.48lbs


    1.Please note that this product cannot be used to spray flammable materials.
    2.Please read the user manual carefully before use and pay special attention to the safety precautions included.



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    Paint Sprayer Airless Paint Spray System Control Max. Spraying Flow Reaches 0.48Gal/min Airless Control Pro Paint Spray System

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