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    Wooden Improved Four-layer Carved Desktop Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Box

    Wooden Improved Four-layer Carved Desktop Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Box

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: FSLMVZ-000000
    • Availability: In Stock

    • £49.00

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    Sturdy and Durable

    It is made of high-quality sycamore wood and flannel and is painted to ensure beauty and long-term use.

    Large Capacity

    The 4 tiers large capacity, 3 pull-out drawers, and multiple compartments allow your jewelry to have maximum storage space for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, studs, hair cards, watches, pendants, rings and other jewelry accessories.

    User-friendly Design

    The built-in lattice of each drawer of the jewelry box is removable, making it more convenient for you to organize your jewelry.

    Exquisite and Rustic

    The rectangular frame with clear wood grain gives this jewelry box a natural, delicate, and elegant look that complements your jewelry and becomes a beautiful addition to your home.

    Compact and Lightweight

    It is compact (12.2*7.6*7.8 inches), making it good for storing jewelry while saving space on your desktop.

    Soft Velvet Cloth

    The soft velvet cloth covering the inside can well protect your jewelry from dust, scratches and damages.

    Smooth Edges

    The rounded edges are burr-free, which is comfortable to touch and can care for your skin.

    Practical Mirror

    The built-in mirror makes it easier for you to select jewelry and match your outfit.

    Smooth Handles

    They can help you open or close drawers more easily.

    • Material: Wood, Velvet
    • Color: Log
    • Style: Vintage
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Target Audience: Women
    • Process: Painting
    • Mounting Type: Table Top
    • Number of Tiers: 4
    • First Tier Size: 31*19.3*3.6cm/12.2*7.6*1.4in
    • Second Tier Size: 31*19.3*3.3cm/12.2*7.6*1.3in
    • Third Tier Size: 31*19.3*3.3cm/12.2*7.6*1.3in
    • Forth Tier Size: 31*19.3*5cm/12.2*7.6*2in
    • Package Size: 40*28*27.5cm/15.75*11.02*10.83in
    • Product Size: 31*19.3*19.7cm/12.2*7.6*7.8in
    • Gross Weight: 2.05kg/4.52lbs
    • Net Weight: 1.95kg/4.30lbs
    Package Included
    • 1*Jewelry Box


    Material Wood, Velvet Color Log
    Style Vintage Shape Rectangular
    Target Audience Women Process Painting
    Mounting Type Table Top Number of Tiers 4
    First Tier Size 31*19.3*3.6cm/12.2*7.6*1.4in Second Tier Size 31*19.3*3.3cm/12.2*7.6*1.3in
    Third Tier Size 31*19.3*3.3cm/12.2*7.6*1.3in Forth Tier Size 31*19.3*5cm/12.2*7.6*2in
    Package Size 40*28*27.5cm/15.75*11.02*10.83in Product Size 31*19.3*19.7cm/12.2*7.6*7.8in
    Gross Weight 2.05kg/4.52lbs Net Weight 1.95kg/4.30lbs



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    Wooden Improved Four-layer Carved Desktop Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Box