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    Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code Smart Door Lock +Handle

    Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code Smart Door Lock +Handle

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: JZWBOE4TNDWJ8
    • Availability: In Stock

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    High-end Material

    The door lock is made of zinc alloy, which is durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion, so it can be used for a long time.

    Exquisite Workmanship

    The door lock is painted to make the surface smoother and the color brighter. It can attract more people’s attention to a certain extent.

    Considerate Design

    The product is suitable for left and right handed doors so you can install it directly.

    Large Capacity

    The door lock can store up to 50 sets of fingerprints and 100 sets of passwords. Such a large capacity allows the door lock to be widely used in a variety of different scenarios.

    Multiple Unlocking Methods

    There are multiple unlocking methods for this door lock: fingerprint, password, key, and mobile phone. You can choose freely according to your needs.

    Round Corners

    The corner of the door lock is round. Compared with the traditional square corners, it can better protect your safety and prevent your skin from being scratched.

    HD Display

    When you enter the room, touch the hidden password keyboard, and the digital display will light up. This clear digital display can help you enter the password correctly and quickly.

    Flexible Handle

    This design allows you to adjust the door handle to the actual door you are installing without having to worry about the door not matching the lock.


    This fingerprint lock is designed to fit US standard doors. It is suitable for the door with a thickness of 1-3/8 inches (35mm) to 2-3/16 inches (55mm). This product can be widely used in wooden doors, homes, closets, interior doors, hotels, bedrooms, studies, offices, apartment buildings, etc.

    • Color: Black
    • Material: Zinc Alloy
    • Surface Treatment: Painting
    • Style: Modern
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Control Method: Touch
    • Lock Type: ‎Keypad Lock
    • Capacity: 50 Sets of Fingerprints and 100 Sets of Passwords
    • Power Supply: 4AAA Batteries( not lncluded)
    • Capacity of Battery: 2200mAH
    • Service Life of Battery: 8000-10000 Times
    • Charge Port: USB
    • Suitable Door Thickness: 1-3/8 inches (35mm) to 2-3/16 inches (55mm)
    • Net Weight: 0.8kg/1.7lbs
    • Gross Weight: 1kg/2.2lbs
    • Product Size: 15.00cm*6.50cm*2.80cm/5.9*2.5*1.1inch
    • Package Size: 21.8*17.8*7.3cm/8.58*7.01*2.87inch
    Package Included:
    • 2* Door Locks
    • 1* English Manual
    • 2* Keys
    • All Accessories for Installation


    Color Black Material Zinc Alloy
    Surface Treatment Painting Style Modern
    Shape Rectangular Control Method Touch
    Lock Type ‎Keypad Lock Capacity 50 Sets of Fingerprints and 100 Sets of Passwords
    Power Supply 4AAA Batteries( not lncluded) Capacity of Battery 2200mAH
    Service Life of Battery 8000-10000 Times Charge Port USB
    Suitable Door Thickness 1-3/8 inches (35mm) to 2-3/16 inches (55mm) Net Weight 0.8kg/1.7lbs
    Gross Weight 1kg/2.2lbs Product Size 15.00cm*6.50cm*2.80cm/5.9*2.5*1.1inch
    Package Size 21.8*17.8*7.3cm/8.58*7.01*2.87inch

    How to Use:

    How to Add a Fingerprint
    A: Add users for the first time:
    1. Press the setting key and the blue light flashes.
    2. Press your finger 5 times until the green light is always on.
    3. Successful entry and automatic exit.

    B: Add users for the second time.
    1. Press the setting key.
    2. The blue light flashes.
    3. Verify the administrator once. (The first three fingerprint users of the door lock are administrators, and the fourth and subsequent fingerprints are ordinary users.)
    4. The verification is successful and the blue light is always on.
    5. Enter a new fingerprint, press your finger five times, and the green light is always on, indicating success.

    How to Delete a Fingerprint
    1. Press and hold the setting key for 9 seconds.
    2. The blue light flashes, and the red light flashes after 9 seconds.
    3. Release your hand, and the green light indicates that the factory reset is successful.


    1.Please carefully confirm the size of the door before purchase.
    2. Please install it in strict accordance with the instructions. Please make sure that the positive and negative poles of the battery are installed correctly to avoid short-circuit damage to the circuit board.
    3. Our lock’s default status is to unlock with any fingerprint! If you find that you could unlock the door with any finger after setting your fingerprints, that means you have not programmed a fingerprint successfully, or contact our service team.
    4. After registering your first fingerprint, please use the unregistered fingerprint to check if it can be unlocked or not, if yes, that means you do not register the fingerprint successfully and need to register it again following the user guide.



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    Biometric Fingerprint Digital Keypad Keyless Entry Code Smart Door Lock +Handle