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    Air Assist Pump Compressor Adjustable Speed For Engraving Machine

    Air Assist Pump Compressor Adjustable Speed For Engraving Machine

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: YSB8OZ-000000UK
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    High-quality Material

    It is made of high-quality aluminum and engineering plastic with the injection molding process, which is corrosion-resistant and anti-aging so that it can maintain a long-time continuous work.

    Cutting Assist

    It aids in the removal of smoke, soot, and carbonized residue particles for faster, smoother laser cutting and engraving. It also reduces burnt edges, produces better engraving shadows and image details, and can provide cleaner, more uniform edges on cut objects.

    Machine Protection

    It can provide an air stream that blows smoke and powder away, preventing them from flowing into the laser port, protecting the laser lens, and extending the life of the laser engraver.

    Excellent Performance

    Aluminum housing and pure copper brushless motor make this pump not only more energy efficient but also allow it to dissipate heat faster, extending its service life.

    Safe to Use

    It comes with a temperature control design inside, which will stop working automatically when the temperature is too high, protecting the parts from being damaged by high temperatures.

    Customer Service

      We aim to provide quality products and services. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

    Noise Reduction Design

     The aluminum enclosure sealing structure with internal sound dampening component effectively reduces vibration and noise to about 60db, reducing noise in your working environment.

    Pump Feet

    The shock absorption and noise reduction anti-skid pump feet allow for a relatively comfortable working environment and stable operation.

    Long Terminal Wire

    It's approximately 3.28ft long, extending the product's usage distance and improving its convenience.


    It applies to most laser engraving and cutting machines, CNC engraving machines, and more. It can also be used on massage chairs, airwave pressure therapy machines, scent machines, medical nebulizers, smart home air beds, and other machines.

    • Color: Silver, Black
    • Material: Aluminum, Engineer Plastic
    • Process: Injection Molding
    • Assembly Required: No
    • Motor Type: Pure Copper Brushless Motor
    • Drive Type: Electric, Electromagnetic Induction
    • Terminal Wire Length: About 1m/3.28ft
    • Noise: About 60dB
    • Model: AMP503
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 16W
    • Air Pressure: 25-30KPa
    • Air Flow: 25-30L/min
    • Product Size: 15.9*12.9*9.4cm/6.26*5.08*3.7inch
    • Packaging Size: 16.5*18*12cm/6.5*7.09*4.72inch
    • Gross Weight: 1.55kg/3.42lbs
    Package Included:
    • 1*Air Assist Pump


    Color Silver, Black Material Aluminum, Engineer Plastic
    Process Injection Molding Assembly Required No
    Motor Type Pure Copper Brushless Motor Drive Type Electric, Electromagnetic Induction
    Terminal Wire Length About 1m/3.28ft Noise About 60dB
    Model AMP503 Voltage 220V
    Power 16W Air Pressure 25-30KPa
    Air Flow 25-30L/min Product Size 15.9*12.9*9.4cm/6.26*5.08*3.7inch
    Packaging Size 16.5*18*12cm/6.5*7.09*4.72inch Gross Weight 1.55kg/3.42lbs



    1.The product does not come with plugs and fittings but has an interface terminal.
    2.Please ensure that the product works under constant pressure.
    3.Please note that it is strictly prohibited from letting water in and being exposed to sunlight for a long time, and should not be used in a humid environment.



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    Air Assist Pump Compressor Adjustable Speed For Engraving Machine