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    17.6 Gallon Waste Oil Change Tank Portable Air Operated Fluid Drain Disposal Heavy Duty Construction with Wheels Automotive Low Working Noise

    17.6 Gallon Waste Oil Change Tank Portable Air Operated Fluid Drain Disposal Heavy Duty Construction with Wheels Automotive Low Working Noise

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: BI-ML020-457-2ITEM
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    • £208.48

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    Increased Efficiency

    This waste oil drain tank allows you to easily transfer used oil from the built-in fuel tank to your own auxiliary container, helping you increase your work efficiency and save labor.

    Integrated Pumping and Containing

    This waste oil drain tank is equipped with a 10L/2.2gal measuring cup, which can be used to hold the pumped waste oil. It realizes the integration of pumping and containing, and you don't need to equip a separate container for oil.

    Strong Negative Pressure Capability

    This waste oil drain tank adopts a vacuum pump, which has strong negative pressure capability, stronger suction, and faster oil pumping.

    Good Sealing

    This waste oil drain tank adopts industrial-grade sealing technology. It will not easily leak oil or air to affect the performance of the device.

    Low Working Noise

    It is equipped with a muffler on the measuring cup, which can reduce the noise when the tank is working and provide you with a quiet working environment.

    Large Capacity

    The oil drain tank has a capacity of 17.6 gallons, which can collect waste oil from 8-10 cars at a time without frequent cleaning of the oil tank

    Comfortable Handle

    The handle design is ergonomic and widened to 9in, so the grip is very comfortable.

    Pressure Gauge

    The pressure gauge is very accurate and gives you a quick idea of the air pressure in the tank.

    Large Diameter Funnel

    The oil drain pan is designed with a funnel shape, whose diameter is 15". The big pan is perfect for transferring oil and effectively prevents waste oil from spilling.

    Filter Port

    The funnel is designed with a mesh filter port, which can filter out the solid impurities in the waste oil and place the oil pipe to be blocked.

    Glass Measuring Cup

    The measuring cup is made of glass, which is resistant to high temperatures. Its capacity is 2.2gal, and it can recover a lot of oil at one time, which can improve work efficiency.


    It is suitable for the factory, auto repair shop, and home use. It is suitable for extracting oil, gear oil, and other media from automobiles, construction machinery, ships, and other equipment.

    • Color: White
    • Work Pressure: 8-10Pa
    • Vacuum Degree: -0-0.8bar
    • Working Temperature: 40-60℃
    • Pumping Speed: 0.6L/min(Φ5mm), 1.6L/min(Φ8mm)
    • Applicable Medium: engine oil, gear oil
    • Tank Capacity: 80L/17.6gal
    • Measuring Cup Capacity: 10L/2.2gal
    • Funnel Diameter: 40cm/15inch
    • Measuring Cup Size: 25*26cm/9.84*10.23inch
    • Oil Machine Size: 40*40*157cm/15.74*15.74*61.81inch
    • Length of Tubing: 63cm/24.8inch
    • Tank Height: 60cm/23.62inch
    • Handle Width: 23cm/9inch
    • Length of Oil Sucker Needle: 83cm/32.67inch
    • Gross Weight: 27kg/59.5lbs
    • Package Size: 50*42*90cm/19.7*16.5*35.4inch
    Package Included
    • 1 x Oil Tank
    • 1 x Measuring Cup
    • 1 x Oil Pipe
    • 1 x Funnel
    • 1 x Pressure Gauge
    • 3 x Oil Sucker Needles
    • 1 x Chinese Manual
    • All Accessories for Installation


    Color White Work Pressure 8-10Pa
    Vacuum Degree -0-0.8bar Working Temperature 40-60℃
    Pumping Speed 0.6L/min(Φ5mm), 1.6L/min(Φ8mm) Applicable Medium engine oil, gear oil
    Tank Capacity 80L/17.6gal Measuring Cup Capacity 10L/2.2gal
    Funnel Diameter 40cm/15inch Measuring Cup Size 25*26cm/9.84*10.23inch
    Oil Machine Size 40*40*157cm/15.74*15.74*61.81inch Length of Tubing 63cm/24.8inch
    Tank Height 60cm/23.62inch Handle Width 23cm/9inch
    Length of Oil Sucker Needle 83cm/32.67inch Gross Weight 27kg/59.5lbs
    Package Size 50*42*90cm/19.7*16.5*35.4inch


    1.It is prohibited to use this machine to extract corrosive liquids such as transmission oil, brake oil, or oils containing additives.
    2.It is prohibited that the oil level to be too high, otherwise, the residual oil will overflow from the bottom of the measuring cup.
    3. When pumping vacuum, please use clean air (that has filtered oil, impurities, and moisture), and the pressure should not be lower than 8kg/cm²



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    17.6 Gallon Waste Oil Change Tank Portable Air Operated Fluid Drain Disposal Heavy Duty Construction with Wheels Automotive Low Working Noise