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    6/8 Inch x 100ft Solar Panel Bird Wire Guard Kit PVC Welded Mesh Roof Pigeon Net

    6/8 Inch x 100ft Solar Panel Bird Wire Guard Kit PVC Welded Mesh Roof Pigeon Net

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: YLLNJE2ZWDZFP
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    High-quality Material

    This bird guard is made of high-quality iron and PVC coating. The high-strength, flexible iron and wear-resistant, weather-resistant PVC coating provide stable performance and excellent service life for this product.

    Excellent Protection Ability

    The thickened iron wire (0.05-inch diameter) and small size lattice (0.5*0.5 inch) equip it with more excellent protection ability. It can not only prevent larger birds but also prevent smaller birds and rodents from damaging your roof solar panels.

    Easy to Install

    We equip you with enough fastener clips to let you install and fix it easily.

    Stylish Appearance

    The black PVC coating blends in with the solar system to create a sleek look that adds a modern and stylish style.

    Suitable Size

    The bird guard measures 100 feet in length and 6 inch in width, which is in line with the coverage of most solar panels. You can also cut the bird guard as many times as you want to fit the size and shape of the site.

    Smooth Edges

    The smooth edges protect from scratches during installation giving you peace of mind.


    The aluminum fasteners allow you to attach and secure the product easily. Corrosion-resistant, sturdy aluminum makes the product durable and resistant to damage.

    Tough and Harmless

    The tough iron mesh protects the solar panels without entangling the bird's legs. The bird guard only serves as protection and does not harm animals, which helps maintain ecological balance.


    The proper grid size and excellent performance of this bird guard make it possible to use it not only for solar panels but also for farmhouses, roads, gardens, etc.


    It is suitable for protecting solar panels from damage by birds and rodents.

    • Material: Iron, PVC, Aluminum
    • Color: Black
    • Process: Spray Coating
    • Gross Weight: 5.5kg/12.12lbs
    • Net Weight: 5kg/11.02lbs
    • Package Size: 31*31*17cm/12.2*12.2*6.67in
    • Product Length: 30.5m/100ft
    • Product Wideness: 15cm/6in
    • Mesh Size: 1.27*1.27cm /0.5*0.5in
    • Wire Diameter: 1.3mm/0.05in
    • :
    Package Included:
    • 1*Solar Panel Bird Guard
    • 70*Fasteners Clips


    Material Iron, PVC, Aluminum Color Black
    Process Spray Coating Gross Weight 5.5kg/12.12lbs
    Net Weight 5kg/11.02lbs Package Size 31*31*17cm/12.2*12.2*6.67in
    Product Length 30.5m/100ft Product Wideness 15cm/6in
    Mesh Size 1.27*1.27cm /0.5*0.5in Wire Diameter 1.3mm/0.05in

    Installation Steps:

    1. Cut the mesh to an appropriate size for your solar panel.
    2. Use a piece of plywood to bend the mesh at a 45-degree angle so that it sits on the roof.
    3. Attach a hook to the solar panel.
    4. Place clips every 18inches.
    5. Thread the hooks through the mesh.
    6. Add a washer to the hook.
    7. Slide washers down the hook.
    8. Once all washers are added, slide them up against the mesh to secure the guard.
    9. Cut the excess portion of the hooks just past the washers to complete.


    Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you order.



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    6/8 Inch x 100ft Solar Panel Bird Wire Guard Kit PVC Welded Mesh Roof Pigeon Net