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    3D Flower Wall Panel-12pcs Artificial Flower Wall Background Silk Rose Mat 15*15in, 38 * 38cm (White)

    3D Flower Wall Panel-12pcs Artificial Flower Wall Background Silk Rose Mat 15*15in, 38 * 38cm (White)

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: JJOU5H7AWDZJ8
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    It is non-toxic, odorless, and does not produce harmful gases. It can also be recycled and reused, making it very friendly to the environment and users. You can make full use of it to create an excellent homemade garden for your family.

    Realistic and Beautiful

    It is designed with 3D stereoscopic flowers(white dahlia, rose, hydrangea, and chrysanthemum) and advanced color mixing technology to offer a remarkable and lifelike appearance that is almost indistinguishable from real plants, bringing you an intense and immersive experience. They are an excellent and practical addition to any space.

    Easy to Maintain

    In contrast to natural plants, it can keep its beautiful color and shape year-round with less upkeep and care.

    Wonderful Flower Language

    The chrysanthemum, white rose, hydrangea and dahlia flower types can represent luck, wealth, love, reunion, happiness, hope, beauty, romance, etc. Of these beautiful implications, you can pass on your sincere wishes to your loved ones.

    Adequate Quantity

    You will receive 12 pieces of artificial flower panels in a package. A sufficient quantity can satisfy various decoration needs.

    DIY Your Garden

    Each panel has interlocking connections for simple DIY installation and can be cut into the required size and shape using scissors to fit any space.

    Pinhole Locking

    It makes the panels easy to join and allows for very small gaps between the wall panels for a more realistic look.

    Smooth Flowers

    The flowers have been carefully cut without burrs, giving you a comfortable and safer touch.

    Durable and Sturdy

    It is made of high-quality plastic and silk fabric that is resistant to corrosion, tear, deformation, and fading, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring a long service life.

    High Stability

    he base plate adopts a thickened grille, making the product more durable and easy to splice. Artificial flowers are tightly integrated with the base, making it not easy to fall off.

    Privacy Protection

    Artificial flower walls create a natural barrier that can effectively block the view from the outside, allowing you to enjoy your privacy without compromising style or beauty.


    It can be widely used in wedding sites, photography buildings, clothing stores, home walls, hotels, and other places to decorate the wall. It is suitable for porch, balcony, garage, terrace, garden, backyard, terrace, playground, field party, wedding, etc.

    • Material: Plastic, Cloth
    • Color: White
    • Style: Artificial
    • Flower Type: White Dahlia, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea
    • Seasons: All
    • Number of Pieces: 12
    • Net Weight: 1.6kg/3.5 lbs
    • Gross Weight: 2kg/4.4 lbs
    • Each Product Size: 38*38cm/15*15in
    • Package Size: 35*35*24cm/13.8*13.8*9.4in
    • :
    Package Included:
    • 12*Flower Wall Panels


    Material Plastic, Cloth Color White
    Style Artificial Flower Type White Dahlia, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea
    Seasons All Number of Pieces 12
    Net Weight 1.6kg/3.5 lbs Gross Weight 2kg/4.4 lbs
    Each Product Size 38*38cm/15*15in Package Size 35*35*24cm/13.8*13.8*9.4in


    1.Due to long-term transportation, some petals may fall off, but you can reinstall them. Due to extrusion, the flower panel will appear a little thin and shriveled. You just need to tap it gently, and the flower panel will become fluffy. Because the flowers are compressed during transportation, the product may have a 1-3cm error.
    2.Please do not set the artificial flower panels for too long in the sunlight or the water, especially hot water, otherwise, they will lose their bright colors. Please dry them as soon as possible after cleaning.
    3.For stains with sticky dust, we recommend using a damp and soft brush(not included) to gently clean the flowers directly with water or using a hair dryer(not included) to remove dust. Please beware that laundry detergent will damage the flowers. Some small leaves and flowers are not suitable for cleaning. It is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth.



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    3D Flower Wall Panel-12pcs Artificial Flower Wall Background Silk Rose Mat 15*15in, 38 * 38cm (White)