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    24" Adult Tricycle Trike 6 Speed 3 Wheel Bike Bicycle Cruise w/ Basket Light

    24" Adult Tricycle Trike 6 Speed 3 Wheel Bike Bicycle Cruise w/ Basket Light

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: HW-WMTZXL-726
    • Availability: In Stock

    • £200.99£290.00

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    【EXTRA STRONG FRAME】 The frame of this 24 inch tricycle is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is stronger and lighter, and uses TIG welding to make the structure more stable. Therefore this cargo trike can carry a weight of up to 110 kg.
    【ERGONOMIC DESGION】 This trike has a soft seat with a backrest to make it more comfortable to ride. The U-shaped handle is easier to grip and operate while driving. In addition, this seat and this handle are height-adjustable and can be adapted to different body types.
    【6 SPEEDS FOR ANY CONDITION】 This 3-wheel bicycle has 6 speeds: the low gear has a stronger force and a lower speed and the high gear has a higher speed and a lower force, so you can flexibly adapt it to the road conditions and make driving easier.
    【SUPER HIGH STABILITY】 This 24" tricycle for seniors is equipped with reliable double V brakes at the front and rear, which has a good and gentle braking effect. In addition, the city bike is also equipped with a chain guard to prevent the Chain injures the foot or the leg.
    【WITH LARGE BASKET】 The back of this tricycle for adults and seniors are equipped with a shopping basket with a large capacity, which makes it easier to carry items or to go shopping.

    Seat: generously filled for extra comfort and softness.


    Adjustable handlebar: suitable for men and women at different heights.


    Wheels: safer and more stable.


    Adults: adults

    Friction body color: yellow

    Speed: 6 speed

    Frame material: 24 ballet carbon steel frames

    Mud Board Bracket: with O-type anti-collision bar, make the body structure more solid

    Wheel tire: 24 * 175 small lines, reduce the tread resistance more frivolous

    Frame material: aluminum 24 herringbone ring 36 hole zinc strips

    Body length: 1750mm (68.9 ")

    Body width: 780mm (30.7 ")

    Vehicle height: 110 mm (43.3 "freely adjustable)

    Case size: wide 550mm / length 450mm / high 280mm (21.6 "x17.7" x11 ")

    For the height: 155-185 cm

    Load capacity: 110kg

    Handle: Shimano brand name tx30-6
    Rear transmission: Shimano (brand name) tz31

    The horizontal: aluminum alloy 62cm: aluminum forehead extended

    Toothed washer: 36 teeth aluminum alloy, a sealing shaft, reduce body, increase service life, maintenance-free.

    Cone: 6-part positioning

    Lever: All aluminum left with dead lock function, parking more secure.

    Braking system: aluminum alloy front brake v brake brakes

    After the basket: 5 pieces assembly box

    Motorcycle lamp: self-generated grinding wheel light

    Packing volume: 109cm * 25cm * 65cm

    Basic weight: 28.2 kg


    24 "size wheel: suitable for man, woman, elderly.

    High tensile strength steel frame, TIG welded, alloy single crank with steel chain guard, and aluminum front and rear brakes. Ultra Low 15-3 / 8 "entry-level design

    A bigger basket: carry things, more convenient for shopping.

    No fuel consumption: environmentally friendly and economical.

    Fenders on wheels: keep the tricycle clean.

    Wheel Come with reflective stripes: give a driver the safety to a greater degree even by driving in the evening.

    Easy Reach Cruiser handlebar and cruiser stem

    Delivery content:

    1x yellow tricycle for adults

    1x set

    1x basket


    The tricycle is dismantled, you have to install it yourself (video please ask our customer service representative)



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    24" Adult Tricycle Trike 6 Speed 3 Wheel Bike Bicycle Cruise w/ Basket Light

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