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    16inch Surface Cleaner, 2-in-1 Surface Cleaner, Silver Surface Cleaner

    16inch Surface Cleaner, 2-in-1 Surface Cleaner, Silver Surface Cleaner

    • Brand: CNCEST
    • Product Code: YLNXF9-000300
    • Availability: In Stock

    • £130.00

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    Selected Materials

    High-quality stainless steel and copper make the products wear-resistant and heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, so they can be used for a long time.

    Good Compatibility

    This product uses a 3/8'' universal connector for quick and easy connection and is compatible with most high-pressure cleaners (not included). In addition, this product can be used with hot and cold water to meet different cleaning needs.

    Comfortable Experience

    The extended pole allows you to get the cleaning disk deeper under the car for an all-around clean without having to lie down on the floor for chassis cleaning. Additionally, when cleaning the floor, the longer pole keeps you in a more upright position when in use, reducing back strain and giving you a comfortable experience.

    Efficient and Powerful

    A maximum 4 GPM water flow, 4,000 psi maximum pressure and 2 nozzles with a 25° spray angle help you remove sludge and dirt from floors, steps, and underneath cars quickly and extensively, saving you a lot of time and labor.


    The 33.86-inch long pole can be angled within 180° to extend your working range. In addition, 4 universal wheels are convenient for you to move the surface cleaner at any time, making your cleaning more convenient.

    More Cost-saving

    With this product and complete accessories, you can wash the car and the floor at home without going to expensive stores or hiring a professional cleaner, which can save your costs.

    Sealing Tape

    It helps you to better seal the junction of the water pipe and the nozzle to prevent water leakage.

    Smooth Edge

    The rounded and smooth edges not only add to the aesthetics of the product but also improve the safety of use.


    Its compact size(16.54*3.94in) makes it easy to store in the tight garage, storage or trunk. Its pole can also be removed for storage, saving you even more space.

    Effortless Cleaning

    Thanks to the smooth surface, simple structure, and open design, you can simply rinse it with water or wipe off surface dust with a damp rag.


    This product can be used to clean the dirt, mold, moss, and dirt on the surfaces of houses, car wash shops, boats, motorhomes, driveways, decks, patios, gardens, yards, farms, pastures, swimming pools, sidewalks, private cars, large industrial vehicles, floors, balconies, steps, etc.

    • Material: Stainless Steel, Copper, Rubber
    • Color: Silver
    • Style: Modern
    • Chassis Shape: Round
    • Assembly Required: Yes
    • Mount Type: Free Standing
    • Number of Universal Wheels: 4
    • Number of Nozzles: 2
    • Interface: 3/8''
    • Spray Angle: 25°
    • Maximum Working Pressure: 4000 PSI
    • Maximum Flow: 4 GPM
    • Minimum Flow: 2 GPM
    • Maximum Temperature: 99°C/210°F
    • Cleaning Disc Size(D*H): 42*10cm/16.54*3.94in
    • Pole Length: 86cm/33.86in
    • Gross Weight: 5.01kg/11.05lbs
    • Package Size: 46*45*16.5cm/18.11*17.72*6.5in
    Package Included
    • 1*2-in-1 Surface Cleaner
    • 1*English Manual
    • All Accessories for Installation


    Material Stainless Steel, Copper, Rubber Color Silver
    Style Modern Chassis Shape Round
    Assembly Required Yes Mount Type Free Standing
    Number of Universal Wheels 4 Number of Nozzles 2
    Interface 3/8'' Spray Angle 25°
    Maximum Working Pressure 4000 PSI Maximum Flow 4 GPM
    Minimum Flow 2 GPM Maximum Temperature 99°C/210°F
    Cleaning Disc Size(D*H) 42*10cm/16.54*3.94in Pole Length 86cm/33.86in
    Gross Weight 5.01kg/11.05lbs Package Size 46*45*16.5cm/18.11*17.72*6.5in


    1.Please note that this product needs to be used with a high-pressure cleaner(not included).
    2.Please strictly follow the instructions for use and installation, and pay attention to the safety precautions inside. Please note that the extension pole is included in the package.
    3.Please note that to achieve a better use effect, the water temperature should be below 99°C/210°F.
    4.It is strictly forbidden to use the surface cleaner without water, and if the water stops during use, please turn off the machine immediately, otherwise, it will affect the service life and even damage the machine.



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    16inch Surface Cleaner, 2-in-1 Surface Cleaner, Silver Surface Cleaner

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