U Type Resistor Axial Lead Bend Cut & Form Machine Tool Resistor Forming Machine (U Type)

Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
Resistor Forming Machine
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Key Features
Robust and Durable: Its housing is made of high-quality iron with a painted surface, which is sturdy, durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-proof, ensuring a long service life.

High-quality Cutter: The cutter is made of durable steel with a sharp blade, which has high strength, high toughness, and good cutting ability, giving you a better user experience.

Adjustable Forming Span: The forming span can be adjusted by loosening the set screw on the cutting gear and moving the cutting gear inside and outside to meet your different needs.

Adjustable Forming Angles: You can loosen the butterfly screw on the forming plate and move the forming plate inside and outside to get different forming angles of the processing components.

High Efficiency: This resistor forming machine can complete both forming and foot cutting at the same time, with high processing capacity, saving your time.

Economical and Safe: This resistor forming-machine is hand-cranked without the need for a power connection, which is economical, energy-saving, and safe.

Exquisite Workmanship: The cutting gear, forming gear, round cutter, and forming sheet are quenched and forged, hardened for high hardness, good toughness, impact resistance, and anti-abrasion, ensuring good processing performance.

Excellent After-sales Service: We aim to provide quality products and services. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Comfortable Hand Shank: It is equipped with a large-sized hand Shank, made of solid cast iron, which is comfortable to hold and easy to operate, so you won't feel tired even after working for a long time.

Anti-slip Feet: It has four non-slip feet at the bottom to keep the machine running stably. It also prevents the table from being scratched.

Components Collection Box: It is equipped with a collection box to store molding components and the extracted tape ends, making it convenient to operate and easy to organize.

Fixing Bar: The fixing bar is made of solid steel with a smooth surface that is not easily deformed, making it easier to slide the forming sheet fixing base.

It is suitable for forming and cutting different electronic components such as taping resistors and diodes.

How to Operate
1. Unscrew the plum twist on the feed clamp and move the feed clamp to both sides of the machine.
2. Loosen the fixing screw on the forming gear with the Allen key, and loosen the butterfly screw on the aluminum forming sheet fixing base.
3. Turn the adjusting lever of the forming sheet fixing base and move the distance between the forming sheet and the forming gear left and right to the desired size.
4. Tighten the fixing screw on the forming gear.
5. Move the adjusting lever of the aluminum forming sheet fixing base from side to side so that the distance between the forming part and the inside of the forming gear is slightly larger than the wire diameter of the part to avoid damaging the part during forming.
6. Fasten the butterfly screw.
7. Loosen the fixing screws on the cutting gear with the Allen key respectively.
8. Adjust the distance between the cutting gear and the forming gear to the desired size. Tighten the set screws on the cutting gear.
9. Place the braiding component on the hanging pole.  
10. Adjust both feed clips so that the width is the same as the width of the braiding component and allow the braiding component to pass through the feed slot. Tighten the plum screw on the feed clip.
11. Place the component in the two forming gears.
12. After the above process is completed. Turn the lever at a constant speed, making the components follow the forming gears one by one and feed them into the cutting gears and circular cutter for processing, and then the forming gears and the forming sheet finish the forming process.
13. The processed parts are dropped into the container through the rewinders until all the components are processed.

Housing Material: Iron
Cutter Material: Steel
Fixing Bar Material: Solid Steel
Hand Shank Material: Solid Cast Iron
Surface Treatment: Painted
Craftsmanship: Quenched and Forged, Hardened
Color: Blue, Black, Silver
Processing Type: U Type
Packing Size: 34*31*40cm/13.38*12.2*15.74in
Product Size: 20*20*17.5cm/7.87*7.87*6.88in
Hanging Pole Length: 19cm/7.48in
Hand Shank Length: 16cm/6.29in
Handle Length: 10cm/3.93in
Gross Weight: 12kg/26.45lbs
Net Weight: 10kg/22lbs

Package Included
1 x Resistor Forming Machine
1 x Hanging Pole
1 x Support Bar
1 x Hand Shank
1 x Components Collector
1 Set x Allen Keys
1x Chinese Manual

1. When using this machine, please check whether all fastening screws are tightened.
2. Cutting gear, forming gear, circular cutting knife, and forming sheet are heat-treated parts, which should avoid collision with each other to produce fracture.
3. The bending gap should be adjusted according to the wire diameter of the component leads, and the standard is not to expose the copper.  A slight flattening of the component lead is normal.
4. After each process, please remove the waste in time.
5. When not working for a long time, the parts should be protected with a little oil and wiped off before use.
6. Please do not bite the body of the component into the gear, which may break the gear.
7. Please add a little 40# motor oil every 3-5 days. Shaping axle, and cutting axle should always keep lubrication. Please add a little 40# motor oil every 3-5 days.
8. The distance between each part on both sides should be symmetrical when placed, otherwise, it will affect the exit material.
9. Before installation and use, please check the packing list and read the manual carefully.
10. Please note that the width of the inner diameter between the feet of the forming element is the distance between the outer diameter of the two forming gears. The length of the cutting foot of the element is the distance between the inner diameter of the two cut-off gears.
11. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3 cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

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