Manual Pad Printer-Single-Color Manual Pad Printing Machine Pad Printer

Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
Manual Pad Printer
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  • ★The process is simple: the design pattern is first etched onto the printing plate, the etched plate is coated with ink, and then most of the ink is transferred to the object to be printed through the silicone head.
  • ★Method of applying ink on an etched plate - The name "pad printing machine" comes from the "printing method" which uses the development method to accurately etch the pattern on the polished steel plate, then apply the ink, scrape the surface residual ink, and leave it with a soft plastic head.
  • ★The pattern ink on the etched surface of the steel plate is stained and transferred to the object. This printing technology is exquisite and detailed, and is very suitable for small areas, uneven surfaces and other printing methods that are difficult to work. Therefore, pad printing machines are widely used in electrical appliances, plastics, toys, glass and other industries.
  • ★For example: 1) Car: switch, button, joystick, etc. 2) Electronics: electronic components, product casing, socket, relay, tape, CD, etc. 3) Daily use: decorations, watches, ovens, labels, etc. 4) Toys : Toy trains, dolls, building blocks, etc. 5) Culture: pens, pencils, etc. 6) Advertising: There are many ways to apply ink on the etched plate, such as advertising light boxes.
  • ★The ink is first sprayed onto the etched plate and the excess ink is scraped off with a retractable doctor blade. At this time, the solvent remaining in the ink of the etched area volatilizes and forms a gel-like surface, and then the adhesive head is lowered onto the etched plate to absorb the ink.
  • Product Description
    Pad printing is a kind of printing process that can transfer 2-D images onto 3-D products. Such process is accomplished by using indirect offset (gravure) printing process to transfer images from the printing plate to product via a silicone pad.
    The machine owns a printing area of Closed ink cup system, equipped in this pad printer, owns better process control, especially for long-runs. Ink will not be exposed in the air, so there's no need to add thinner every once in a while Ink usage will also reduce accordingly.

    Operation Method: Manual
    Printing Color: Single color
    Ink System: Sealed ink cup
    Maximum Printing Area: 80×80mm
    Working Speed: Up to 500 PCS/h
    Horizontal Stroke: 3.93" (100 mm)
    Vertical Stroke of Rubber Head: 2.3" (60mm)
    Steel plate size: 100×100mm
    Maximum print length: 150mm
    Dimensions: 400 × 220 × 490mm

    Package Content
    1 X Single-color Manual Pad Printing Machine

    1.This manual Pad Printer is used to print manufacture trademarks or expiration dates, lot number, sign or logo on bottles, papers, cups or boxes of most every type of material, such as plastic or metal.
    2.Suitable for printing export date, valid date, numbers, etc. on various kinds of bottle, can, cup, case and etc, featuring with high printing speed of up to 500 PCS/h, attractive and clean letter form.
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