CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing-Electric Crib Baby Swing Rocker Cot Infant Sleeping Bed

Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
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  • Electric Baby bassinet Swing Pink
  • Electric Crib Baby Swing Rocker Cot Infant Sleeping Bed


CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing


  • Within 3 months, the baby's adaptability is weaker, and it is easy to cry at the beginning. At the beginning, don't turn on the electric motor, and need to adapt slowly

Remote control, intelligent control

  • The three gears of the automatic rocking chair can be adjusted by pressing the start button each time, and the speed is 1, 2, 3 (15 minutes-30 minutes-45 minutes)
  • Remote control 5 meters, 10 meters without shelter
CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

Large USB port to extend the memory

  • Built-in 12 Music + mp3 play + can insert U disk (not disk)
  • Battery: 5V, 2W (not included) low voltage safety voltage, multiple power supply methods

Safety fixed belt design to prevent side turning

  • He swing bed should not touch any obstaclesor fastening the fixing belt when swinging
CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

Dimensions and deadweight

  • Mat: 2cm thick
  • Height of bed from the ground: 16cm
  • Height of rocking chair from the ground: 22cm
  • Load weight: 0-25KG

CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

 CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing

The mattress is designed like a hug, soft and breathable. Baby sleeps in it to get a sense of security and sleep more soundly

The pillow is ergonomically designed, suitable for 0-2 baby head shape, effectively protects the healthy development of the skull and prevents head deviation
CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing CNCEST Electric Baby Bassinet Swing
High-density mosquito nets protect babies, thick shading effectively resists direct light Installation, disassembly and washing do not need to use any tools, operation anytime and anywhere, one-key folding, convenient to go out and carry, and convenient to store

Use ABS material, safe and non-toxic.
Use thick steel pipe to ensure the baby's safety
Balanced shake, gentle and comfortable
Lengthen the design, let the baby have more activity space.
180 degrees lie flat to prevent the baby's spine from deforming.
The inner layer thickens the mattress, the inner layer thickens fiber cotton, breath ability is good, the baby sleeps more comfortable.
Soft and comfortable qualitative pillow, accord with human body engineering design, effectively protect head body healthy development.
Protective mosquito nets, effectively fend off direct light.
MP3 music playback function, built-in 12 music
Comfortable and safe puppets,can effectively exercise the baby's eyesight and hand grasping ability.
It applies to babies between 0 and 18 months.

Automatic rocking chair,three gears can be adjusted,start button,per click, speed is 1, 2, 3 (15 points-30 points-45 points).
Remote control, intelligent control.
The timer function, automatic shutdown,do not run for a long time, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Large USB port to extend the memory.
5V low voltage safety voltage, multiple power supply methods.
Simple installation.
Safety fixed belt design to prevent side turning.
Anti-skid foot pads increase friction with the ground,it's hard to move and tip when shaking.


1 x Baby Bed
1 x USB
1 x Mat
1 x Controller(no battery)
1 x Mosquito Net
1 x Pillow

Q: Baby crying

A: Compared with the baby within 3 months, the adaptability is weaker, and it starts to cry easily. Help the baby familiar with the rocker rocking chair method:

1. Babies cry a lot within 2 months. Because the baby is very small and has weak adaptability, it is easy to cry. It is recommended that the baby be older and then use it for the baby or try it on the baby 1-2 times a day to let the baby get familiar with the shaker gradually. rocking chair.

2. If the baby is timid, it is recommended not to turn on the electric motor first, and try it on the baby when the baby is happy. The adult teases the baby next to him, so as to relieve the baby's nervousness and clearness. If the baby is crying, pick it up immediately, and try again later, usually after a few days. The baby will gradually like the rocker and rocking chair, and many of them start to cry and then fall asleep in it.

Q: The child is too young. Not suitable

A: It is normal for the baby to put it down and not sleep, because the baby is not used to leaving the mother's arms, so please let the baby get used to it slowly. Dear, you can put the baby in the shaker, and then play with the baby, the baby can slowly adapt and start again, where the baby can't see you, he will definitely cry. Even if you put your baby on the bed, the baby will cry. When the baby is eating a pacifier or breastfeeding, put the baby and shake the bed again, then start it, and slowly make the baby laugh! This way the baby will feel happy. And adapt faster. Swinging slowly is also good for the baby's brain development. The shaker is like a mother's hand, swaying slowly.

Q: Swing problem

A: Dear, this is normal. This is the advantage of our products: the three-speed swing is similar to the swing of a loved one, and all are gentle amplitudes. These three swings are the most suitable for the development and growth of infants and young children. If the swing is too large and too strong, it is not conducive to the growth of children. Our products are designed to swing based on scientific testing.

Q: Tilt question

A: The normal empty bed will not tilt. If there is a tilt problem, it is generally not installed properly during installation. Also, the baby must be sure to sleep in the middle position, because our mattress is raised on both sides to ensure that the baby can sleep in the middle position. If the baby sleeps on the side, the bed will be slightly inclined, that is normal,

Q: The problem with the head sound

A: Dear, our machine head is driven by gears to drive the shaker to swing, and there will be some ticking sounds, which is normal. Because the radio function of our mobile phone is directional, it will amplify the sound of the gear.

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