430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

430 Stainless Steel Cookware
modern ergonomic design
hollow handle feels comfortable.
Milk Pot & Frying Pan
milk pot & frying pan
Stainless steel soup pot
Stainless Steel Cookware Three-piece Set
430 Stainless Steel Cookware
modern ergonomic design
hollow handle feels comfortable.
Milk Pot & Frying Pan
milk pot & frying pan
Stainless steel soup pot
Stainless Steel Cookware Three-piece Set
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  • ★【High-quality materials】: The high-quality Cookware made of sturdy stainless steel have anti-corrosion, polishing and dishwasher safety functions, and are suitable for all heat sources, including induction heating, stainless steel shell, sturdy and durable, and long service life.
  • ★【Humanized design】: Thanks to the practical glass lid, you can easily check the contents of the pot while cooking. With modern ergonomic design, hollow handle feels comfortable.
  • ★【Preserve food flavor and nutrition】: The close-fitting glass cover provides the convenience of transparent cooking, and retains moisture, flavor and nutrients. Easy to clean.
  • ★【Easy to clean】: Use less grease and food slides without sticking to the surface. More importantly, unlike traditional non-stick coatings, you don't have to worry about releasing toxins when heated.
  • ★【Even heating】: Compared with ordinary stainless steel cookware, this pot can heat food faster and more evenly. This not only saves energy, but also saves a lot of time. In addition, its light weight makes cooking easier.

430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

 430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

Frying pan

  • Can be fried or fried
  • Thick bottom and less oily smoke
  • Frying is delicious and healthier

430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

Milk pan

  • Complementary milk pot
  • The size is suitable for hot milk or porridge
  • Baby food supplement nutrition meal replacement
  • It is more convenient and faster to make with milk pan

430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

Soup pot

  • Large capacity soup pot
  • Deepen large capacity
  • Nutritious and delicious soup that the whole family can share

Product description:
Brand new and 100% quality assurance, we provide 60 days of unsatisfactory return and refund service.
Suitable for induction cooker, gas stove, electric stove, glass, ceramic stove
Easy-to-clean pots and pans-dishwasher safe. Wash hands with soapy water or use with detergent
Our products are shipped directly from the US warehouse. Usually it can be delivered in 3-8 days. Save your precious time.

1. Before use, stainless steel edible utensils must be descaled several times with boiling water for high temperature disinfection.
2. Avoid tipping, falling, collision and strong impact, otherwise it will cause deformation of stainless steel products and affect appearance and use effect.
3. Do not let stainless steel products come into contact with salty substances (or other acid-base substances) such as soy sauce and vinegar for a long time to avoid rust.
4. Due to the influence of iron and other contents, some red rust spots sometimes appear on the inside of stainless steel utensils. You can soak it in warm water and diluted vinegar for 30 minutes and then clean it completely.
5. Use a soft cloth to clean stainless steel tableware and dilute the tableware cleaner with warm water. Do not use alkaline bleach, metal plant cloth, chemical wipes, etc.
6. In order to prevent the generation of peculiar smell or stains, and can be used for long-term cleaning, please clean and dry stainless steel utensils after use.
7. After heating the stainless steel utensils at high temperature, do not touch them directly with your hands to avoid scalding.

430 Stainless Steel Three-Piece Cookware Set

Name Three-piece cookware
Style Milk Pan/Frying Pan/Soup Pot
Body material 430 stainless steel
Pot bottom three-layer composite bottom
Body Brushed and polished
Product process fine polishing
Applicable stoves all household stoves (gas stove/halogen stove/induction stove/electric ceramic stove)

The dimensions of this three-piece cookware set are:

Frying pan size:

The bottom of the pot has a diameter of 23.5cm and a height of 7.5cm.

Stock pot size:

The bottom of the pot has a diameter of 20cm and a height of 11.5cm.

Milk pan size:

The bottom of the pot has a diameter of 15.5cm and a height of 15.5cm.

Stainless steel soup pot + milk pot + frying pan

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