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Best Infrared Heat Lamp for Pain in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Apr 13, 2022

Best Infrared Heat Lamp for Pain

The Infrared Heat Lamp is a useful electrical device that transmit wavelengths of light to help with your body aches and pains on the market.

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Benefits of Infrared Heat Lamp

Hot-selling Infrared Heat Lamps for Pain in 2022


The essence of infrared heating lamps is that when infrared rays are irradiated on body parts, the parts will be heated up, blood circulation be promoted, cell supply and metabolism be accelerate, and at the same time, nerve excitability be inhibited, muscle spasm be relaxed, and pain be relieved. Therefore, the infrared heat lamps on the market are widely used in the medical field, especially in the treatment of middle-aged and elderly osteoarthritis, which has a good effect on accelerating the functional recovery of damaged tissues and organs.

As we all know, infrared rays can be roughly divided into near infrared rays and far infrared rays. Among them, the near-infrared band with a wavelength of 760nm~2000nm is the light with the strongest penetrating ability among the rays that can be treated by the human body. Infrared heat lamps just use this feature of near infrared rays to help people solve some physical pain problems. Next let’s take a look at some detailed benefits of it.

Benefits of Infrared Heat Lamp

1. Infrared rays can penetrate to a certain depth, so that the local temperature rises, with the permeability of cells and enzyme systems changed, and the metabolism of cells is accelerated.

2. When the body has chronic inflammation, the thermal effect of infrared rays causes vasodilation, accelerated blood flow, and blood circulation, which can bring more nutrients to cells and make inflammation recover faster.

3. Infrared heat lamps irradiate the body parts, which is conducive to the evaporation of water, and accelerates the discharge of cell exudates, such as congestion and effusion. In addition, it promotes drying and crusting of the surface tissue of exudative lesions, so that the swelling subsides, and the self-repair of joints and bone tissue is improved.

4.Infrared rays can reduce the excitability of sensory nerves, relieve the stimulation of local edema to nerve endings, and achieve the therapeutic effect of analgesia.

5. It can reduce the muscle tension of skeletal muscle, relax gastrointestinal smooth muscle and relieve muscle spasm.

Hot-selling Infrared Heat Lamps for Pain in 2022

At present, you must understand the function of infrared lamps and its application range. Whether you, or your family and friends, or your patients are suffering from pain, then the following two infrared heating lamps that are favored by customers must not be missed, which are will be your best choice.

275W Floor Stand Infrared Heat Massage Lamp for Home or Business

275W Floor Stand Infrared Heat Massage Lamp for Home or Business

Voltage: 110V
Lamp Cap/Base: E27
Rated power of IR bulb: 275W
Type: floor stand
The length of the tripod:30cm/11.81in
The length of the light stand:45cm(17.72in)
A foot length: 33cm (12.99inch)
Approximate format diameter: 66cm (25.98inch)

Using short-wave infrared light from an incandescent heat source, this infrared heat lamp with a high-power 275W bulb provides deeper heat penetration than conventional heat sources and is designed to provide thermal treatment to body parts. Equipped infrared electric heating bulbs that have the features of waterproof and explosion-proof, high temperature resistance and high light transmittance, this 275W Floor Stand Infrared Heat Massage Lamp for Home or Business ensures the safety and efficiency of use.

With a double-layer anti-scalding lampshade and an external stainless steel grille, this infrared heating lamp not only dissipates heat quickly, but also prevents the bulb from being burned. Featuring a 360-degree swivel head and adjustable arm, it allows you to adjust the height and focus the heat wherever you want. In addition, you can remotely control time or adjust the temperature, which is convenient and easy to operate. The floor stand design with 5 movable omnidirectional wheels provides stable grip and makes the work process easier and more convenient, making it an ideal instrument both at home and in professional environments.

What we like about it
Wheeled design is easy to move around
Adjustable arm and 360-degree swivel head for precise targeting
Remotely controlling

Double Head Type Infrared Lamp 110V Body Infrared Lamp Therapy Light

Double Head Type Infrared Lamp 110V Body Infrared Lamp Therapy Light

Voltage: 110V
Power: 50Hz
Lamp wattage: 275W
Product temperature: 0-115 degrees
Product light source: far infrared

This heat lamp is actually two shaded heat lamps on two adjustable arms. The 275-watt bulb has a protective cage to prevent damage. There are many small holes in the lampshade to allow heat to circulate, thereby preventing people from accidentally touching the bulb and being burned. With a one-piece design, the curved arms connecting to the rolling stand, this Double Head Type Infrared Lamp 110V Body Infrared Lamp Therapy Light allows you to easily move from place to place.

If you want to heat multiple body parts at once, this is the best infrared heat lamp for you. You can bend one light to aim at your shoulders, while the other light bends to your waist or back. The humanized storage tray design makes the work process easier and more convenient, because you can place beauty tools or mobile phones that are often used.

What we like about it
Adjustable lamp for targeting different areas
Solid stand with casters
Unique design
Switch-off timer


1.Are infrared heat lamps harmful to the human body?
Maybe you are worried that infrared light can cause eye damage, infrared heat can cause skin burns. Although the risk does exist, the probability is extremely low. At the same time, the above two lamps have quality assurance. As long as you use them correctly and set the temperature, time, and distance, they will not cause harm to you body parts.

2.What should be noticed when using?
A. Do not look directly at the infrared electric bulb for a long time (when the bulb is on).
B. Avoid irradiating the triangular area of the face to prevent the infection from spreading due to accelerated blood flow and making the condition worse.
C. When there is bleeding inside the body, do not use it, so as not to aggravate the bleeding symptoms.
D. The temperature is high during and after use. During the working time of the infrared heat lamp, do not touch the light bulb with your hands to prevent burns.
E. Strictly follow the correct use method provided by the manufacturer, and control the irradiation distance and time to avoid thermal damage to the skin itself. The irradiation distance is subject to comfort.
F. Pay attention to keep away from all kinds of flammable materials, and pay attention to ventilation.

3.How long does it take to see results?
Some users review that it will relieve pain with their first treatment to some extent. The majority of manufacturers, however, recommend consistent use with 2-3 sessions of 10-15 minutes weekly for noticeable improvement. And after feeling relief, you had better continue use to maintain results and prevent future injuries.

Final Thought

Heat lamps for therapy can help with endless health conditions, whether as home therapy equipment or medical professional medical equipment, it is a smart choice. If you want to try infrared therapy, the above two affordable infrared heat lamps will definitely help you solve your physical pain problems. Have a good day!


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