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Best Ice Cream Waffle Cone Maker in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on May 17, 2022

Ice Cream Waffle Cone Maker

Ice cream waffle cone is the most important ingredient for popular and tasty waffle cone ice cream in summer. Do you want to make your own waffle cone?

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The 3 Best Ice Cream Waffle Cone Makers

How to Make Waffle Cones at Home?

The smell of freshly made waffle cones is enough to lead everyone to endless aftertastes. If you are obsessed with ice cream, you’d know that freshly made cones taste much better than the outside stores. What’s more, you don’t have to go out to the ice cream shop every time you want to enjoy its cool and delicious taste. Of course, when you make your own waffle cones at home, you can add your favorite flavor of ice cream on the top, which is a dessert that is impossible to say no to.

For ice cream lovers, isn’t it exciting to have an ice cream waffle cone maker around the kitchen? An ice cream waffle cone maker is an essential kitchen gadget, allowing you to make delicious waffle cones which are well caramelized, easy to shape, and able to crisp when cool.

If you like to eat ice cream regularly and want to make waffle cones at home more easily, it is necessary for you to find the best ice cream waffle cone maker that meets your needs, providing the way to make the perfect waffle cone every time. Scroll down and you will get more useful information.

The 3 Best Ice Cream Waffle Cone Makers

1400W Fish Ice Cream Waffle Maker

Fish Waffle Maker Waffle Cone Maker Commercial Nonstick Electric Stainless Steel Ice Cream Waffle Maker Machine 1400W

The most attractive part of this 1400W Fish Ice Cream Waffle Cone Maker must be its unique shape, which makes fish-shaped ice cream waffle cones that people love.

Made of quality stainless steel and on-stick teflon coating, this ice cream waffle cone maker allows better shaping and provides an even cook for consistent results, each and every time. The waffle cone maker has a double-sided heating design and 1400 watts of power, which can heat both sides of the waffle at the same time, and can evenly bake without manual turning, so it can save a lot of cooking time.

You can make different ingredients by adjusting different temperature levels from 50 to 300°C with adjustment knob, such as cakes, pies and quiches, baking waffles, hot dogs and crisp breads, etc. You can also add chocolate, candy, ketchup, honey, ice cream and other condiments freely to provide a rich and varied flavor.

Due to its bigger capacity, it is widely popular in restaurants, schools, as well as homes with bigger families.

1500W Electric Dutch Waffle Maker

110v Commercial Electric Dutch Waffle Maker, 1500W Electric Waffle Machine

This 1500W Electric Dutch Waffle Cone Maker makes delicious homemade sugar cones and waffle cones. Made of quality stainless steel, the ice cream waffle maker is beautiful, durable and running stably for a long time, suitable for commercial use or family gatherings. Non-stick teflon coating allows better shaping and keeps your place clean and neat without spending a lot of time to clean up.

It features precise timer and temperature adjustment knob, clear scale of 0~5 minutes and 50~300℃. When the waffle cone is ready, it will sound a clear and sweet alarm, so there is no need to guard it by the side. The heating zone is separated from the control zone to eliminate the risk of scalding. The sturdy and smooth joint between the two pans provides reassuring use.

This waffle cone maker can be used in home kitchens and for parties, also for commercial use. In addition to making delicious waffle cones, you may use it to make various food items such as pizza, pancakes, omelets, and egg rolls.

Electric Ice Cream Cone Nonstick Waffle Maker

110V 1200W Electric Ice Cream Cone Nonstick Waffle Maker Machine

This is the best ice cream waffle cone maker you can buy for commercial use, which is the ideal choice for middle and small size businesses because of its stainless steel exterior and nonstick surface.

You can make as many waffle cones as possible with the 1200 watts of power it produces and dual heating pans. You can adjust the temperature dial to control how brown your waffle batter should be. The Electric Ice Cream Nonstick Waffle Cone Maker is sturdy and easy to use, thanks to its solid base and comfortable handle. You can control this double-head waffle maker independently. High conductivity and fast heating makes the machine highly efficient and is ready for commercial use!

Non-stick waffle cone makers are heavy and large, so it is difficult to transport and store. It might not be practical for everyone, but it is worth the effort.

How to Make Waffle Cones at Home?

Step1. Prepare all the ingredients, 20g high-gluten flour, 70g low-gluten flour, 20 milk powder, 2 eggs, 50g~60g caster sugar, 2g salt, 50ml corn oil, 120ml milk, and appropriate amount of black sesame.

Step2. Mix corn oil, caster sugar, and black sesame evenly. Don't worry if the sugar clumps.

Step3. Add 2 eggs, which have been brought to room temperature, to the mixed ingredients and whisk the mixture continuously until the sugar is all dispersed.

Step4. Add the milk in several times, and make the milk and sugar-oil mixture completely mixed each time before adding next time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of water and oil separation.

Tip: It is best to use warm milk, because the low-temperature milk is not easy to mix well with the fat.

Step5. Mix high-gluten flour, low-gluten flour and milk powder in advance and sieve twice, filter out small particles, and pour into the liquid. When mixing the powder, you don't need to stir too strongly all the time in one direction, just mix it evenly.

Step6. After the batter is mixed, pass it through a coarse sieve. It is best not to use a sieve that is too dense, because the batter has a certain viscosity, and it is not easy to leak with the dense sieve.

Step7. The ice cream waffle cone maker should be preheated evenly in advance. Scoop a small spoon of batter into the middle of the waffle machine, make it spread out naturally, cover the lid and let the machine work by itself. You can open the lid halfway to observe its color. If the color is lighter, it means that the heat is not enough, and waffle cone needs to be heated for a while.

Sep8. When the color is between light brown and dark orange, roll it up while it's still hot. It is recommended to wear gloves when rolling up to prevent burns, because it must be shaped when it is very hot and not hardened, and it cannot be shaped when it is cold.

Step9. Put the prepared waffle cone in a ventilated place to allow the heat to fully dissipate, and the waffle cone will become very brittle. You can make many waffle cones at once, and store them in an airtight bag after cooling thoroughly. Delicious waffle cones can be eaten in various ways, such as filled with ice cream balls, squeezed with cream and served with fruit or cereal, with hot coffee, etc. It can also be eaten directly as a snack, which is very crispy.

Tip: The size and thickness of the waffle cone depends on the amount of batter scooped. When making, you can scoop a little less batter to avoid excess batter overflowing around the machine, which is wasteful and troublesome to clean up.

Final Words

Making waffle cones can be an interesting family activity for those children who love seeing a waffle being made. Summer is approaching, and you need something to make their dream of gulping ice cream come true. This may be the right time to purchase an ice cream waffle cone maker. Come to choose your favorite waffle maker and enjoy yourselves!


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