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Reviews on Best 4-stroke Outboard Motor in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Apr 27, 2022

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4-stroke outboard motors, as the drive configuration for medium and large yachts, are increasingly used in the marine industry. Whether you are interested in speed boats and sportfishing yachts, or you are taking on the marine industry, you need to know more about outboard motors.

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What is Outboard Motor?

Types of Outboard Motors

Top-picked 4-stroke Outboard Motors in 2022

4-stroke VS. 2-stroke


What is Outboard Motor?

An outboard motor is an independent propulsion system attached to the boat that propels the boat through the water faster than any set of oars. Motors come in a variety of power levels, from small rowing boats to large fishing boats, allowing you choose the right power to achieve the desired speed.

Types of Outboard Motors

Outboard motors are available in both electric and gasoline power types. Electric versions are generally smaller and offer less horsepower in exchange for quieter sailing and are suitable for smaller boats. If you want to learn more about electric outboard motors, Best Electric Outboard Motor for Boat in 2022 can provide you with useful information. Gasoline-powered outboard motors are louder, but deliver hundreds of horsepower, making them the perfect partner for larger fishing boats. Of course you can also attach two or even four outboard motors all to the same steering wheel to increase the power of a larger fishing boat.

There are two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline-powered engines. A 4-stroke outboard motor is similar to that of a typical family car and is more environmentally friendly than its two-stroke counterparts. Four-stroke outboard engines are pumped to critical areas of the engine with an oil pump along with an oil reserve inside the engine. The system produces less smoke, operates more quietly, and is less damaging to critical engine components, such as spark plugs. Many 4-stroke outboard engines are also designed to run at lower speeds and are cooler than 2-stroke models, making them a good option for fishermen who like to fish.

In this warm spring and sunny season, you can roam on the blue sea on a yacht with your relatives and friends, and feel the comfort of the sea breeze. At the same time, you can catch fat fish in the deep sea and enjoy the beauty and excitement of life. Then, hurry up and pike up one of the best 4-stroke outboard motors for your boat to help you achieve your dream of drifting on the sea.

Top-picked 4-stroke Outboard Motors in 2022

CNCEST Durable 6.0HP Four Stroke Outboard Motor

CNCEST Durable 6.0HP Four Stroke Outboard Motor Air Cooling Boat Motor Engine

The CNCEST 4-Stroke Outboard Motor is designed for inflatable boats, fishing boats, sailboats and small yachts, and it can be used as an auxiliary trolling motor. The motor weighs 24kg and is a 4 stroke model with a 1.2L internal gas tank. It is EPA and CE compliant and runs quieter than some rival brands. It comes with an easy-to-start TCI ignition and 360-degree steering for reversing without shifting gears.

It is constructed of corrosion resistant cast aluminum, a premium carbonization system with primed bulbs, a superior outboard corrosion protection system for increased efficiency and durability. With twist-grip throttle and shallow water drive device, this 4 stroke boat motor is simple to operate, safer to travel, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Start-In-Gear protection/clutch feature prohibits prop rotation while idling. The max power is up to 3.75KW/2500rpm. Our certified technicians have tested each item before shipping. The unit comes with 1 year limited warranty on all manufacturing defects.

CNCEST Outboard Trolling Motor 4HP 4-Stroke

CNCEST Outboard Trolling Motor 4HP 4Stroke 52CC Fishing Boat Engine Propeller

This 4HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor 52CC has a 4HP engine with air cooling technology. It is designed for inflatable boats, fishing boats, sailboats and more. Equipped with stronger drawcords to prevent breakage, an adjustable throttle lever, and a more energy-efficient, streamlined propeller, this upgraded outboard motor is reliable, corrosion-resistant and easy to operate and maintain.

It features 360-degree rotation, aluminum alloy propellers, and a 1.4-liter built-in fuel tank. Clean and pure gasoline fuel makes the outboard engine capable to meet the CE certification, which contributes to the promotion of green sports.

Overall, it's a great, inexpensive, lightweight motor. With the circulating oil lubrication system and direct bearing support precision, the outboard engine can run smoothly and quietly for more than 20 hours continuously at maximum throttle. Since it is air-cooled, it can operate in shallower water than the motor of a water-cooled system. Assembly is simple and the company has satisfying customer service. The manufacturer also offers a one-year warranty if you run into any issues.

4-stroke VS. 2-stroke

Structure and Weight

Compared with the 4-stroke outboard motor, the 2-stroke outboard motor saves a lot of parts and has a relatively simple structure, making it relatively lightweight and easy to carry.

Fuel Economy

If you are for outboard business, or if you need to run it for a few hours a day or more, the difference in fuel economy between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke can be quite significant. A 4-stroke outboard engine with the same horsepower can save about 30% of fuel than a 2-stroke one. That is to say, the longer you use it continuously, the more fuel-efficient the 4-stroke engine is.

And from the perspective of environmental pollution, because the 2-stroke engine's work method is too simple and the fuel combustion efficiency is not sufficient, the exhaust gas emitted by the 2-stroke engine has a higher residual degree of exhaust gas, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

Fuel Mode

A 2-stroke outboard motor requires a mixture of gasoline and engine oil, that is to say, the fuel tank needs a mixture of pre-mixed gasoline and engine oil. The 2-stroke outboard motor does not need to be filled with oil for lubrication, but is lubricated when it is burning.

The outboard motor is more like a car engine with a special oil filling hole. It is necessary to add an appropriate amount of oil to lubricate the crankshaft and other gears, and the waste oil needs to be drained from time to time, and refilled with the same type of new oil to ensure the high performance of the machine.


Due to the different ways of doing power and exhausting, even a 2-stroke outboard motor of the same brand and the same amount of power is slightly more noisy and jittery than a 4-stroke one. However, thanks to the simpler construction of 2-stroke outboard motors, they have better explosive power, acceleration and flexibility. Nowadays, as the technology of 4-stroke outboard motors continue to improve, this difference is gradually reducing.

To sum up, for casual anglers or anyone learning how to fish, a two-stroke outboard motor will get the job done. Not only is it more affordable but also easier and cheaper to repair. To the contrast, the four-stroke one, as an ideal alternative for boaters that need a powerful motor for longer distances, delivers impressive fuel efficiency.


Today, the popularity of outboard motors is at an all-time high. Regardless of the aquatic adventures, you embark on using your boat with the best 4-stroke outboard motors mentioned above, which will give you more efficient, smoother, and quieter rides. Have a good time for your fun sailing!


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