Top Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

by Terry Welch on Aug 06, 2021

retractable ceiling fan chandelier

Are you looking for a multi-functional item which can not only light the room, but also can cool the room? If you are, the retractable ceiling fan chandelier might meet your needs.

So, What is it?

As its designation implies, this is a machine which incorporates both the retractable fan blades and a lighting mechanism at the same time.

After knowing what the retractable ceiling fan chandelier is, maybe an old-age question occurs to your mind: How to choose the right one for our room? Following this article, maybe you will get some good ideas about this question.

Table of Contents

Factors for Buying a Retractable Fan Chandelier

Top Best Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

Advantages of Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

Frequently Asked Questions


Factors for Buying a Retractable Fan Chandelier

1. The Materials of the Fan Chandelier

No matter what we will buy, the primary thing we should do is to check the quality of the target product. As we all know, there are lots of factors which might affect the quality, such as material, design, durability and so on. Among them, the materials of products play a crucial role. Therefore, the first and most challenging thing for us is to choose a fan chandelier with high-quality material which could guarantee our security before buying it.

2. The Performance of the Fan Chandelier

After determining the material of the retractable ceiling fan chandelier, we will move to the performance, which will affect our experience when we use it. Now there are multi-level adjustable fan lights on the market, such as three lights and six levels. We could change the color, dim the light and adjust the wind power according to our own needs which is friendly to both the elderly and young people. Learn more about the performance of the product and choose the best one you want.

3. The Fixture Size of Your Room

It will look awkward whether the fan chandelier is too big or too small. So, the next thing we should consider is to calculate our living room's square footage by multiplying the width times the height. Based on the room's square footage, we can determine which one we need. Fortunately, there is no need for us to struggle with the size of the blade, because they  can be folded up which does not need too much space.

4. After-Sale Services

Generally speaking, brands that can do well in after-sales service will have good products. Therefore, when choosing a fan chandelier,

be careful about the brand and after-sales service. Only with a good after-sales service can the brand's emphasis on products and users produce excellent quality products.

Top Best Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

A. 42 inch Crystal Ceiling Fan Light

42 inch Crystal Ceiling Fan Light LED Chandelier With Remote Control

This Modern Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier is a combination of ceiling fan and crystal chandelier, which has 4 retractable blades that can stretch out and put inside automatically when turned on and off. What’s more, the 42 inch fan chandelier is suitable for lots of rooms, such as living room, bedroom, office, restaurant and so on.

In addition, it’s designed with remote control, which means we could turn on or turn off the fan chandelier anytime and anywhere ( within the range of control ) only if we have the remote. Of course, it provides a 3-speed switch, too. We could switch the speed according to our different conditions. When this retractable fan chandelier works, it will generate no noise to improve quality of sleep.

B. 42'' Silver Retractable Chandelier Fan

42'' Silver Retractable Chandelier Fan Remote Control Crystal Ceiling Fan

Different from the first one, this Silver Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier not only incorporates both lighting and cooling, it also has another feature that we could change the color of the light to warm, warm white and white.

It’s designed with a remote control, too. We can use the remote control to adjust the wind speed and light color to make our room more comfortable. 42 inches when the fan is extended, and 20 inches when the fan blade is retracted. Besides, there are two lower bars: one for 3.9 inches and the other for 7.8 inches. We could choose the suitable one to install. Similarly, this ceiling fan can be used for living room, bedroom, office, restaurant and so on.

Advantages of Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

1. Integrate Lighting and Cooling

As we all know, the retractable ceiling light mechanism is multi-functional. We can use it to light and cool our room at the same time. With the development of society, people are increasingly pursuing something which is multi-functional to save energy and protect the environment. The retractable fan chandelier just meets their needs.

2. Decorate Our Home

Ceiling fan lights are currently a popular decoration to our house. Many people will choose to install retractable fan chandeliers in the living room instead of the common lamps. There are too many types of fan chandeliers, such as modern, industry, traditional and so on. We can pick a type according to our decoration style making our room more ornamental.

3. Save Space

Due to its retractable fan blades, it’s much better than air conditioners as this item does not occupy a lot of space. It is installed on a ceiling, leaving sufficient room especially in cramped apartments where space is a luxury. For example, the second product in the article- Silver Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier which have been introduced can be as small as 19 inches when the fan blades retracted.

4. Save Energy

Most of the retractable ceiling light mechanism are motors made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, so its electromagnetic effect is relatively good, and its low and medium speed also uses capacitor speed regulation making it more power saving.

At the same time, it also functions as an auxiliary air conditioner, which can make cold air flow faster, help the air conditioner save power, and achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Many Blades Are Best on a Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier?

4 fan blades is much better, because it is less noisy and is useful in rooms with an air conditioner, to move the cool air around. What’s more, they are often more stylish looking.

Q 2. Is It Safe to Leave Fans on All the Time?

In general, it’s not a good idea to leave the fans in your home all of the time. However, pay attention that higher-quality fans or fans that have regularly been cleaned pose less of a risk to the safety of your home. If you have the time, you would better look over the overall security and cleanliness of the fan before operating it for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts

Alright! Going through this whole article, you might get some ideas about how to choose a right fan chandelier and the advantages of the retractable ceiling fan chandelier, or maybe you have found some more functions about fan chandeliers. Anyway, it’s good news that this information could help you!

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