Top 5 Modern Ceiling Lights for Bedroom in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Aug 16, 2021

 Top 5 Modern Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

With the development of society, people are not satisfied with the availability of goods, which springs many ceiling lamps with different design styles, including fashion, traditional, gallant, Chinese style and so on. Among these opulent types of modern ceiling lights for bedroom, are you dizzy in it? If you are, this article could make your mind clear after reading. 

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Factors for Choosing
5 Popular Modern Ceiling Lights for Bedroom 
Method of Installation

Factors for Choosing

Before buying the modern ceiling lights for bedroom, we have to consider 3 things, such as the fixture size, brightness and the height of these lights.

1.     The fixture size of the modern ceiling lights for bedroom

It’s not a good idea to install a too big or too small ceiling light in the bedroom. If you do not know how to choose the size of light, you can refer to Best Remote Control Ceiling Light Buying Guide where you will get some new ideas about it.

2.     The brightness of the modern ceiling lights for bedroom

As we all know, the harsh light is not good for our sleep. Therefore, the light of the modern ceiling lights for bedroom should be bright and soft to create a warm style. Generally, the color of the light should be warm or neutral, such as goose yellow, milky white, orange, etc.

3.     The height of the modern ceiling lights for bedroom

It will give us a depressed feeling if the ceiling light is suspended too low. This is why people prefer to pick flush mount and semi-flush mount

light to decorate their bedroom. If the chain can be adjustable or is not too long and your bedroom is big enough, however, downrod mount ceiling light is also a good choice which is opulent in design.

5 Popular Modern Ceiling Lights for Bedroom 

According to consumers, we have concluded 5 popular ceiling lights for the bedroom which combines practicality and beauty. Let’s take a look at these 5 items to know them clearly.

Modern Romantic Lamp Dimming with Remote Control

    4-Light 19.68" Modern Romantic Ceramic Crystal Pendant Lamp Dimming with Remote Control

    This romantic chandelier is made of aluminum and iron, decorated with crystal beads and ceramic flowers, which creates a stunning look for your space. According to its specifications, the chain which is 100 cm and the size of 50*40 cm, it is suitable for different rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, dining room and so on. The crucial feature of this product is that it could be switched by a remote control which means there is no need to move if you want to turn on or turn off the light. The only thing you need to do is touch the button on the controller and then the ceiling light will respond rapidly.

    Chinese Style Pendant Lamp 

      CNCEST Chinese Style Pendant Lamp Farmhouse Chandelier Ceiling Light Hand-Woven Elegant Restaurant Tea House Dining Room Bedroom 110V US Stock

      There is no doubt that this ceiling light is a very unique gift for family and friends who are the Chinese style lovers. Different from the first one, this item is a new type of chandelier with retro industrial characteristics which is made of bamboo and metal. Considering the adjustable cable length of 59.06 inches and the diameter of 7.87 inches, it could be installed in bedrooms, study or living rooms and so on. What’s more, the product is shipped from the US warehouse and it can be delivered within 8 days.

      Three-head Brushed Ceiling Lamp 

        Three-head Brushed Ceiling Lamp - Stepless Dimming

        If you are always sleeping poorly, this type of modern ceiling light may be the best choice for you. The brightness of this ceiling light can be set continuously through the remote control from cool white to warm white which is friendly to sleep. What’s more, the LED bulb can achieve both energy saving and eye protection at the same time, which means there is no problem if you want to read the newspaper before sleeping. An ingenious design of semi-flush mount type helps us save lots of spaces, making the bedroom get away from dull and depressed.

        Flush Mount Ceiling Light Stained Glass

          Flush Mount Ceiling Light Stained Glass Lamp Shade Bedroom Fixture Glass Shade Lighting Fixture

          Different from the last one, this is a flush mount ceiling light which is made of glass. The impressive feature is that the lampshade has been painted into a classic church style, illuminating the bedroom in a gorgeous and decorative way. Furthermore, the reflections on the walls and ceiling are just lovely and the light is soft enough, which could not influence our sleep. There is one thing you should pay attention to, however, is that please cut off the electricity supply when you install it and use it in a dry environment.

          8-Light Ceiling Lamp for Bedroom with Remote Semi-Flush

            Modern Ceiling Light, 8-Light Ceiling Lamp for Bedroom with Remote Semi-Flush

            This is a fantastic modern ceiling light which can not only be switched by remote control, but also it can change the color temperature-from 3000 k to 6000 k, the color temperature could be adjustable, such as white light, warm light and neutral light, which is helpful for our sleep. What’s more,

            it’s similar to lots of modern ceiling lights for bedroom which use the LED bulb to save energy and protect your eyes. A flush mount type has also given a touch of spaciousness to the room. 

            Method of Installation

            Step 1: Determine the Place of Installation

            Different from the dining room, living room and kitchen, it’s not a good idea to install the ceiling light on the centre of the bedroom, considering the influence of the light to sleep.

            Step 2: Install the base of the light

            Place the base at the predetermined installation position, mark the wall with a pencil, and drill at the marked position with an electric drill. After that, install the expansion bolts for fixing the base in the hole. Then put the base back to the predetermined position and fix it.

            Step 3: Connect the Wires

            Connect the power cord to the ceiling lamp socket after fixing the base. It should be noted that the two wires connected to the ceiling lamp power cord should have good electrical contact, and they must be wrapped with black tape. Keep a certain distance, if possible, try not to put the two wire ends under the same piece of metal to avoid short circuit and danger.

            Step 4: Install the Lampshade and Pendant

            Different ceiling lights have different pendants, just following the product manual to install the remaining parts.


            After reading this article, you might have your own ideas about modern ceiling lights for bedroom, or you have already determined to choose one ceiling light among these 5 popular products which combine lighting and decoration according to consumers. Or you want to select other ceiling lights. Anyway, no matter which one you choose, it's better for you to consider the fixture size, brightness and height of modern ceiling lights for the room and install the light correctly!

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