Reviews on 2022 CNCEST Engraving Machines

by Terry Welch on Jul 18, 2021

Engraving Machine

Do you know about engraving machines? With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, engraving machines are widely used in sculpture, architectural models, advertising signs, handicrafts, etc. In the past few years in the industry, workers often made models by hand, whether processing metal or carving wood. While now, CNC engraving machines and laser engraving machines occupy the whole market, which can be more efficient, more accurate to engrave the desired products.

Among those popular engraving machines, CNCEST engraving machines have won the best experience and gained a good reputation in the market because of its high engraving efficiency, engraving accuracy as well as easy to use. Let's take a look at some reviews on the features and using methods of hot-selling CNCEST engraving machines on the market, which will render you know them more clearly.

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Hot-selling CNCEST Engraving Machines

Comparison of Popular Engraving Machines

Hot-selling CNCEST Engraving Machines

A. CNCEST 3040 400W Router Desktop Engraving Machine

Outside dimension: 610x480x400mm(LxWxH)
Work table dimension: 320mmx530mm(LxW)

CNCEST 3040 Engraving Machine

Due to limited space and budget, you can buy a 3040 Router CNCEST Engraving Machine to do engraving work at home. The desktop engraving machine is a miniature version of the mobile gantry structure engraving machine, which is very convenient to use and can control engraving precisely. CNCEST 3040 engraving machine helps you present your design intent quickly and truthfully anytime, anywhere.

This portable engraving machine, equipped with an emergency stop button to enhance safety, is well-made and very sturdy because all parts are made of metal. Some engraving machines on the market are partially made of plastic or wood, which makes the processing not precise enough. CNC engraving machine, with high quality and fair price, is suitable for various non-metal materials. To your surprise, the merchant will mail you a 3D digital model (stl, cdr format file) as a gift.

Q1: How to set up and use this machine?

CNCEST 3040 engraving machine is easy to assemble.
1.Place it on a stable table.
2.Make sure your computer has a USB port output and install the control driver on your computer.
3.Connect the control box to the machine and your computer.
4.Follow the manuals, and use it step by step according to the instructions.

Q2: Can CNCEST 3040 engraving machine connect all types of computer?

CNCEST 3040 engraving machine comes with a parallel cable connecting the control box and the computer, but it is not recommended to connect to a notebook computer through the parallel port, because the power saving function often interrupts the data flow. Due to the parallel port driver problem, it is not recommended to connect to a 64-bit version of Windows computer.

B. CNCEST 6090 Spindle Engraving Machine

Outside dimension:1150x970x650mm(LxWxH)
Working platform size:1045x720mm(LxW)

CNCEST 6090 Engraving Machine


6090 Metal CNCEST engraving machine is used to engrave aluminum alloy and hard wood. The 2.2KW water-cooled VFD is available operating for long time, which can reinforced the processing ability of the machine. High quality accurate ball screws drive makes engraving more precisely.

Compared with air cooling spindle, CNCEST 6090 spindle engraving machine with water cooling spindle, works more stable, durable and without noise. There is no problem when using CNCEST engraving machine for sculpture, wooden handcraft processing and wood cutting. Because of the wide application of the spindle engraving machine, it is more worthwhile to have CNCEST 6090 engraving machine.

Q1: How to use CNCEST engraving machine 6090 for beginners?

If you are new to 6090 CNC engraving machines, you may be wondering how easy it is to use.
Generally, the steps are as follows:
1.Assemble and locate the machine on steady desk well and make sure that your computer has a USB port output.
2.Place the control box in a ventilated dry place where there is no dust, no moisture.
3.Connect the control box with the machine and you computer and make sure the plug will not come off.
4.Correctly connect the machine with the controller and don't suspend the cable which connect the spindle motor with axis(X,Y,Z,A). Otherwise, it will damage the driver of the controller.
5.Correctly install the spindle motor and the heat pump. The heat pump should be covered completely in the water, then turned on the electric current to check whether the water-cooling system working well.
6.Install a control software and driver such as EMC2 and Mach3 on your computer and follow the manual or guideline to set the software.
7.Before turn on the machine, please check all the steps whether have done correctly.

Q2: Where can you download EMC2 and Mach3?

You need to contact the merchant and they will mail you the file. At the same time, they will tell you how to install. After installation, you need to restart PC first of all, otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Q3: How to deal with the problems encountered in the process of using?

The product comes with an instruction, which can answer your questions. When the guide does not solve your problem, you can directly contact the merchants, they are 24-hours online to reply you.

Comparison of Popular Engraving Machines

In the table below, you can see the information and pros and cons for the different engraving machines.

CNCEST 3040 Engraving Machine

Pros  · Suitable for both production and amateur use

· Easy to use

· Engraving accurately

· Emergency stop button

Cons · Cannot connect to a laptop

CNCEST 6090 Spindle Engraving Machine


· High-quality accuracy

· Available operating for long time

· Engraving aluminum alloy and hard wood

· Works more stable and durable

· Applied to most industries

Cons · A little heavy

GanGou  Laser Engraving Machine

Pros  · Budget friendly and easy to use

· Neat appealing design


· Frequently freeze

· Cannot cut and engrave at the same time

· Weak laser quality

· Work noisily

VEVOR CNC Router Engraver 6040

Pros  · Suitable for both production and amateur use

· Lack of limit switches

· A little heavy

·Cannot connect to a computers with 64 bit versions of Windows

· Cannot connect to a laptop

According to the table above, CNCEST 3040 engraving machine, easy to use and accurate to engrave, is suitable for both production and amateur use.

CNCEST 6090 spindle engraving machine with 2.2KW water-cooled VFD works more stable and durable and is applied widely, as well as more accurate. A high-quality product has enough weight to be worthy of its multi-function and well-equipped features.

GanGou mini laser engraver, with neat appealing design but weak laser quality, cannot cut and engrave at the same time and will work noisily.

VEVOR CNC router is also suitable for both production and amateur use, but it lacks limit switches and is a little heavy.

To be honest, the Desktop CNCEST Engraving Machine 3040 is a good, inexpensive choice if your workloads are relatively small. Particularly if you plan to use it in a small shop or at home.

However, if you will handle large workloads, a widely-applied Spindle Engraving Machine 6090 which is named as a workhouse, may be the way to go.


From CNCEST reviews, hopefully you found the suitable engraving machine for your purpose and budget. If you are still feeling confused, you can find more choices and details from CNCEST engraving machines and 2 Best CNC Laser Engravers in 2022 where a variety of engraving machines will give you the clarity of classification.


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