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by Terry Welch on Aug 12, 2021

ceiling chandelier

If you are hunting for lighting options on your own, a ceiling chandelier is the crown jewel of a room and an excellent way to display your personality and style.

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 What Is a Ceiling Chandelier?

Comparison of the Ceiling Chandelier, the Pendant Light and the Suspension Chandelier

Hot-selling Ceiling Chandeliers

What Is a Ceiling Chandelier?

First of all, what is a ceiling chandelier? There is a simple definition: a chandelier suspended on the ceiling is a decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, with two or more lamp arms that support the light source. Ceiling chandeliers are usually gorgeous, with dozens of lights and intricate glass or crystal arrays that illuminate the room by refracting light.

Maybe you confuse a chandelier hung from the ceiling with a pendant light, which are obviously two different types of lighting. Indeed, sometimes you can see these two models merge to form a suspension chandelier. But you will see the differences between them: the pendant light is a kind of fixture suspended from the ceiling, where there is only one light bulb in the lamp. Very design, a suspension chandelier has the advantages of a chandelier and a pendant, usually accompanied by integrated LED technology, which can achieve a unique and luxurious design.

Comparison of the Ceiling Chandelier, the Pendant Light and the Suspension Chandelier

Following are three types of fixtures that you are always confused.




The Ceiling Chandelier

Modern Crystal Chandelier Lighting

  • Accessible¬†price
  • Decorative and ¬†bright
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable¬†height
  • Can be customized with lampshades
  • Changeable bulbs
  • Suitable for higher room

The Pendant Light

Industrial Lantern Pendant Light

  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to install
  • Minimalist design
  • Less bright
  • Common

The Suspension Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

  • Accessible¬†price
  • Decorative and fashionable
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for higher room
  • Unchangeable integrated LED

The ceiling chandelier has a cable or wire connected to the ceiling. The body of the chandelier can be inlaid with crystals, pendants, and candlesticks, etc. The whole fixture works under the action of gravity, producing the effect of "falling" like water droplets, which is magnificent and tall.

Compared with the chandelier, the pendant light has a simple shape without excessive decoration, basically only one wire and one light source. But some designers will design it into different shapes, such as lanterns, bottles, etc.

The suspension chandelier, with impeccable design, brings together the characteristics of the chandelier and the pendant light. There are several wires connected to the ceiling base, whose height can be adjusted according to your own needs to provide homogeneous lighting effects.

Hot-selling Ceiling Chandeliers

With the development of the times, currently many types of ceiling chandelier come into the market. In addition to luxurious and atmospheric crystal chandeliers, there are also retro and chic lampshade chandeliers, and modern chandeliers with different shapes with a sense of luxury. Frankly speaking, they are the best way to illuminate your room and create an eye-catching focus.

Below are some popular chandeliers that are highly recommended by customers according to different styles.

A. Painted Gold Chandelier

G4*24 Painted Gold Chandelier YLC-6602-24


Size: diameter 26.6" * height 23.6"
Type of bulb: CFL and LED bulbs
Wattage: 24*5W
Voltage: 110V

This painted golden ceiling chandelier with acrylic lampshade has the characteristics of high light transmittance and gentle eye protection. The high-quality electroplated ceiling and metal gilded lamp body make the whole fixture not rusty, preventing it from being scratched.

Containing 24 bulb sockets, the fixture can use CFL and LED bulbs, but it is recommended to use LED bulbs to save energy and prolong service life. Able to complement the modern and high-end room decor, the golden lamp body makes it luxurious and magnificent.

B. 8 Light Ceiling Chandelier

8 Light Chandeliers


Size: diameter 85cm * height 48cm (With chain, the total height 83cm)
Bulb type: LED, fluorescent, halogen or incandescent bulb (not included)
Voltage: 110v 60Hz

If you’re going for an approachable contemporary look with roots in classic lighting elements, this 8-light crystal ceiling chandelier integrates simple and classic lighting design into your home, which is very suitable for dining or living room in a new traditional or rural environment. More secure and firm, equipped with thickened wrought iron ceiling panels, built-in lamp holder, as well as pivoting arms and shades really render this fixture stand out.

The iron art high-temperature baking varnish lamp body made by grinding and polishing makes the lamp anti-rust, anti-corrosion, safe and durable. Mixing several different aesthetics, the clear crystal lampshade is beautifully sleek and elegant, where the light is reflected by the crystal, appearing bright and charming, with strong texture. You can install bulb types such as LED, fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent bulbs in the bulb socket at random.


This chandelier is sold without light bulbs, which means you need to buy it separately. Keep in mind that there are different types of light bulbs out there, with a variety of shapes, from LED to incandescent to smart bulbs.

C. 7 Heads Round Ring Black Chandelier

7 Heads Round Ring Black Chandelier Stepless Dimming


Size: 53.1 inches * 17.7 inches * 5.9 inches
Light source: LED (including bulb)
Maximum power: 130 W
Voltage: 85-265 V
Height adjustable range: 11.8" (300 mm) to 47.2" (1200 mm)
Lumens: 7800 lm

Featuring a unique shape, this 7 heads round ring black ceiling chandelier emits soft light, which will protect your eyes from intense stimulation. Equipped with the remote control, the color temperature and brightness can be controlled, where the stepless dimming function can meet your needs for brightness. Through the cable fixing pin, the string of each ring can be easily adjusted, with the shape you like for installation.

Not only can you adjust the diameter of the lamp body, but also adjust the length of the cable to match the ceiling height that is completely suitable for you. Assembling LED energy-saving chips, with a service life of more than 50,000 hours, can save a lot of electricity bills in the long run. The lampshade of the chandelier is made of high-quality silicon, which will not show bright spots or easily fall off.

Final Verdict

In a word, through reading this article, make sure you have already understood the difference between a chandelier hung from the ceiling and a pendant light, as well as the combination of them. If you really want to impress everyone, fashionable and high-end ceiling chandelier must be your top pick for its stylistic versatility. Of course, there are various options of ceiling lights, besides fan chandelier, you can learn more from Modern Fan with Light in 2022.


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