Is a Modern Fan with Light Practical in 2022?

by Terry Welch on Aug 09, 2021

practical modern fan with light

With the development of technology, a modern fan with light comes into people’s eyes gradually. A fan with light, also called fan chandelier, as the name suggests, it is a new type of household product made up of a combination of fan and light.

Is a modern fan with light really practical in 2022? Is it necessary to buy a modern fan chandelier? I believe many people have this doubt. As the saying goes, existence is reasonable. As an independent category of fixtures, fans with lights can exist for such a long time and are widely used, where naturally there is a reason. Go through the article bellow, which will give you the answer.

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Pros of Modern Fan with Light

Things to Consider

Highly Recommended Tree Types of Modern Fan with Light

Pros of Modern Fan with Light

  • The natural wind of the fan can avoid air-conditioning disease caused by people staying in the room with air conditioner open for a long time.
  • Compared with ordinary ceiling fans, a modern fan with light is more fashionable and more in line with the current decoration style of houses.
  • From the perspective of environmental protection, fan chandeliers are not only cost less money, but also consume less electricity compared with air conditioners.
  • You can dissipate heat by turning on the fan while eating, so as not to eat a meal with sweat streaming down your back.
  • A modern fan with light is suitable for forward rotation when eating, which can provide cool wind. After eating, it rotates in the reverse direction, so that the smell can be dissipated, which is quite practical.
  • Everyone can feel the wind because the modern fan chandelier is installed on the ceiling, over the top of the person's head.
  • Installing a fan with light can make good use of the upper space of the room, which is a fairly worthwhile way.

All in all, on many occasions, favored for convenience, a modern fan with light is a quite practical furniture product.

Things to Consider

Since modern fans with lights have so many benefits, can you buy them right away? Of course not, before buying, you must consider some factors, such as the height of the room, the type of fans with lights, the material of blades, the property of lights, etc.

A. Height of Room

Considering the size and installation method of the fan with light, the installation of the fan chandelier has certain requirements for the height of the room. If the height is too low, you may stand up straight and hit your head, which is not convenient for your daily life. If the fans with lights installed are too low, the children at home may regard the fans with lights as playthings, causing unnecessary accidents.

B. Type of Fan with Light

Generally speaking, there are three types of common modern fans with lights. One is the ordinary straight-blade fan with light, whose blades cannot be hidden. One is the invisible fan with light whose feature is that when you don't use the fan, the blades will automatically shrink, only as a fixture. When you turn on the fan, the blades will extend. The third type is the flush mount hidden fan chandelier, whose blades in the middle with shell wrapped.

C. Material of Blade

The material of the fan blade is also a key factor that needs to be considered when buying. Iron blades, with large amount of wind, are not easy to be deformed after long-term use. Due to relatively light aluminum blades, under the same power, the rotation speed of aluminum blades is higher than that of iron blades, which means that the air flow will be greater. Featured highly transparent acrylic material, the high-speed running blades appear natural and beautiful. Moreover, when looking up at the rotation process of the fan blades, there will not be a feeling of dizziness.

Plastic blades are lighter in weight as well as with a lower load on the motor, so they can have a good speed performance with low energy consumption. Wooden blades are the most original one among many fan blades, and it is the perfect combination of nature and modernity. With good impact resistance and strong hardness, stainless steel blades have better overall feeling, beautifully sleek and elegant.


When cleaning the fan blades, only dry cloth should be used for wiping. Never use a damp cloth, otherwise it will be easily damp and deformed. In case of stubborn stains, you can add a little alcohol to wipe it properly.

D. Property of Light

Since it is a modern fan with light, not only does it depend on the side of its use as a fan, but the properties of the light must also be taken into consideration. As a fixture, it must first be able to meet the basic lighting function, which depends on the power of the lamp, the higher power, the better lighting. A fan chandelier that can adjust the color temperature is a good choice, which can better match the current environment and meet your light needs. At the same time, the accessory for the remote control can realize the function of adjusting the wind speed and light color at any time as well as providing more convenience.

Highly Recommended Tree Types of Modern Fan with Light

Through the above description, you probably identify the things that need to be considered when buying a fan chandelier. There are several recommended modern fan with lights of different types that are highly praised by customers.

A. Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light

Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light


Size: 44 inches, 4 blades
Switch: Remote Control
Bulbs: LED Light( Light Kit Included)
Speed: 3
Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz

This modern crystal ceiling fan with light can be used for lighting, blowing as well as decoration. At the same time, the three-color variable light can better adapt to the ambient conditions, providing you with the most suitable light color, and ensuring the comfort of your eyes. Embodying contemporary modern design, the 4 stainless steel blades look stylish and elegant.

The light color and speed can be controlled quickly and easily by the remote control, which makes it more convenient for you to use. This straight-blade modern fan with light is more suitable for installation in a 90-180 square foot living room, providing you with comfortable natural wind.

B. Silver Fan Chandelier

Silver Fan Chandelier


Size: 42 inches, 4 retractable blades
Switch: Remote Control
Light Bulbs: LED Light( Light Kit Included)
Power: 36W
Motor power: 56W
Speed: 3
Voltage: AC 110-120V

This modern stealth ceiling fan with light, with three-tone light and speed adjustment, can be operated by the remote control. The silent pure copper motor provides a stable current and a noise-free living environment, bringing you a comfortable life and sleeping experience. The motor with ventilation holes can reduce the internal temperature of the host and prolong the service life of the motor.

When the chic clear blades are unfolded, the width is 42 inches. You can choose one of the two lower poles to install according to the height of your room, including 4.8 inches and 9.8 inches. Well-executed with impeccable design, 4 ABS retractable blades are able to complement the whole decor and seamlessly blend in with the fixture.

Installation instructions

a. Ceiling chandelier is suitable for flat roof concrete ceiling rooms;
b. For gypsum boards and wooden ceilings, you need to purchase improved brackets;
c. Identify and connect wires;
d. The ceiling height is greater than 110 inches, lift 110 pounds.

C. Modern LED Ceiling Fan

Modern LED Ceiling Fan


Size: L56 cm * H15 cm
Light source: LED
Power: 48W
Lumen: 2880lm
Voltage: 110V
Switch Type: Remote Control
Dimmable: Yes (adjust color temperature and brightness of the light with the remote control)

The modern LED ceiling fan with light gets rid of the traditional fan chandelier's dependence on the controller. You can lie on the bed to complete the switch, wind speed, and light adjustment of the modern fan with light. The ceiling fan with light can modify three different lighting effects (3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white, 6000K cool white) and brightness of the light with the remote control.

With low profile and elegant silhouette, the enclosed fan with cover is very suitable for low ceilings and rooms with bunk beds, so that kids crawling around on the bed don't have to worry about them being hit by fan blades. With iron painting technology, durable and transparent ABS blades make more stable operation and longer service life, which remains a top favorite.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, whether you want to circulate fresh, cool air throughout your home or complement existing room decor, a modern fan with light can be an important purchase, which is quite practical.

If you’re ready to buy a modern ceiling fan with light for your home, the three types above are highly recommended. If you want to learn a bit more about ceiling fans with lights before purchasing, there are more choices of different types of fan chandeliers available to you.


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