Best Way to Choose a Suitable Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

by Terry Welch on Jul 26, 2021

laser engraving machine for wood

Are you still hiring a lot of people to carve furniture or decorations manually? If you are, maybe this magic item will help you: a laser engraving machine for wood.

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The Reason to Choose a Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

Factor for choosing Laser Engraving Machines

Recommendations for the Laser Engraving Machine for wood

Questions about these laser machines

As we all know, there are two types of engraving machines — laser engraving machine and mechanical engraving machine. Today, we are talking about the first one. This is a machine which takes the place of people and uses lasers to engrave materials, such as wood, leather, paper and so on.

The Reason to Choose a Laser Engraving Machine for Wood

1. It’s Highly Efficient

Wood Laser engraving machine is an incredibly efficient carver which can immediately carry out the engraving and cutting according to the pattern output by the computer. With the development of the laser machine in recent years, many industries have used this machine to improve their efficiency.

2. It Leads Cost down

Different from the manual carving, wood laser engraver works in a non-contact way which will not cause damages to the wood such as some cuts and deformations. In this way, entrepreneurs can achieve their goal to save materials and reduce costs.

3. It Focus on Quality

As a businessman, we have to pay equal attention to the efficiency and quality of products. This magic laser engraving machine for wood can reach 0.02 mm in accuracy .

An accuracy of 0.02 mm gives an opportunity to achieve high precision without any after-treatment. In most cases, such a high standard means that no added tolerances are required.

Factor for choosing Laser Engraving Machines 

The following are some factors that we may consider when choosing the right engraving machine for wood.

1. Engraved Materials

First of all, you must know what materials you will work with the design. Each machine is designed to work optimally with a specific type of material, so you must determine a material which you will use before engraving. Then, you can compare machines in relation to power, size, speed, etc. We have done the first step already, because we are searching a laser machine for wood.

2. The Power of Engrave 

In addition to the material, power is another essential part. This is what will determine the type of work. For example, to cut a wood of 2 to 6 mm thick, the recommended power is from 30 W – which is faster and more productive. Therefore it must be clear what type of work we are going to do with the laser machine before making a decision.

3. The Size of Engraver

Then, you must also consider the size of the product to be processed before choosing a laser engraving machine. You can choose it in different sizes according to your products. But no matter what size you choose, the thing you must pay attention to is that the bigger  doesn't mean the better. Sometimes, the bigger machine with poor quality has unstable lasers in the materials which results in a different depth of engraving. Therefore, the best way for us is to choose a suitable one.

4. The Speed of Engraver

Speed is often the key to receiving orders and making money. It’s obvious that a high speed laser engraving machine can produce more products and create higher profits than a low-rate one in a short period of time. Different laser engraving machines have different speeds. According to some reviews on laser engraving machines, CNCEST Engraving Machine - Black 3018-pro with Laser Head 5500 mwis may be a good choice whose highest speed can reach to 1500 mm / min.

5. After-sales Service of Engraver

Last but not least is the after-sales service. We all know the laser engraving machine industry has been developed for almost 19 years now. There are a lot of manufactures that produce laser engraving machines. And we don’t know which one can develop a qualified machine.

How can we effectively find a suitable and qualified laser engraving machine for wood? Generally speaking, the better after-sales service it provides, the stronger productive capacity it is .

Recommendations for the for Laser Engraving Machine wood

A. CNCEST Engraving Machine - Black 3018-pro with Laser Head 5500mw

Engraving Machine - Black 3018-pro with Laser Head 5500mw with Touch Screen

This Laser Engraving Machine with Laser Head 5500mw whose spindle power is 12 W can engrave various objects according to different settings, such as 0.3 W for engraving paper cork; 5 W for paper, wood and plastic; 10 W for paper and non-ferrous metal.In addition, its operating speed can also be set according to different needs whose maximum speed can reach 1500 mm / min.

It also has some more attractive features. For example, it can be positioned repeatedly to achieve higher accuracy, making the lines of our sculptures smoother and making the wood engraving more refined. Through USB, you can connect it to various types of computers without compatibility issues. This laser engraving machine is widely used in wood, plastic products and acrylic industries.

B. CNCEST Laser Engraving Machine 3 Axis CNC Router Kit PCB Milling

DIY CNC Machine 3 Axis CNC Router Kit PCB Milling

Different from the first product, this Laser Engraving Machine 3Axis CNC speed can reach up to 1000 mm/min. Similarly, it can also set different speeds according to different materials. Not only can it connect to a computer through USB, but it can be connected to a computer through a parallel port. There is a 400 w air-cooled spindle in this laser engraving machine, which is made of aluminum alloy and sheet metal (work panel MDF). In addition, its accuracy is ≤ 0.1 mm which is very precise.

The only disadvantage is that some components of this machine need to be installed by ourselves, including the control box and screw/nut accessory box.

Questions about these laser machines

Q 1. Will it make a lot of noise?

There was noise, but not very loud. You can reduce the noise by choosing a small rate of laser engraving machine for wood. However what we can assure is that this kind of noise will not affect the normal use of the machine.

Q 2. Does a laser engraving machine have radiation?

The most prominent characteristic of this laser unit is that it has an extremely strong direction -- the place where the laser does not illuminate, basically will not be radiation. But there may be a few harmless electromagnetic radiation, which is the same as household appliances.


To sum up, 3018 CNCEST Engraving Machine and CNCEST Laser Engraving Machine 3 Axis CNC meet the needs of most people. Anyway, hope you can find A suitable laser engraving machine for wood, according to the information provided above.


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