Best Small Nightstand Table on Sale in 2022

by Terry Welch on Nov 17, 2022

Best Small Nightstand Table on Sale

A small nightstand table doesn’t only hold aesthetic value but is also an extremely useful piece of furniture in the bedroom.

In the perspective of aesthetics, the room can feel unbalanced with bedroom nightstands flanking the bed. From the functional aspect, a nightstand provides a horizontal surface and extra storage.

For choosing your perfect nightstand, you can read this guide and look at the following key considerations to keep in mind while shopping for your bedside table.

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Do you really need a nightstand table?

Top list of Small Nightstand Table

What Is the Right Nightstand for Your Bedroom?

Do you really need a nightstand table?

Although the nightstand is quite a common bedroom furniture item, there is no requirement to have one! First, you should ask yourself if you really need a small nightstand table. Maybe you just need something nice close to your bed. Let your imagination run wild with that, there are numerous alternatives to a traditional nightstands, like bookcases, floor lamp, console tables, small desks, floating shelves or stools etc.

Top list of Small Nightstand Table

High-Gloss LED Bedside Tables w/ 2 Drawers

This High-Gloss LED Small Nightstand Table has 2 large storage drawers to provide ample storage space for small or personal items. It is constructed with high quality particle board and designed with multi-color LED backlight as a night light, which is strong bearing and sturdy, saving energy and convenient.

This cabinet is a must-have for home use, can be used to place commonly used small objects, like glasses, magazines, books, water cups and decorations. There is another similar one in white, if you’re interested in White Modern High-Gloss LED Small Nightstand Table.

- Item Type: Bedside Table
- Material: Particle Board
- Color: Black
- Item size: 60*45*39cm

White Nightstand with Wireless Charging Station

This Dimmable LED Lights 3 Drawers Small Nightstand Tables is made of tempered glass desktop and high quality MDF boards. Its thickened plates, metal feet give it a good load-bearing capacity. With 3 sliding drawers and shelf design, it provides much larger space for you to organize your small stuff and gives you a neat space. It is suitable for any room, such as a bedroom dining room, game room or office.

Material: MDF+Tempered Glass
Color: White
Light Color: Warm/Cold/Neutral Color
Plug Type: USB
Load-bearing Capacity (Single Drawer): 9kg/20lbs
Product Size: 48*41*53cm/18.9*16.14*20.81in
Distance From the Ground: 5cm/1.97in

CNCEST Three Tier Nightstand with Colorful LED Light

The Three Tier Small Nightstand table with Colorful LED Light is built with high-quality materials with excellent quality and very suitable for small spaces. As a household necessity, it can place commonly used small objects, store magazines, books, drinking glasses and decorations conveniently. The nightstand has two drawers, In addition, the top platform can also be opened upwards for storing some uncommonly used items.

The bedside table is also equipped with a multi-color LED backlight (including a remote control for changing colors). which can provide lighting to facilitate you to get up at night.

Item Type: Bedside Table
Material: Particle Board
Color: Black
Item size:50*45*33cm

What Is the Right Nightstand for Your Bedroom?

What Height Should Your Small Nightstand Be?

The ideal height for a nightstand or bedside table is roughly even with the top of the mattress. Before purchasing the nightstand, you should measure the space where you plan to install the nightstand, because knowing the parameters is much easier to choose a suitable model. First, you should get the proportions right—starting with the bed. Giving a few inches to hold the top of the table to be level with the mattress can make it easy for you to reach and creating a clean sightline across the bed.

Decide a Style/Color for Your Nightstand

A small nightstand table can be any color, but you also have to take into consideration the rest of the room decor theme and color combination. All in all, the style you choose will depend on a number of factors including space, and the function of your bedside table needs to fulfill and the overall style of your room decor. Material, color and shape all play a part in the overall style of a bedside table, and how they work with the style of your space.

Should You Have One or Two?

You can go for a symmetrical look with two matching bedside tables on either side of the bed, or you can go for two different bedside tables for a bit of fun and visual interest. Just be sure there’s a common element between the two, like color, material or shape, to tie them and the room closer in style. If you choose a matching pair, that can make your bedroom look really pulled together and intentional. But having different bedside tables can look great too, which gives the room a less formal, more eclectic vibe. Of course, if you don’t have enough space, you can only have a nightstand table for your bed.

Final Words

A small nightstand table is used as a convenient place for small stuff. Unlike other storage furniture, a compact pedestal allows you to save space, while things are at arm's length. This provides easy access to the desired object. Hope this article can help you to find a perfect nightstand for you.


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