Best Guide to a Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light

by Terry Welch on Sep 14, 2021

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If you are buying a semi-flush mount ceiling light to decorate and light, this guide will give you some tips related to purchasing, which helps you choose the right lights for your home.

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Definition of Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light

Hot-selling Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Things to Consider

Definition of Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light

As is known to all, flush mount ceiling lights are usually lamps installed flush with the ceiling, whose shapes include square, round, etc. The semi-flush mount ceiling light is more decorative, with the base of the lamp be extended below the ceiling, which means it is not completely attached to the ceiling.

The picture below will give you a clear look.
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In terms of style, semi-flush mount ceiling lights imitate the design of chandeliers, featuring exquisite shape and gorgeous appearance, while the difference between them is that semi-recessed ceiling lights don't hang so low.

As for function, the semi-flush ceiling light can not only provide upward lighting, but also directly illuminate downwards. Therefore, it has a better ambient light effect in the room, compared with flush mount ceiling lights.

Hot-selling Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

The following are several semi-recessed mount ceiling lights, highly recommended, according to different types of room.

A. Modern 5 Head Ceiling Light

Modern 5 Head Ceiling Light

Material: metal, acrylic
Voltage: 85-265V
Power: 80W
Light source: LED bulb
Color temperature: 3500-6500K (dimmable)
Lamp body size: D 22.8 * H 3.1 inches (58 * 8cm)

Designed to fit in the living room or any other space in the house, Modern 5 Head Ceiling Light with flower shape is beautiful and generous. With good density and uniformity, the light is made from highly transparent acrylic and iron materials, used to ensure that the light transmittance is above 99%.

This lamp has dimmable options, so the light color and brightness can be easily controlled by the included remote control, which can better relieve your eye fatigue. The LED light source, with high color rendering, not only has a long life, but also is healthier and environmentally friendly. The seller provides 30-day unsatisfactory return and refund service and free replacement parts service so that you don’t worry if there is some unexpected problems.


Dimmable ceiling lights can help customize the ambience of your room and allow you to adapt your space to any occasion. As an added benefit, when the lights aren’t turned on the brightest setting, they save bulb life, use less energy, and save you money.

B. Three-head Brushed Ceiling Lamp

Three-head Brushed Ceiling Lamp

Material: metal, silicon
Voltage: 110v-120v
Power: 78W
Lumens: about 5600lm
Light source: LED bulb
Color temperature: 3000K-6500K (dimmable)
Lamp body size: D 23.8/32* H 6.7 inches

Three-head Brushed Ceiling Lamp is designed for installation in a bedroom, an office room or any other space. The geometric design adds a touch of style to the room wherever it is needed. Made from metal and silicon material, the long-lasting durability of the product is sure to be appreciated. The light covers a larger area for rooms that need a little more light than the average size ceiling light offers. It’s dimmable so if you need to tone things down a bit, that’s simple to do with the push of a button.

C. 3-Lights Ceiling Light Fixture

3-Lights Ceiling Light Fixture

Material: metal, glass
Voltage: 110v
Power: 40W
Type of Bulb: LED/CFL/ Incandescent( The Bulbs are NOT Included)
Light Fixture: 3. 93” Width x 6. 69” Height

Designed for use in the kitchen, 3-Lights Ceiling Light Fixture is easy to install in a matter of minutes. Featuring a solid round metal canopy which holds 3 clear bottle-inspired glass shades, attached by 3 vintage metal chain, this 3-light pendant matches your space whether it is transitional, industrial, modern or farmhouse style. It fits all E26 light bulbs, max 40W per bulb, like Edison bulbs, LED bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, incandescent bulbs. The light evenly distributes illumination throughout the room so you can precisely see what you are doing.


a. The design of the glass lampshade allows people to better clean the surface of the lamp.
b. Never exceed the maximum wattage recommended for your lamps.

Things to Consider

In the purchase of new ceiling lights, you must take into account the type, the decor and the size of rooms, as well as the power of lamps, which are conducive to better lighting, easing your operation and meeting your needs.

A. Type of Room

When choosing fixtures, you need to consider the type of your room. Since the living room is mainly used to entertain guests, you can choose bright light colors, which creates a luxurious atmosphere, and gives people a sense of calm and well-being.

The bedroom is a place to rest, in which warm-toned lights can give people a warm and comfortable feeling. There are a lot of oil fume in the kitchen, so it is a good idea to choose a lamp with lampshade, which is easy to clean.

B. Style of Light

When you choose a lamp, the style of the lamp itself need match with the overall style of decor, so as not to seem obtrusive. If the interior decor is modern, then the lamps can be fashionable and generous. If the style of your room is classical, then the lamps can be more elegant. If the decoration is European style, then the lamps can be more complicated and luxurious.

At the same time, it should be noted that the color of the lamp needs to be matched with the surrounding color, among which white is more safe and versatile.

C. Size of Light

The size of the lamp is determined according to the area of the room. Generally speaking, a room of 15 square meters should match with lamps with a width or diameter about 15 inches. For a room of 20 square meters or more, you had better choose a lamp with a width or a diameter of 20 inches or more.

If the lamp is too small, the brightness may not be enough; vise versa, if the lamp is too large, the space is inconsistent, so that it can't better decorate the room. The height is also an important factor in choosing lamps. If the height of the room is low, downrod mount ceiling light is not recommended, otherwise it will get in the way.

D. Power of Light

The choice of lamp power depends on the size of the room. Determining the right wattage is necessary so that you achieve sufficient illumination for your room. Approximately every 2-2.5 Wattage matches every square meter of space. If the lamp power is selected too large in a small apartment space, it will waste electricity and is not conducive to environmental protection. For large-sized spaces, choosing low-power lamps is not beneficial to the lighting effect.

The semi-flush mount ceiling lamp perfectly solves the concerns of large-scale space. There is a certain gap between the fixture and the ceiling, so as to better illuminate the whole room and make the whole room appear bright and beautiful. Of course, the power of the semi-flush ceiling light is also in line with the small size, as long as you can buy a suitable lamp according to the above reference information.

The Bottom Line

With careful consideration of significant factors such as style, size, material, and eventually, you can successfully achieve not just illumination for a room but a totally satisfying semi-flush mount ceiling light that is sure to give your guests as well as you a great impression and feeling. Of course, if you are looking forward to more types of ceiling lights, you can check on the websites.


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