Best-selling Teeth Whitening Machine in 2022

by Terry Welch on Nov 29, 2021

teeth whitening machine

The professional teeth whitening machine allows you to have a mouthful of white teeth and make your smile brighter.

Do you like curry, chocolate, cola, coffee, tea and other foods and beverages that tend to make teeth yellow? Do you usually dare not smile anytime and anywhere because of yellow teeth? I believe that readers who come to learn about teeth whitening machine are definitely troubled by the problem of insufficient whiteness or yellowing of teeth. You surely want to find a whitening product that can whiten teeth in a short time. Go through the following part and you will know more about this incredible teeth whitening procedures.

Best-selling Teeth Whitening Machines

The following three machines will solve your worries and anxiety.

A. Dental Mobile Teeth Whitening Machine

Dental Mobile Teeth Whitening Machine Bleaching Accelerator Cold LED Light Lamp

This Dental Mobile Teeth Whitening Machine is equipped with four kinds of light source output selection, which effectively guarantees the teeth whitening effect. Featuring a working time counting function and an electronic lock, you can select the required treatment time on the 5-inch touch screen, up to 30 minutes. The upper neck of the Bleaching Accelerator can be adjusted to make it easier to operate in different angles and directions. And the middle connecting rod can be adjusted in height, which is convenient for properly fitting patients.

Adopting U-shaped arc design fitting the teeth, this teeth whitening device whitens the upper and lower teeth quickly, not hurting or soring teeth. The enlarged width of the tray makes the whitening area larger, and the blue light can be irradiated to the surface of each tooth, which solves the drawbacks of the built-in tray. With a sheath used for preventing mutual infection, this professional teeth whitening equipment is convenient and hygienic, and allows patients to rest assured.

B. Teeth Whitening Machine Dental Mobile Lamp

Best Teeth Whitening Machine Dental Mobile Lamp Bleaching LED Light Accelerator

This Teeth Whitening Machine Dental Mobile Lamp, combining a high-power strong blue LED, emits light of a specific wavelength to a special whitening agent that irradiates the surface of the teeth to whiten the teeth. The users can select the required bleaching time according to their needs through working time timing function, with 5-minutes counting memory, and the longest 30-minute whitening time.

Featuring high-efficiency goose pipe and portable wheel design, the Bleaching LED Light Accelerator can be freely adjusted to any angle position and moved at will, which is simple and light to use. Equipped with digital indicator with audio feedback and high-sensitivity infrared remote control setting function, the teeth whitening device can select power supply from 100 to 240 volts intelligently and automatically, easy to operate and use. With a closed disposable sheath, it can effectively prevent cross-infection and let patients relieved.

C. Promotional Teeth Whitening Device

Mobile Teeth Whitening Machine LED Bleaching System with Touch Screen

This up-to-date cold-light Promotional Teeth Whitening Machine can convert electrical energy into strong blue light, oxidize the pigment of the teeth through the dentin tube in the shortest time, and discolor the teeth to sparkling white both externally and internally. The 30-minute process ensures that five to fourteen shades are improved.

The bleaching time can be adjusted by a microprocessor-controlled timer, with 5-minute counting memory, and the longest 30-minute whitening time. Equipped with a multi-function, high-sensitivity touch electronic 5-inch display, the Cool Light Teeth Whitening Accelerator is easy to operate. In addition, the goose tube design allows you to adjust the angle arbitrarily, which is convenient for your use.

Disadvantage of Yellow Teeth

The factors that cause yellow teeth are nothing more than food, drugs and hygiene habits. Frequently, the food we eat will leave pigments on the teeth, especially curry, coffee, sugary drinks and tea. Bacteria on the surface of teeth secrete a lot of sticky substances, and the pigment left on the teeth from food is adsorbed on the sticky substances, gradually turning the surface of the teeth yellow or black. Over time, these substances will gradually penetrate into the teeth from the surface of the teeth, forming internal stains and discoloring the inside of the teeth, which are called exogenous stained teeth.

The endogenous stained teeth are caused by drugs and water quality. For example, when teeth are developing, especially for children under 8 years old, when taking tetracycline drugs, it is easy to cause the teeth to become tetracycline teeth. In addition, in some mountainous areas, due to the high fluoride content in the water, drinking too much can cause teeth to turn yellow and become dental fluorosis.

At the same time, some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene and do not have the habit of brushing their teeth correctly in the morning and evening, which causes a layer of food residues accumulating on the surface of the teeth, forming soft scales, tartar, smoke stains or tea stains. These "morbid" teeth have dark pigments buried in the depth of the teeth, which cannot be touched by daily brushing. Only through special whitening methods can the teeth be "reborn".

If you have yellow teeth, when your teeth are exposed, it will affect your external image, thereby affecting your mental health. For a long time, you feel dissatisfied with yourself and low self-esteem, resulting in a withdrawn character. What’s more, yellow teeth can also affect oral health and cause various oral diseases. In short, yellow teeth have a lot of impact on people, both externally and internally. Therefore, if you encounter such problems, it is best to diagnose and treat them as soon as possible so that you can lead a healthy life.

Basics of Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening machine mentioned above mainly uses a high-intensity blue light source to perform cold-light whitening of teeth. It is irradiated on a special whitening agent applied to the teeth, so that the whitening agent can pass through the dentin tubules and deposit in the shortest time. The pigments on the surface and depth of the teeth produce oxidation-reduction effects, so that the teeth return to the whiteness before they were stained.

In the hospital, generally, the operation process only takes 30 to 40 minutes, through the low temperature cold light whitening agent, which will not cause any damage to the enamel. The whitening effect without irritation and side effects, as the most effective and safest teeth decolorization technology currently, can last for about two years.

In brief, this whitening technology not only has a whitening effect on teeth stained by smoking, drinking coffee and other beverages for a long time, but also has a good effect on tooth discoloration (tetracycline teeth, fluorosis), aging or hereditary yellow teeth caused by drugs.


Teeth whitening machine is a kind of teeth whitening product that can whiten teeth in a short period, but cannot be used as a daily tooth cleaning product. If you have this requirement, the above teeth whitening devices are good choices. Besides, you also need to do daily dental cleaning care to make your mouth healthier.


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