Best Room Humidifier Buying Guide

by Terry Welch on Oct 10, 2021

Best Room Humidifier Buying Guide

Air humidifier, as we all know, is a kind of household appliance that increases the humidity in the room, protects health and keeps the skin and hair moist. However, what should you consider before purchasing the best room humidifier? Here are some tips which might help you.

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Things to Consider

Best Room Humidifier

Safety Precautions

Things to Consider

Type of Humidifier

According to international standards, humidifiers can mainly be divided into three types: ultrasonic humidifier, cool evaporative humidifier and electric warm humidifier.

1. Ultrasonic humidifier: Through the high-frequency resonance of the atomizing sheet, the pure water droplets are broken into tiny floating particles of about 5 microns, which are kept away from the pure water surface under the action of a fan or in a natural state, so that the suspended water mist is continuously produced, and finally the air is humidified. Since the oscillation frequency of this machine is 1.7MHz (there are also 2.4MHz) that can not be heard by humans, it’s a good choice for these people who are sensitive to noise.

2. Cool evaporative humidifier: This humidifier uses molecular sieve evaporation technology to remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water, increases the evaporation rate by expanding the evaporation area and speeds up the rate of air circulation on the surface of the water molecules to humidify. If you have a cold, the cool-mist humidifier can help shrink swelling in nasal passages, making it easier for you to breathe, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

3. Electric warm humidifier: Its working principle is to heat the water and generate steam, which is sent out by a motor to humidify. Most of the time, people prefer to use this one in winter. The disadvantages of this warm mist humidifier are that it consumes a lot of energy, cannot be dry-burned, has a low safety factor, and is easy to scale on the heater.


If you would prefer to pick the ultrasonic humidifier, you’d better use purified water or water that has been treated by a water purifier.

Type of Room

There are countless humidifiers on the market, which are equipped with different humidification performance. Generally speaking, It is recommended to use a humidifier with a humidifying performance of 200mL/h or more in the bedroom. If the air condition in the bedroom has a high wind speed, it is better to choose a humidifier with a humidifying performance of 300mL/h or more. Separately, a humidifier with a larger humidification performance is required in the living room, such as 500mL/h.


1. It is worth noting that the capacity of the humidifier has nothing to do with the humidification performance, but it can be filled with more water instead of frequently adding water.
2. The humidity of the humidifier should not be too high. The human body will feel sultry, hot and humid. It will also breed bacteria and easily mold. It is recommended to choose a humidifier with a smart mode and humidity control.

The Noise Produced by Humidifier

Normally, people can tolerate the noise of 30 to 59 decibels, but it is already uncomfortable when it reaches 40 decibels, which starts to disturb sleep. Therefore, in order to better sleep, the noise when we choose the best room humidifier should not exceed 40 decibels. If you are more sensitive to sound, it is recommended to choose an ultrasonic humidifier.


The best room humidifier is more easy to operate than others, such as adding water, cleaning, operating and so on.

1. Adding water: Consider whether the humidifier is convenient to add water, so as not to affect the experience.
2. Cleaning: Whether it is easy to accumulate dust or whether it is easy to clean.

Best Room Humidifier

No.1 CNCEST Home Air Humidifier 13L Silent Mist Maker

Best Room Humidifier

Belong to ultrasonic humidifiers, this intelligent air humidifier can not produce any noise which is suitable for commercial and domestic use. The key point is that this humidifier can adjust humidity and misting through a remote controller, making you can change the humidity easily and protect your health. With a humidifying performance of 1500ml/h, there is no problem to put this item in the living room, nursery room, bedroom or office.

Color: white
Material: ABS
Model: Smart enhancement
Product size: 24 * 24 * 99cm
Capacity: 13L
Gross weight: 3.96kg
Rated power: 90W
Rated voltage: 100-240V
Maximum mist output: 1500ml / h
Applicable area: 60-120m²


Is it good to sleep with a humidifier?
YES, it is. There is not a single doubt that air humidifiers will help you sleep better. A person sleeping with a humidifier will wake up fresher, free from nose and throat congestion. Baby sleeping with a humidifier will be less cranky as they can sleep soundly throughout the night.

No.2 Humidifier 5l Large Capacity

Best Room Humidifier
With a large capacity, you can enjoy the continuous humidification throughout the day without frequent addition of water. The maximum mist output of 600ml / h makes it an ideal item for living room and bedroom. What’s more, it can also be switched by a remote controller satisfying “lazy people”who want to control the humidity without walking or lying on the sofa. The most striving thing is that it’s equipped with a 360° fog nozzle, giving you an opportunity to rotate the fog manually according to your own needs.

Color: white
Material: ABS
Model: Smart enhancement
Product size: 23*23*57cm
Capacity: 5L
Gross weight: 2Kg
Rated power: 30W
Rated voltage: 100-240V
Noise: ≤ 35db(A)
Applicable area: 30~40m²


Does humidifier make everything wet?
No, the best room humidifier will not make everything wet, since it atomizes the water into ultra-fine particles of 1-5 microns and negative oxygen ions. The water mist can only be clearly felt near the air outlet of the humidifier.

Safety Precautions

1. No matter what kind of humidifier is used, it is best to change the water frequently and not always have residual water, otherwise it may cause excessive bacteria and affect health.
2. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to give the opportunity  to bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a humidifier with intelligent humidity control.
3. Never add disinfectant to the air humidifier, it is very dangerous.
4. It is recommended to use pure water or distilled water for ultrasonic humidifiers to avoid scale, while the other two types of humidifier can use tap water, but the filter should be cleaned and replaced in time.
5. When pregnant women use humidifiers, do not add aromatherapy, essential oils, etc., to avoid discomfort.


All of these are some tips to consider before buying the best room humidifier. Generally speaking, you’d better purchase a air humidifier with a remote controller, making sure you can switch it at any time and providing some unnecessary problems. In addition, it’s a good choice to pick one of the two items above. Hope this article could give you some help.


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