Best Rav4 Tail Light in CNCEST for Sale

by Terry Welch on Jan 16, 2022

Best Rav4 Tail Light in CNCEST for Sale

As we all know, the RAV4 came out in Japan in 1994 whose name comes from the abbreviation of "Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive." and sold to the United States in January 1996. Toyota RAV4 is the basic model of Toyota's mini utility off-road vehicle family, with an unitary body structure that is unique among utility off-road vehicles.

If you are looking for a new wonderful Rav4 tail light to replace the old one in your car, here is a high score rav4 tail light in CNCEST, along with top-rated picks with online rave reviews. Let’s take a look at it, which might catch your taste.

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Hot-selling Rav4 Tail light in CNCEST

Introduction about Tail Light

Learn More about Different Car Bulbs of Toyota Rav4

Hot-selling Rav4 Tail light in CNCEST

Left+Right Rav4 Tail Lights Lamp

Left+Right Rav4 Tail Lights Lamp

Similar to the original one, this Left+Right Rav4 Tail Lights Lamp is very large and even protrudes out of the body when viewed from the side, which is designed to fit for 2019 rav4 tail light and 2020 rav4 tail light. As expected, the light source of the interior configuration uses a combination of LED and halogen to meet drivers needs and the position of the taillights is relatively high, which is the inheritance of the current RAV4. The most attractive point is the appearance of the light, which seemingly is shaped by a knife.

What’s more, the recognition effect after lighting is very fantastic and the rear of the car has some shadows of the Highlander--a relatively regular, stretchy and sturdy outline. There is no need for you to worry about the materials of this product which are high quality and can service you for a long time.

Introduction about Tail Light

Installed at the rear of car, tail light is an assemble lamp which consists of six kinds of lamps, including rear position light (a red light to indicate the presence and width of the vehicle), rear turn signal (a yellow light to indicate other road users behind that the vehicle will turn right or left), brake light (a red light to light other drivers behind that the vehicle is braking), rear fog light (a red light to make the vehicle more visible in foggy days), reversing light (a white light to illuminate the road behind the vehicle and warn other road users that the vehicle is or is about to reverse), and rear retro-reflector (a device to indicates the presence of a vehicle to an observer located near the light source through reflected light from an external light source).

All these indispensable parts achieve your safety during driving.

Learn More about Different Car Bulbs of Toyota Rav4

With the development of society, the light sources used in car lamps are mainly halogen lamps and LED lamps, both have been designed into 2019-2020 toyota rav4 tail lights.

1. Halogen Lamp

A halogen lamp is a tungsten filament bulb filled with halogen. Using the characteristics of halogen elements (mainly bromine) that can transport tungsten by temperature difference, the halogen lamp can achieve much higher efficiency and life than ordinary tungsten filament bulbs. For 2019 rav4 tail light or 2020 rav4 tail light who uses halogen lamps, the luminous efficacy is usually 20 to 28 lumens per watt and the lifespan is up to 2000 hours. Furthermore, the halogen lamp is a thermal light whose spectrum follows black body radiation. And the continuity is very good, making it have a color rendering of 100% comparable to that of sunlight. In addition, its color temperature is usually only 3150K, which belongs to warm light, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. At the same time, due to the effect of Rayleigh scattering, the lower the color temperature of the light, the stronger the penetrating power in the rain, fog, sand and dust weather, making it extremely adaptable and perfect for various road conditions. At the same time, the unique advantage of the thermal light source is that it does not require heat dissipation, and at the same time, the hotter it is, the higher the efficiency will be. Sufficient lifespan, low price, no maintenance, comfortable lighting effects and strong ability to adapt to bad weather make halogen lamps a very efficient light source that is still active in major car manufacturers.

2. LED Lamp

LED is a semiconductor cold light source. Through a chip that emits blue light, it excites the yellow phosphor coated on the chip, and then mixes with some excess blue light to form white light. The advantages of LED are obvious: it has very high efficiency (80 to 140 lumens per watt) and a lifespan that seems to never be used up (theoretical 50,000 hours), and its mainstream color temperature is also much higher than that of halogen lamps, reaching 5000-6000K. The dazzling white light gives a strong sense of technology to us.

However, due to the high requirements for light type of toyota rav4 tail lights, automotive LED chips must increase the power density as high as possible, and cancel the primary optical structure, so that its light effect is basically at the bottom of the LED level, which is only 80 to 90 lumens per watt. In addition, LEDs must use a lens structure, which is much less efficient than a simple reflector of a halogen lamp, so a 27-watt LED car lamp may not actually be as good as a 55-watt halogen lamp.

To sum up, these two light sources have their own different advantages. Halogen lamps are stronger than LED lamps in penetration at night or bad weather days when you can not see the road in front of you clearly. And there is no need for you to worry about over-heat generated by working might reduce its lifespan, since Halogen light does not need heat dissipation and will be more efficient with the increasing temperature. Compared to Halogen, LED lamps have a longer lifespan, which can service you for a long time. What’s more, it’s fashionable and highly efficient, which means this lamp will light without waiting as soon as you push the button.


If you want to experience high penetration, long lifespan and high efficiency at same time, installing these two lamps in your car is the best way for you. And Left+Right Rav4 Tail Lights Lamp is completely meets this expectation. Hope this article might help you, good luck!

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