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Best Push Sweeper Buyer's Guide 2022

by Terry Welch on December 05, 2021 Categories: CNCEST Blogs

Push sweeper is more and more widely used, as one of the high-tech products in the cleaning industry, making cleaning easier and more convenient.

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Working Principle of Push Sweeper

Types of Push Sweeper

Pros of Push Sweeper

Precautions for Use

As the society develops, with regard to the problem of ground cleaning, manual cleaning has become less and less efficient, resulting in beginning to be gradually replaced by mechanized equipment. The steady stream of rubbish such as pebbles, dust, leaves, etc. on the ground is a headache for cleaners, helplessly. However, the problem of ground cleaning can be easily solved by using a push sweeper.

Working Principle of Push Sweeper

The quite simple design of the push-type sweeper makes the operation quick and flexible, which can clean all kinds of small garbage on the ground. The working principle of the push floor sweeper is that the manpower pushes the machine forward to clean the garbage on the ground, which is driven by the manual pushing to drive the transmission belt to make the brush work, so it can take away the leaves and dust, and clean the ground by pushing the sweeper normally, with no fugitive dust when the machine is working.

Types of Push Sweeper

Push sweepers are mainly divided into two categories: unpowered type and powered type.

Unpowered Push Sweeper

The unpowered push floor sweeper is suitable for small areas that are difficult to clean, such as the side roads, the narrow roads near the flower beds in the community, the narrow spaces of the factory workshops, the passages of the hotel and the passage of the chicken farm. This kind of industrial push sweeper can operate with no oil or electricity without any difficulty, and takes up less space, which can be used by men, women and children.

Dual Cleaning Brush Push Floor Sweeper

26" Dual Cleaning Brush Floor Sweeper with Adjustable Handle

Cleaning area: 2720㎡/h (0.67ac/h)
Capacity: 15L (4gal)
Cleaning method: manual

With large size cleaning bristles, this Dual Cleaning Brush Floor Sweeper can help you quickly clean an area of about 2720 square meters (0.67ac) within an hour, whether it is the flat ground or the rubbish in the corners. Featuring an ergonomic handle, flexible and comfortable, the hand-push sweeper can be adjusted in two levels according to personal preference, providing a friendly back cleaning.

In addition, the 4-gallon trash can of the push floor sweeper allows you to clean up without wasting time moving trash from one place to another. The push sweeper that only takes up a little space can be stored upright, making it very suitable for cleaning garages, driveways, sidewalks and storage areas and increasing the speed of cleaning garden paths, terraces and driveways by up to five times.

Powered Push Sweeper

The powered push floor sweeper is mainly used in factories and workshops with a lot of ground dust. It has two effects on dust: one is used for recyclable ground dust; the other is used for effective absorption of ground dust to reduce dust pollution. Compared with the unpowered push floor sweeper, the power push-type sweeper has more suction motors, which can sweep and suck dust in a small area of the workshop, and effectively control the fugitive dust, which has a fantastic cleaning effect on the ground.

2.3HP Gas Powered Outdoor Push Sweeper

Best Seller-Power Sweeper 52CC Walk Behind Cleaning Machine Hand Held Broom Sweeper 2.3HP Gas Powered Outdoor Push Sweeper

Displacement: 52cc
Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Power: 1.7kW / 2.3hp
Cooling: air-cooled
Tank volume: 1000ml

Equipped with 2-Stroke air cooled motor EPA engine and Nylon brush sweeping broom, this 2.3HP Gas Powered Outdoor Push Sweeper can clean up of light debris such as heavy loose dirt, from hard surfaces. Thanks to the robust 60 cm sweeping roller, the sweeper not only removes dirt and leaves effortlessly, but also reliably clears snow from driveways and sidewalks in winter.

This hand-held powered sweeper, a powerful and reliable device, can clean numerous external surfaces fast and conveniently, which is an ideal tool to clean lawns with sand imbedded, walkways, boulevards and driveways, whether for professional use on construction sites or private use.

43CC 1.25kw Handheld Gasoline Sweeper

CNCEST 43CC 1.25kw Handheld Gasoline Sweeper 1.7HP-Cleaning Equipment

Engine power: 1.25 kW / 1.7 hp
Displacement: 43 cc
Tank capacity: 1.2 liters

This 43CC 1.25kw Handheld Gasoline Sweeper, which has a practical chassis and can be operated effortlessly, is an ideal choice for long-term use. A powerful 1.7-horsepower sweeper, equipped with a 2-stroke gasoline engine, is suitable for cleaning driveways and sidewalks, parks and other flat surfaces. With a 60 cm sweeping roller, the powered push sweeper can be used all year round, not only making it easier for you to remove dust and leaves, but also removing snow from driveways and sidewalks in winter.

In addition, the roller mounted fender always protects you from dirt and dust. With stepless speed regulation function, the powered sweeper allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs while operating to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Pros of Push Sweeper

Compared with the driving-type sweeper, the push-type sweeper, with the features that is relatively small and simple to operate, is suitable for all kinds of people. In addition, it can be placed upright when stored, very convenient to take, bringing great convenience to the cleaning staff.

2. Functionality
Push-type sweepers can clean garbage or store garbage, like push-type electric sweepers also have the function of vacuuming, so push-type sweepers are multifunctional.

3. Low cost
Compared with the traditional manual cleaning method, the push-type sweeper can save a lot of manpower first, and the work efficiency of the push floor sweeper can replace 6-8 sweepers, which can save a large part of the cost, bringing a long-term saving. So a push floor sweeper is not only low in cost, but also can reduce cleaning costs.

4.High efficiency and health
Compared with manual operation, the push sweeper can speed up the cleaning work, avoid the long-term existence of garbage and affect the health of personnel. What’s more, it has a filter exhaust device, which can prevent the dust from being sucked into the respiratory tract during cleaning, so the sweeper maintains the health of the personnel very well.

Precautions for Use

In the actual operation of push floor sweepers, the improper operation will cause damage to the personnel and the machine. So what matters should be noted when operating the push floor sweeper?

1. In the process of use, pay attention not to operate the push floor sweeper in areas with large slopes and slopes, which will cause damage to the chassis of the sweeper and injuries to the operators.

2. During use, the push-type sweeper should not be pushed too fast, so as to avoid the deformation of the brush head and decrease the friction on the ground caused by too fast speed.

3. Pay attention to the timely cleaning of the trash can to prevent the full load of the trash can from affecting the cleaning effect of the push sweeper. According to the load-bearing range of the push floor sweeper, not make it work with overload, otherwise damaging other parts.

Final Words

If you are worried about the cleaning of the concrete floor of the workshop, the main road of the community, the main road of the park and yard, the main road and the auxiliary road, and the large open square, thinking about how to clean it more thoroughly and save labor costs, we sincerely recommend that you use the cost-effective push sweeper, which is affordable, efficient, and reduces labor costs.