Best Pruning Chainsaw Buying Guide in 2022

by Terry Welch on Mar 03, 2022

pruning chainsaw

A right pruning chainsaw must be a good helper in the woodworking industry, which can be said to be an indispensable household tool in our lives.

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Rechargeable vs. Petrol Pruning Chainsaw

Hot-selling Pruning Chainsaws

Things to Consider

With the rapid development of modern society, the electrified society has made our life more and more convenient and made our work efficiency higher. As a household standing tool for people's daily needs, the saw has brought colorfulness to our life.

In the past, manual saws were often used tools, which were flexible and convenient to use and easy to carry. The disadvantage was that it was labor-intensive. Now the emergence of the new thing of the chainsaw, been widely used in the woodworking industry, has been around for 100 years. Scroll down and you will get some useful information about pruning chainsaws.

Rechargeable vs. Petrol Pruning Chainsaw

There are two types of pruning chainsaws on the market, one is a rechargeable chainsaw and the other is a petrol chainsaw. Compared with the previous traditional hand saws, they can be said to be a perfect incarnation. They have the pros of being easy to operate, saving time and labor, and greatly improving work efficiency. Moreover, the chainsaws designed now are generally ergonomic and can be held for a long time without tiredness, very friendly. What used to be done by a hand saw in a day may be solved in ten minutes if it is done by a chain saw now.

Whether it is a petrol chainsaw or a rechargeable one, their working principle is to perform the shearing action by the lateral movement of the staggered L-shaped blades on the saw chain, and the difference lies in the starting method.


1.Can be started quickly.
2.Stable power and lower cost price than Petrol saws.
3.Suitable for use in the yard at home and field.

1.Since it is rechargeable, the working duration of the lithium battery must be considered.
2.It is not suitable for pruning large trees in the wild.


1. With strong power and high efficiency.
2.The oil can is easy to carry and is not restricted by the site.
3.Very suitable for use in the field.

1. The petrol chainsaw is bulky and heavy.
2.You may always smell gasoline when you use it.
3.At the same time, it makes a lot of noise.
4.You need to pay special attention to maintenance.
5.The power generated by the machine can make your hands tingle when sawing wood for long periods of time.

Hot-selling Pruning Chainsaws

CNCEST Portable Mini Electric Saw Chainsaw

CNCEST Portable Electric Saw Mini Electric Saw Chainsaw

Voltage: 110v 60HZ
Rated power: 550w
Rated voltage: 24v
Body weight: 0.7kg (1.54 pounds)
Cutting size: <10cm (3.94 inches)

For usual pruning or trimming branches in the garden at home, a small electric chainsaw is the best tool, for its light and portable features. With a high-temperature quenching chain, which is high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and sharpness, this Mini Electric Pruning Chainsaw can be applied to orchard, crushing, chopping wood, grafting, etc. This 7-inch multifunctional electric chainsaw with pure copper motor has excellent conductivity to reduce rotor loss and improve motor efficiency, compared to traditional aluminum motors.

Portable Electric Cordless Rechargeable Chainsaw

Portable Electric Chainsaws Cordless Rechargeable for Cutting Forest Wood Garden

Chain size: 10"
Chain Speed: 5m/s
Maximum Cutting Diameter: 20cm
Working voltage: 21V
Battery capacity: 3.0Ah rechargeable lithium battery, 10000mA
No-load speed: 200m/min
Motor power: about 1200W

With lightweight and slim body design, this Portable Cordless Pruning Chainsaw is easy to operate with one hand. Soft rubber handle, non-slip and sweat absorbing as well as widened protective plate can prevent hands from being scratched by debris. This pruning saw features high-temperature quenching guide plate, super sharp and wear-resistant chain, making it cut faster, strong and durable.

The chain can be locked automatically by aligning the orifice of guide plate with the adjusting lever and inserting the spring. Heat dissipation hole design ensures efficient ventilation and durable operation without burning machine. Powered by a lithium battery, this tree trimming chainsaw does not need to be connected to a power source, very suitable for field operations without power.

2022 CNCEST 42.7CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered Pole Saw

2021 CNCEST 42.7CC 2 Stroke Gas Powered Pole Saw Split Shaft Chainsaw Pruner Trimmer-Chainsaw

42.7CC 2 Stroke Gas Engine Unit
1L Fuel Tank
Blade - 300mm/12''
Total Length with Extension Pole - 340cm
105cm Long Reach Extension Pole

For frequent use with lots of trees and branches, a gas powered pole saw is the best option. This 2022 CNCEST Pruning Chainsaw, with much more powerful and steady engine, is very practical for cutting branches effortless and effectively and helping you save time and energy.

This gas pole saw can be adjust to 10 ft, which can reach high branches without having to climb up the tree or up a ladder, ensuring you trim long and high branches easily and work on the ground safely. Incorporating a tough lightweight split shaft system, you can quickly change attachments depending on the task in hand. This garden tool’s rugged and sturdy design stands out amongst the crowd and allows even the toughest of tasks to be completed with ease, offering a solution for every occasion.

Things to Consider

Factors to Consider When Purchasing

First of all, you must be clear about the purpose of use. If it is used at home, a rechargeable pruning chainsaw is more recommended, which is small and portable; if you are going to the wild for logging, then the powerful gas powered chainsaw is the best choice. Then, pay attention to the appearance process when selecting products. The shell material requires tight seams as well as no exposed built-in components; chains and guide plates have high strength and no scratches.

In addition, pay attention to product information such as power and capacity. Generally, the larger the battery capacity of the rechargeable chainsaw, the longer the working time, but the longer the charging time. Finally, consider its after-sales service, and ensure that you receive a replacement service when the product is damaged and a response to help when there is a use disorder.

Preparation before Operation

Before operating the machine, make sure that the whole body is tightly wrapped, and there is no bare skin. If cutting and pruning branches above the head, you need to wear a safety helmet, and wear boots or shoes with steel toes and non-slip soles. To make cutting easier, wear gloves with an enhanced gripping surface and cut resistance. In addition, you should carefully check the tension of the saw chain, and make necessary adjustments and replacements to ensure smooth operation of the chainsaw.

Safety Tips during Operation

When you start or operate the chain saw, keep your hands and feet away from rotating parts, especially above and below the chain. You must not operate the chainsaw in a place where it is easy to roll or unstable to avoid falling. Pay attention to the movement of the wood, you should lift the chainsaw quickly after sawing. When transferring positions, the chainsaw switch must be turned off before moving.

Maintenance after Use

After each use of the chainsaw, thoroughly clean the sawdust on the chain, and spray with anti-rust oil and lubricating oil. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the chain saw is stored in a well-lubricated state.

Final Verdict

For small-scale tree trimming or wood cutting, you might consider the two portable rechargeable chainsaws recommended above. Don't underestimate their power, to cut odd trees with twigs, a cordless chainsaw will suffice for the job. For large numbers of trees and branches, you should use a more powerful gasoline chainsaw with a extension pole for ease of use and increased efficiency. Hope you can find the best and right pruning chainsaws according to the information mentioned.


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