Best Phone Signal Booster Buying Guide in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Jun 19, 2022

Best Phone Signal Booster Buying Guide

If you have weak or no signal in your home, a phone signal booster can really help. Scroll down and you will know more.

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The Working Principle of Phone Signal Booster

Hot-selling Phone Signal Boosters in 2022

Why You Get the Poor Signal?

Things to Consider before Buying

Have you ever had such an experience that sometimes the mobile phone signal is very poor, such as in some remote suburbs, rural areas, office buildings, factories, workshops, basements, you can't hear the other party's voice when you make a call? Whether it is a mid-range and high-end mobile phone, the signal will be poor in remote suburbs or rural areas. Due to the distance from the base station, the signal is shielded and cannot be covered. At this time, you need to install a phone signal booster.


Current communication systems are called cellular mobile communication systems and you may be receiving signals from different base stations at one point. If you receive weak multipath signals or weak base station signals, you may not be able to effectively mediate these signals, which may affect the mobile phone network.

When the cell phone signal is bad, turn on the airplane mode, the signal may improve, but not for long. The root cause of poor phone signal is that the base station is far away, or there are dense high-rise buildings around with the signal blocked too much. It is recommended that you install a mobile phone signal booster to help you improve the problem of poor signal, which is a very effective tool used to increase the signal reception strength.

The Working Principle of Phone Signal Booster

The working principle of the phone signal Repeater is to transfer the signal from the outdoor operator's base station to the place where there is no signal through the signal booster, and the signal amplifier transmits the signal of the base station to the room. Through a series of circuit designs such as receiving signals, filtering signals, and noise reduction, the signals required by the amplifier are received, so as to achieve signal coverage. Through this principle, no matter what frequency band the signal is, as long as the channel frequency band inside is replaced with the frequency band of the required amplifier, the signal enhancement can be achieved.

The mobile signal booster can strengthen the communication between you and your family and friends, even in remote areas, also satisfying your communication without obstacles online. If you're using your phone to play a game, send a message, or download some files, a better signal speeds up all of these processes.

Hot-selling Phone Signal Boosters in 2022

NO.1 Cell Phone Signal Booster Set LCD Display Mobile Signal Booster

Cell Phone Signal Booster Set LCD Display Mobile Signal Booster CDMA/GSM/PCS 850/900/1900 MHz

If you need to boost signal in an big area, then you need a reliable solution to ensure a great cell signal. The Cell Phone Signal Booster Set LCD Display Mobile Signal Booster is a powerful cell phone booster with multiple antenna options, CE and RoHs approved, a 1-year manufacture warranty, LCD display for easy installation, and commercial-grade cable to connect all of the components together, supporting 1614 sq ft area large room or apartment.

In addition, this signal booster has the most powerful uplink on the market, which can receive the signal from the signal tower, and then amplifier your mobile signal. It supports any phones for any Wireless Carriers in the frequency range, so it can still complete calls and transfer data even with a very weak outside signal.

In a nutshell, with up to 75db gain, this signal booster the ideal multi-carrier booster system for people needing fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps.

NO.2 Cell Phone Signal Booster LTE Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Cell Phone Signal Booster LTE Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Tri-Band 900/1800/2100 GSM DCS 2G/3G/4G

The Cell Phone Signal Booster LTE Mobile Phone Signal Repeater is our best signal booster for small to medium homes. The signal booster has a sleek, metallic design to displace excess heat for high-quality performance. It can boost 2G, 3G, and 4G signal for multiple users and devices at the same time, improving and controlling gain for better performance. It has an increased uplink output, meaning users can get more stable and stronger signal.

If you want a solution that will provide the perfect boosting indoor, this one is definitely the booster for you.

Why You Get the Poor Signal?

Different locations have different reasons for poor signal.

1. Poor signal in low-level cells

In general, the outdoor street has better signal, and the indoor signal is poor. The main reason for this problem is that the surrounding buildings block the signal of the base station.

2. Poor signal in villages and suburbs

If there is a weak signal outdoors, while basically is no signal indoors. The poor signal is because the base stations in rural and suburban areas are not dense enough, and some places are far away from the base stations, resulting in weak signals.

3. Poor signal of in the factory and villa

The outdoor street has good signal, but there is basically no signal indoors. The reason is that the reinforced concrete in the room of the villa and factory is difficult to pass through the mobile phone signal with a frequency of about 900Mhz.

4. Poor signal at the high level

The reasons for the poor mobile phone signal at the high level are different from the above points. In fact, the mobile phone signal at the top level is not bad, so why is it still unable to make calls? The main reason is that the upper layer can receive signals from several nearby base stations. However, there is no blocking between similar-strength signal, so the mobile phone will frequently switch between several base stations. In addition, the mobile phone may also receive signals from non-adjacent base stations. Since the mobile phone can only switch between adjacent base stations, this situation will cause the mobile phone signal to fail to switch to a base station with a better signal.

Things to Consider before Buying

So how should you choose a phone signal booster? You should buy according to your own situation, so as to avoid the wrong model selection, resulting in poor use effect.

First of all, you need to find out the network you use for mobile service and the frequency band your mobile phone operates on. Some products don't work on every carrier's network, and you definitely don't want to end up with a signal booster that boosts a false signal.

Second, you need to consider the space you need to fill. What kind of effect the mobile phone signal amplifier needs to achieve, that is, how much area needs to be covered, is selected according to the size of the actual coverage area.

Finally, geographic location is also a factor to consider. The signal sources that can be obtained may be different among different locations. Directional antennas can provide a stronger, more efficient and consistent connection in areas where reception is difficult.

Final Thought

With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile phone signal booster has become a more mature and effective solution. Do the above hot-selling signal amplifiers meet your needs? Of course, you have more options and know more in Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas in 2022. Hope you find the perfect product through this guide.


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