Best Outboard Motor Buying Guide

by Terry Welch on Feb 23, 2022

Best Outboard Motor Buying Guide

If you are struggling in selecting the best outboard motor in the market, this article might give you some help, which will display some excellent outboard motors and present some key considerations before buying for you.

Outboard motor, as the name suggests, refers to the propulsion engine installed on the outside of the hull (side of the boat), usually suspended on the outside of the stern, also known as the outboard engine. They are the first choice for personal recreational boats and are also widely used in fishing, commercial operations, and government law enforcement.

Here are some high score outboard engines, along with top-rated picks with online rave reviews. Let’s take a look at these machines, which might catch your taste.

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Best Outboard Motors for you

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Best Outboard Motors for you

No.1 CNCEST 10HP Outboard Motor

CNCEST Heavy Duty 10HP 60V 2.2KW Outboard Motor

With a huge thrust, a super-strong shaft, and speed control, this CNCEST 10HP Outboard Motor has won the best experience and gained a good reputation in the market. If you are an adventure lover, this engine with 10 PH must be the most suitable outboard motor for you to adventure in the sea or lake. Different from fuel type outboard motors, there is no need for you to worry about the safety problem or nasty gasoline smell caused by fuel during operating. With super-low power consumption, the CNCEST outboard motor gets the most out of your 60V battery, promising a long lifespan. What’s more, the feature of supper silent moving also provides an excellent user experience.


Model:60V 10.0HP
Rated power:2200W
Starting system:Switch knob added
Motor type:Brushless motor
Rated voltage (V):60
Rated speed (r/min):3000
Rated current (A):38
Control system:Tiller control

No.2 CNCEST Outboard Motor 2 Stroke

CNCEST High-quality Outboard Motor, 2 Stroke 6 HP Marine Engine Water Cooling System

Considering the convenience to install and carry, this CNCEST Outboard Motor 2 Stroke whose structure is more simpler than 4 stroke outboard motor must be the best outboard motor for fishing. Different from most two-stroke engines, the noise created by this one during working is very low through the prop exhaust outlet. The most  attractive thing is that the 360 degree steering rotation makes you reverse without gear shifting and the push button can also make the boat easy to access.


Full throttle operating range: 5000-6000r/min
Maximum output: 4.4KW/6HP
Idling speed ( in neutral): 1000±100 r/min
Integral fuel tank capacity: 2.5L
Spark plug 25.0Nm(18.4 ft-lb) (2.55 kgf-m)
Engine oil drain bolt 18.0Nm(13.3 ft-lb) (1.84 kgf-m)
Short shaft: 40cm

Factors to Consider Before Buying

The most suitable one means the best one. To purchase the right outboard motor, you have to consider whether the types, horsepower, shaft length and operation of the engine is compatible for you.


1.Electric or Fuel

Using electricity as the energy, electric outboard motors have gained good reputation for safe, environment friendly and easy to carry, but the limited battery life and horsepower also makes some people turn to fuel outboard motors. Therefore, no matter which one you choose, the key point is to consider the real needs during hunting.

2.2 Stroke or 4 Stroke

For a fisherman, a two-stroke engine might be the best outboard motor since it’s lighter, less expensive, and easier to maintain. Compared to two-stroke one, however, the four-stroke engine will be a better option for crews who need a powerful outboard for very long range, since it’s very fuel efficient.

3.Brush or Brushless

Although both brushed and brushless motors are essentially the same, the difference in terms of working is quite subtle--brushed motors use metallic brushes to deliver current to the motor windings, whereas brushless motors employ control circuitry instead of using brushes. In fact, brushless motors are more efficient in converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and they don’t require regular maintenance due to the lack of brushes, plus they operate effectively at all speeds with less noise.

4.Air Cooling or Water Cooling

Air-cooled outboard motors generally keep working well as long as you routinely clean up the dirt on the cooling fins--dirt that sticks to oily residues on the engine block act as insulation, which will obstruct the cooling of the fins. Water-cooled outboard engines commonly suffer from clogged pumps and rusted parts.

Horse Power

Horsepower is defined as a unit of power equal to 550 foot-pounds per second used to measure the power of an engine. The higher horsepower of the outboard motor, the faster it is than other motors in the same conditions. But Blindly choosing high horsepower may trigger some unnecessary security issues. You can refer to the table below to select the best outboard motor in appropriate HP.

 Length of Boat Number of People Maximum HP Recommended HP
2.5 m 2-3 6 PH 3.5 PH
2.7 m 3-4 8 PH 6 PH
3.0 m 4-5 10 PH 9.9-15 PH
3.3 m 5-6 18 PH 10-15 PH
3.6 m 6-7 25 PH 15-25 PH
4.2 m 7-8 30 PH 25 PH


Note: The “Recommended HP” is the most suitable horsepower for you if you use outboard motor just for fishing or entertainment, while if you are an professional adventure lover in water sports, the figures in the column of “Maximum Power”, which will catch your taste than others, might be the most safe and reliable choice for you.

Shaft Length

It is necessary for you to figure out how high the fantail deck is and then purchase the motor in appropriate shaft length. According to the shaft length, the outboard motor can be divided into three types: short, long and extra long. In general, short shaft one is more suitable for rubber boats with fantail deck in 42 cm, long one is more compatible for wooden boats and FRP boats with fantail deck in 55-57 cm, while the extra long one is particularly designed for cruise ships.


The convenience to operate plays a key role in purchasing the best outboard motor. It’s better for you to figure out the steering and start method of the motor, which will determine the convenience to use. As to steering, there are two options: tiller handle and steering wheel. You’d better choose the first one if you want to enhance the steering control on the motor, while if you prefer to use the steering wheel, the second one will be better.

Final Words

It’s very happy if this article could help you. Actually, there are more things you need to consider when you determine to purchase one best outboard motor. The most important thing for you is to choose the right one based on your real needs.

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