Best Modern Wall Lamp for Bedroom

by Terry Welch on Aug 27, 2021

Best Modern Wall Lamp for Bedroom

As we all know, our bedroom is a place to rest, so we can't sloppy the choice of bedroom lighting. With the development of technology, all kinds of lamps have appeared on the market, such as ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights and so on. Different lights have different functions. Today we are going to introduce wall lamps. Let’s go through this article to know the modern wall lamps for bedroom more clearly.

So, what is a wall lamp?

Wall lamps are auxiliary lighting decorative lamps installed on indoor walls, usually with milky white glass lampshades, which are mostly appeared on balconies, stairs, corridors, corridors and bedrooms, suitable for permanent lights.

 Table of Contents

Reasons to Buy Wall Lamp for Bedroom

Choices of Modern Wall Lamps for Bedroom

Considerations before Buying

Some Points to Note

Reasons to Buy Wall Lamp for Bedroom

1. It is convenient for residents who frequently wake up at night and provides lighting that adapts to their eyes. 

2. It can create a warm and romantic bedroom atmosphere. The wall lamp emits brightness and the diffuse lampshade with low brightness can help sleep and protect the eyes. 

      3. It has the function of decorating the room. The wall lamp above the bed has a simple, elegant and peaceful feeling. 

      4. It provides convenience to people who have the habit of reading at night. This light can protect their eyes.

            Choices of Modern Wall Lamps for Bedroom

            A. Modern LED Wall Sconce White Light Marble Wall Lamp

            Modern LED Wall Sconce White Light Marble Wall Lamp

            This modern wall lamp is made of translucent marble, which is high quality and durable, protecting from rusting. The soft and cool LED lighting colors create a bright atmosphere which is friendly to reading. Separately, the brightness can not affect our sleep which means you can read the newspaper, while your lover is sleeping.


            Voltage: 110 V
            Power: 10-24 W
            Light color: white light
            Material: aluminum + cast iron
            Color: black + yellow
            Style: modern
            Weight: 3.5 kg

            B. Industrial Black Swing Arm LED Wall Lamp

            Industrial Black Swing Arm LED Wall Lamp

            Compared to the first one, this industrial wall lamp is more fashionable which can be installed in a lot of places, such as the bedroom, study room, living room, dining room and so on to create a gracious atmosphere. What’s more, the LED light can not only protect our eyes, but also can lower consumption.


            Model: retro adjustable wall lamp
            Material: wrought iron
            Shade material: aluminum
            Light Bulb: E 27(not included)
            Size: Lampshade Diameter 21 cm / 8.26"
            Total Height : 118 cm / 46.45"
            Input Voltage:110 V - 240 V

            C. Antique Iron Cage Wall Lamp Corridor Wall Lamp 110-220 V E 27 Lamp 

            Antique Iron Cage Wall Lamp Corridor Wall Lamp 110-220 V E 27 Lamp

            This modern wall lamp adopts roller skating design, which is a combination of retro and fashion. It is not only a lamp, but also a work of art. Using high-quality metal materials makes it corrosion-resistant and durable and extends its lifespan.


            Shade material: metal
            Color: rusty/black
            Bulb type: LED
            Bulb base: E 27
            Category: wall candle holder
            Uses: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, corridors
            Shade shape: cage type

            Considerations before Buying

            1. Styles of Wall Lamps

            There are four main styles of wall lamps, such as crystal wall lamp, garden wall lamp, modern wall lamp and European-style wall lamp. You might determine the style of the lamps before buying it.

            Crystal wall lamp: It is widely used in the younger generation of families providing us a touch of gorgeous and elegant and creating a strong visual impact.

            Garden wall lamp: The pastoral wall lamp has the characteristics of simplicity and nobility, and the rational use makes the entire space reflect a strong humanistic atmosphere is full of charm.

            Modern wall lamp: It is stylish and full of personality, mainly using colorful floral elements to decorate the room. Installation in a modern style at the bedside makes the whole bedroom full of sentiment, warm and romantic.

            European-style wall lamp: The European style wall lamp is graceful and luxurious, originated in the 1980 s. It is mainly used in the decoration of high-end clubs, hotels, villas, etc.

            2. Colors of Wall Lamp

            Nowadays, the types of modern wall lamps for bedroom on the market are rich and varied. It’s better for us to choose the color of wall lamp which is consistent with the surrounding color as much as possible before purchasing. 

            3. Lampshade

            The function of the lampshade is to protect the light source while turning the light into a softer pattern. Generally the lampshades on the market are made of glass, with metal brackets, which determines the service life of the wall lamp.

            According to some reviews, it is highly recommended to choose a thicker wall lamp material for the large bedroom, which looks more high-end, while the small bedroom wall lamp shade should be as thin as possible, which looks more transparent.

            4. Brightness of Wall Lamp

            The modern wall lamps for bedroom are used as an auxiliary light, so the brightness of it does not need to be too high - the general degree is below 60W, which is more beneficial to human eyesight and creates a warm and romantic atmosphere.

            Some Points to Note

            1. Line Reservation

            Circuit transformation is a very important hidden project in home decoration. If you consider installing wall lights in the bedroom, you would better to find a professional master to reserve the circuit and switch position of the wall lights in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles after installation.

            2. The Place of Installation

            Since the height of the bed in different families is different, the installation position of the wall lamp should be determined according to the position of the bed during installation. Generally speaking, the size of the double bed is 1.8 meters and 1.5 meters. Therefore, the installation position of the wall lamp is preferably about 45° diagonally above the head of the bed, and 15 cm away from the side of the bed is the best.

            Final words

            If you are struggling in buying the right modern wall lamps for bedroom, these 3 lamps above are good choices for you. Or if you want to get more options, Wall Lamp may meet your needs. No matter which one you select, the important thing for you is to pay attention to the place of installation and line reservation.

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