Best Milkshake Mixer Buying Guide in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Feb 22, 2022

Best Milkshake Mixer Buying Guide

Milkshake mixer, as a machine of mixing tasty treats by using the freshest and most natural ingredients, springs up on the market. Are you a man dedicated in milkshake selling industry or a lover of milkshakes?

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Best-selling Milkshake Mixers in 2022

Things to Consider


No matter what demographic you belong to, you're sure to love the mix of creamy, sweet, and icy milkshakes, making you refreshed and satisfied. Not only is a nutrient-dense smoothie the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day and energize your body, but it can also satisfy sweet tooth cravings and keep you in the mood.

While you can make a milkshake with a regular blender, a milkshake mixer is absolutely essential if you want to make sure your drink is whipped to perfection. Saving time is the most prominent advantage of the milkshake maker. In a fraction of the time, you can create a milkshake that's thicker and colder than using a traditional blender, with a rich blend of ingredients. Now, let’s check out which one can bring you the best milkshake mixer.

Best-selling Milkshake Mixers in 2022

Here are some of the best-selling milkshake maker machines on the market that are good choices for both business and home use. Having a milkshake maker in your store will save you a lot of time making milkshakes while serving your customers drinks that suit their tastes. If you have one in your kitchen, your house could become the family's favorite hangout!

Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Milk Shake Machine

Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Milk Shake Machine with 1L Mixing Cup (Silver)

Power: 300W
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Speed: 12000 rpm -18000 rpm
Stainless Steel Mixing Cup: 1L
Plastic Mixing Cup: 1L

As regarded as the best popular product on the market, this Commercial Stainless Steel Electric Milk Shake Machine boasts the advantages of being durable, scratch-free, rust-proof, easy-to-clean, high-speed, silent as well as evenly stirring. With a capacity of 1000ml, this milkshake mixer allows you to make a lot of milkshakes at once, suitable for making refreshing and delicious milk shaker beverages in hotels, bars, cold drinks shops, casual cafes, and families.

Featuring high-quality stainless steel housing, this commercial milkshake machine is not only super durable, but it has a sleek and polished look. This mixer has more than 3 gears speeds, from 12000 rpm to 18000 rpm, which allows you to choose the proper speed in terms of demands. A commercial-grade mixing spindle, with disc design, is powerful enough to turn even the most frozen ice cream into the smoothest and silkiest milkshake. The safety micro switch, intelligent induction design, makes it super easy to use, preventing accidents.

Key Features:
Built-in micro switch
Adjustable 3 gear speed regulations
With 1000ml milk shaker cup and stainless steel drawing cup
Mixing evenly with strong power

Double Head Commercial Electric Milk Shaking Machine

CNCEST Professional 110V 180W Double Head Commercial Electric Milk Shaking Machine Milk shaker Maker

Frequency: 50HZ
Speed: 18000RMP

With a stylishly designed casing, silver metal finish and practical cup holders, this Double Head Commercial Electric Milk Shaking Machine complements your kitchen decor and acts as a practical assistant. Equipped with an all stainless steel body and built-in pure copper motor, this commercial milkshake maker is highly resistant to compression and damage, pretty durable. The shaker can spin up to 18,000 rpm, allowing you to whip cream or egg whites until stiff in the shortest amount of time for a quick milkshake preparation.

Besides, it uses strong power (180w) to mix drinks most effectively. With this milkshake mixer, you can mix milkshake, and even malts, smoothies, protein drinks, cocktails. On the other hand, this commercial milkshake machine is easy to use and clean. It has a detachable tilt-back head design and a removable stirring shaft for easy cleaning and easy access, making you place and remove the mixing cup easily.

Key Features:
Designed in a fashionable style
Mix a wide variety of drinks
Works quickly
Two options for low and high speed
A removable stirring shaft
Two 650ml stainless steel cups

Single Head Milk shaker Drink Mixer Machine

18000RMP Commercial 110V Stainless Steel Single Head Milk shaker Drink Mixer Machine

Material: Stainless steel
Power:110V 60Hz

This Single Head Milk shaker Drink Mixer Machine has high speed and low speed, so that you can set the speed according to your needs to create a smooth and delicate milkshake texture. Made of high-quality stainless steel as well as a weighted base for added stability, the milkshake mixer is durable while giving you healthier drinks.

In addition, strong and durable motor gives fast and stable rotating speed, achieving the effect of stirring uniformly and creating a silky smooth, cool, sweet and delicious milkshake within a short time. You just insert the milkshake cup and install it correctly, and then press the button, the machine will work for you, which is easy to use.

Key Features:
Easy to use
Create a variety of drinks
Equipped with a strong and durable motor up to 180W
Two speeds adjustable
Made of heavy stainless steel for balanced weight
650ml mixing cup

Things to Consider

There are many factors for considering to choose the best milkshake mixer. Let’s watch some useful information below.

The Power and Sound

Generally, you need to mix different ingredients to create a delicious milkshake, such as fruit, milk, vegetables, and ice cubes. To make the creamy mixes of these ingredients, you will require a powerful electric milkshake mixer, which can quickly blend milkshakes or drinks evenly. You also should consider if the milkshake maker machine is designed with lower sound during operating, which will provide comfortable and quiet environment.

The Speed Adjustment

Another factor to consider when buying is whether the milkshake maker can adjust the speed. The milkshake machine equipped with high and low speed settings will provide you with more convenient and fast operation functions to make different types of milkshake companions with different tastes.

The Material

When purchasing a milkshake mixer, you’d better choose stainless steel material. When making milkshakes, the raw materials need to be in contact with water and ice. The stainless steel material is more durable and not easy to rust.


1.How to use the milkshake mixer?
a. The machine applies the safety device. Only the machine plugs in and the milk shake cup installs properly, the machine can work.
b. Pour the beverage into the milk shaker glass. The milkshake maker machine should not fill up (at least 2/3 of the milk shaker).
c. Choose proper speed in terms of demands.(Low or high speed).

2.How to make the perfect milkshake with a milkshake maker?
Here's a very common milkshake recipe. First, you need to pour your favorite ingredients, such as fruit, milk, etc., into the shaker cup. Then add sugar to your liking or add a bit of whipped cream for a creamier flavor. Finally, turn on the switch of the milkshake machine, adjust the speed according to your needs and mix for 1 to 2 minutes. With these simple steps, you can create the perfect milkshake for yourself.

3.What should be noticed when using?
a. Must pull the plug when clean, maintain or move the machine.
b. Do not touch the switch or plug with a wet hand.
c. Do not let water flow in the switch. Do not use water to flush the machine directly. Do not immerse the machine in water in case of electric shock.
d. Please stop use immediately and ask for professional maintenance personnel.
e. Do not touch the rotating part with your hand when the machine is working.
f. Do not let underage approach the machine.
g. The machine cannot continuously work for 5 minutes. Shall use 5 minutes then stop over 2 minutes for long time use.
h. Do not stir hard objects with a stirring shaft.
i. Do not overstrain crosswise in case of bending of the shaft. Please contact the local dealers if the machine excessively vibrates.

Final Thought

All three of the top-selling milkshake mixers above are made of stainless steel, allowing you to use them for a long time. At the same time, the large capacity leaves you plenty of space to make a tasty treat. After reading the article, hope you make an wise decision to choose the milkshake maker machine that best suits your needs.


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