Best LED Light Therapy Machine on Sale in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Mar 17, 2022

Best LED Light Therapy Machine on Sale

LED light therapy machines can provide a tailored treatment for your skin problems if exposed to the face for a period of time. You have decided to buy a led light therapy machine to benefit of innovative facial care at home? Scroll down and you will get more useful information.

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What is LED light therapy?

Best LED Light Therapy Machines on Sale in 2022

Functions of Different Wavelengths

You must have known the best-selling skin tightening machine before, as one of the many types of beauty equipment, which can achieve the effect of lifting and tightening.

The micro-current type skin tightening machine is used to tighten the skin by simulating biological current. The medium-frequency micro-current can penetrate deep into the muscle layer and fascia layer of the skin, stimulate muscle stretching and contraction, and thereby tighten the muscle layer and fascia layer that has been relaxed. The principle is just like a person exercises, that is to say, the more you exercise, the firmer and more elastic your muscle will naturally be. Low-frequency micro-current can stimulate blood circulation and drain water quickly. Therefore, micro-current beauty instruments can improve the situations of muscle sagging, facial relaxation, unclear jawline and edema.

Radio frequency skin tightening machines use high-frequency electronic oscillations to heat the dermis through the epidermis, disrupting and rebuilding the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis. Generally speaking, the fibroblasts in the dermis are affected by heat energy and think that they are "burned", so they start the self-healing function, generating more collagen for self-repair, restoring skin elasticity, and reducing wrinkles. This type of beauty instrument has a strong improvement effect on nasolabial folds, tear troughs, and crow's feet.

What is LED light therapy?

So what is LED light therapy (or phototherapy)? It uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) to deliver safe and concentrated light of different wavelengths into the skin, where it is absorbed by cells and used to treat wrinkles or fight acne, rejuvenate your skin and keep your face looking youthful, which provides you with a radiant glow in any condition.

Although LED light therapy has such a powerful effect on the skin, you can't just buy a machine at will. You must still be full of doubts about the various LED light therapy machines on the market. The following three best-selling light therapy machines are sure to meet your needs in terms of quality and functionality.

Best LED Light Therapy Machines on Sale in 2022

CNCEST Professional 7 Color LED Facial Photon Therapy PDT Lamp Skin Beauty Device 40mw

CNCEST Professional 7 Color LED Facial Photon Therapy PDT Lamp Skin Beauty Device 40mw

Relying on a combined application of 5-aminolevulinic acid and corresponding light sources, this CNCEST Professional 7 Color LED Facial Photon Therapy PDT Lamp Skin Beauty Device 40mwa applies new technology that selectively destroys tissues through photodynamic reactions to improve skin conditions.

This LED light therapy machine can emit 7 colors of light, including red light, blue light, yellow light, and 4 combination lights, red and blue combination light, red and yellow combination light, blue and yellow combination light as well as red, blue and yellow combination light.

The wavelength of red light is 640nm and penetrates 1-6mm, which is beneficial to skin regeneration, pain relief, and activation of active ingredients. The wavelength of blue light is 423nm and penetrates 1mm, which is good for calming the skin, improving sensitive muscles, and stabilize the skin. The wavelength of yellow light is 583nm and penetrates 1-2mm, which is beneficial to improve flushing, erythema, relieve flushing symptoms, and prevent skin lesions. The combined light can satisfy two or three therapeutic functions.

CNCEST 4 Color PDT LED Photon Lamp Face Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment

CNCEST 4 Color PDT LED Photon Lamp Face Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment

This CNCEST 4 Color PDT LED Photon Lamp Face Rejuvenation Beauty Equipment uses the penetrating ability of LED light to penetrate into the dermis of the skin, which can effectively reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, improve oily skin, lighten pigmentation, strengthen and firm the skin, so as to make the skin white, tender and elastic. With 3D design, the LED light therapy machine uses 3 ways of face light to treat the skin problem in a more effective and complete way.

This 4-color LED light therapy machine is perfect for your at-home beauty treatments. If you use the device 3 times a week, each lasting about 15-20 minutes, you can see improvement in skin blemishes caused by aging and stress in about a month. The 4 shades of light have different functions for different skin challenges for maximum effect, creating a clear and flawless beautiful complexion. What’s more, the device is easy to operate, comfortable and painless during use. After a few weeks of use, you'll be delighted with how shiny and beautiful it looks.

7 Color LED Photon Lamp Skin Care Beauty Equipment

7 Color LED Photon Lamp Skin Care Beauty Equipment

Photon therapy technology combines 7 colors led light which has different wave length for light treatment of skin problem, helping to regain the young look. Using the LED light therapy, this 7 Color LED Photon Lamp Skin Care Beauty Equipment accelerates the skin circulation for anti-aging, with no side effect, healthy and safe. You can set the skin care process according to your needs by the touch screen control system, which is easy to operate.

How to Use?
Clean the skin and dry it.
Turn on the switch and fan, set the time to choose the effect you want
Use beauty equipment after wearing goggles ( use time is 15-20 minutes and operated 2 to 3 times a week ).
After use, led mask lamp will make you look more beautiful

Functions of Different Wavelengths

LED light therapy has different therapeutic effects on the skin under specific wavelengths.

LED light

Red is the most penetrating color. Red light penetrates tissues stronger than other wavelengths of light, and has a warming effect on the skin and mucous membranes. It will strongly stimulate blood flow and cell activity, and promote cell metabolism, thereby increasing skin elasticity for tightening pores, wrinkle reduction as well as skin rejuvenation.

Blue light is a calming and timeless color, which is seen as a cool color with a relaxing effect. It is used to relieve pain, reduce red blood cell excess, ablate tissue congestion and improve the function of the lymphatic system. In terms of beauty, blue light can fight acne problems by eliminating propionic acid bacteria on the skin, which can solve acne problems.

Green light is the most ubiquitous color in nature and is considered a neutral color. It has a balancing effect and promotes a sense of tranquility, soothing and relaxing effects. Green light can adjust the glands in the skin tissue, thereby improving skin problems such as rough skin, wrinkles, blackheads, and acne caused by fatigue and mental stress, whitening and brightening your skin.

The stimulating effect of yellow light is relatively weak, and by gradually increasing the energy, it has an effect on promoting blood circulation, accelerating metabolism and thyroid function, which can prevent dry skin, increase skin elasticity, stretch wrinkles, and delay skin aging.

Cyan blue light is a combination of blue light and green light, which can relax, balance and concentrate energy. It can effectively improve skin roughness, wrinkles, redness caused by fatigue and mental stress, and reduce skin oil secretion.

Purple light stimulates the secretion system and dredges the lymph glands, whose stimulating effect is weaker than that of red light. But it has astringent effects on skin and mucous membrane ulcers and acne, and reduces skin inflammation.

Final Words

Through the above information, you must have a very clear understanding of the mechanism of LED light therapy. In addition, the above best-selling LED light therapy machines can emit light of different wavelengths, which can meet your various needs on the skin. If you are deciding to buy a LED light therapy machine, pick one to solve your skin problems! Enjoy your beauty time!


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