Best Honda Civic Headlight Buying Guide in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Jan 27, 2022

Best Honda Civic Headlight Buying Guide

Do your Honda Civic headlights have a great effect on your driving at night and low-visibility situations? Do you have any ideas for replacing your Honda Civic headlight bulbs? The following will provide you with some useful information.

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Types of Honda Civic Headlights

Hot-selling Honda Civic Headlights


Honda Civic, after ten generations of innovation and evolution in the past 50 years, has won the recognition and trust of 27 million users around the world. It can be said that Honda Civic is one of the longest-lasting automobile brands in the automobile market. Efficient and powerful engine performance catches the eye of most customers, allowing you to drive on bumpy roads without any hindrance.

As a owner of Honda Civic, do you have problems with your Honda Civic headlights? Or is the current one still effective, but not as brightening as expected? If your answer is yes, then the following content will provide you with relevant information and deal with your doubts.

Types of Honda Civic Headlights

There are three basic types of Honda Civic headlights: halogen, LED and HID.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights are the most popular type of headlight source on the market currently. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten filament and the halogen gas filled into the lamp body, such as iodine, bromine and other medium gases, produce a certain chemical reaction, which makes the bulb heat up and emit light. Halogen light sources have been around for decades as automobile headlights and are still going strong today, since there is nothing comparable to them in terms of overall performance and reliability.

LED Headlights

The first attempt to use LED headlights on a car was in 2004, and since then they have been favored by customers as Honda Civic headlights. LED headlamp is a group of light-emitting diodes, as a solid-state semiconductor device, whose ability is to directly convert electrical energy into visible light, with the characteristics of power saving, long life as well as high brightness. The technology is very reliable, but can also fail if moisture gets into the case.

HID Headlights

The HID light-emitting principle is that the arc generated by the high-voltage discharger between the two electrodes emits light. A quartz tube filled with high-voltage xenon gas is used to replace the traditional tungsten wire, so the emitted light has a higher color temperature and more concentrated light. As automobile headlights, compared to halogen headlights, the manufacturing cost is higher, and the corresponding price will be more expensive, but the light it emits also has advantages.

Hot-selling Honda Civic Headlights

Best Led Headlight Honda Civic 2016-2018 LED Headlamp & Accessories

Best Led Headlight Honda Civic 2016-2018 LED Headlamp & Accessories

2016-2018 Honda Civic Headlights Compatibility
ABS Plastic /Polycarbonate Lens
Direct bolt-on replacement
Black Housing+Clear Lens
DOT/SAE Certified

The Best Led Headlight Honda Civic 2016-2018 LED Headlamp & Accessories are constructed from unbreakable, high-quality construction materials, which perfectly showcase their durability and powerful lighting capabilities. The Polycarbonate lens has special moisture protection, eliminating water mist that can clog surfaces and prevent normal lighting. These Honda Civic Headlamps are DOT and SAE certified headlights to OEM standard specifications. With easy installation and direct bolt-on replacement, these upgraded headlights require you to verify compatibility with your Honda Civic model prior to purchase.

Clear Lens Halogen Front Honda Civic Headlights Amber Corner Turn Signal Lamps

Clear Lens Halogen Front Honda Civic Headlights Amber Corner Turn Signal Lamps

Compatible for 2016-2018 Honda Civic
Superior UV Protection
Chrome Housing
OEM Compliance with SAE and DOT Standards
Clear Lens

Made of ABS plastic with great abrasion resistance and high light transmittance, this Clear Lens Halogen Front Honda Civic Headlights Amber Corner Turn Signal Lamps offers excellent UV protection and high impact resistance, allowing you to avoid replacement in the event of an accident and last for years. The waterproof seals prevent the entry of water or steam, which will ensure uniform brightness in the headlamp during driving, provide higher quality vision as well as a clearer field of vision, and make driving as safe as possible.

This Honda Civic headlight matches with a halogen light source, so you just need to reuse the original halogen bulb or buy a new one. If you're looking for something built to last, these headlights for your 2016-2018 Honda Civic are the way to go.


1.How can know if the headlights need replacing?
If your headlight shell has obvious and serious scratches, it is very likely that water will enter the inside of the headlight, resulting in water mist and affecting the lighting of the headlight. At this time, you can choose to replace the headlight to ensure that you can drive safely on the road.

In addition, when your headlights emit dim light or power outage, and excluding the failure of the bulb, the biggest possibility is that the headlight circuit is short-circuited, and you should also replace the headlight at this time. If there is no damage to the headlight housing and the wiring, then the maximum possibility is that the life of the bulb has reached its limit.

2.What is the lifespan of headlight bulbs?
Generally speaking, halogen bulbs can last 3 to 5 years, but the actual lifespan depends on how often you use them. And LED bulbs will last longer than halogen bulbs because they don't have glass bulbs or filaments.

3.What factors need to be considered when buying?
When buying headlights, you first need to see whether the model and headlights match each other. Only the matching headlights can provide good lighting effects during driving and ensure safety. Secondly, you need to consider the price of the headlights, whether it is in line with your budget. Finally, you also need to check the relevant manuals to ensure that the quality of the lights is verified by the manufacturer.

4.How much is a set of Honda Civic headlights?
The type of headlights you buy determines the average cost. For example, halogen headlights, due to their relatively low manufacturing costs, generally sell for $250 to $500 for a set of headlights on the market. The halogen headlight mentioned above is a particularly premium and on sale one, so the price will be lower than other stores. LED headlights are relatively expensive to manufacture, with market prices ranging from $800 to $1,200. But the high price is because they do last longer than halogen headlights. The LED headlights mentioned above are also best-sellers, and the current price will definitely satisfy you.

Final Words

Halogen, LED and HID are the most common choices for Honda Civic headlights today. If you want a simple, affordable and well-lit type, halogen headlights are sure to match your expectations. If your budget is sufficient, you can pick the LED headlights with higher brightness and longer life, which is also a good choice as an upgraded version. If the above headlights don't fit your model, there are more options in CNCEST company's headlights. Hope you can find the headlight you are satisfied with.


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