Best Hand Meat Grinder Available for 2022

by Terry Welch on Aug 04, 2022

Best Hand Meat Grinder

Having a hand meat grinder in kitchen is always good. If you want to make something special, buying burger patties, sausages, and other processed meats from local butcher or supermarket deli may be the most convenient option. But do you really know what goes in that meat, and how fresh it is?

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Why Choose a Hand Meat Grinder?

How to choose a great hand meat grinder?

Top List Best Hand Meat Grinders

Why Choose a Hand Meat Grinder?

1.Food Freshness

If you have high standard on special food, a hand meat grinder would be an excellent tool for you. You’d be amazed by the difference in texture, quality, and freshness compared to prepackaged ground meats. And making your own food have a lot of fun too.


In fact, you have choice between an electric and manual model. But hand meat grinder is a good choice if you need one that doesn’t run on electricity for whatever reason, and if you don’t intend to use it very often. Also the hand meat grinders are going to be significantly smaller than electric models, so they make a great choice if space is narrow in your kitchen.

3. Customized by Yourself

You can decide everything that goes into your meat, and also be confident in how fresh and hygienic it is. No preservatives, no unknown ingredients. You control what goes in your food and that’s something we should be more concerned about.

How to choose a great hand meat grinder?

1. Material

Steel grinders will last longer than plastic ones, and perform way better in the meantime. Plastic ones are cheaper, but less durable usually.
It’s a matter of whether you choose raw performance for a greater cost up front, or if you prefer having a much cheaper product that will wear out quickly and need to be replaced.

2. The Importance of Cleaning

Leaving any raw material behind on the grinder can lead to a buildup of bacteria in grinder, and that could be transferred to your food during the next use. So proper sanitation and cleanliness is keenly important when you’re working with food.
A hand meat grinder in stainless steel is again a great choice because it’s very easy to clean, especially if the blades and plates are removable. Some models may be dishwasher safe as well, which can make cleanup even easier. And please ensure that you and your staff learn and understand how to clean a meat grinder in correct way.

3. Versatility

A multi-purpose grinder that has all of the attachments can reduce more time and energy for making food. Some fascinating grinders are equipped with sausage stuffing parts and different sized blades to grind the meat and feed it into a casing of your choice. You can check the number and sizes of these tools when you shopping.

The models below are we have picked for you, you can browse through our options and pick the best one for you.

Top List Best Hand Meat Grinders

NO.1 Manual Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Hand Meat Sausage Filler

Manual Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel Hand Meat Sausage Filler

This Manual meat grinder will not destroy the taste and nutrition of meat, so that you can also make healthy food at home and enjoy the traditional delicious food.

Please note that this meat grinder can only mince the meat, can not cut the meat into strips. It’s not applicable for vegetables, too, such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, radish, celery and other watery; Meat such as skin, tendons and other toughness need to be removed in advance.

Material: Round knife and cross knife are 3Cr1s3 stainless steel, other parts are 304 stainless steel
Size: 26cm in height, 12cm in diameter at the bottom, 19.5cm in length, 8.5cm at the inlet and 8cm at the outlet
Weight: 2.6KG
Advantages: With ONE SAMLL Enema Mouth

No.2 Fruit Vegetable Citrus Juice Extractor Meat Grinder Tool

Fruit Vegetable Citrus Juice Extractor Meat Grinder Tool

This Fruit Vegetable Citrus Juice Extractor Meat Grinder Tool is made of 3cr13 stainless steel which has good corrosion and wear resistance, so it is more durable and has a long service life. Compared with the 304 stainless steel knives, it is much harder and thus grinds faster. The auxiliary stick of the meat grinder is made of PP material that is easy to clean, and it can be used to help the ingredients to enter the feed inlet more easily.

Material: 3cr13 Stainless Steel
Body Length: 15.6cm/6.14inch
Inlet Diameter: 10.5cm/4.13inch
Grinder Mouth Diameter: 8.8cm/3.46inch
Handle Length: 20.7cm/8.15inch
Handle Width: 10.7cm/4.21inch
Feet Length: 10.6cm/4.17inch
Total Height: 33.5cm/13.19inch
Package Size: 31*21*12.5cm/12.2*8.27*4.92in
Net Weight: 4.1kg/9.04lbs
Gross Weight: 4.5kg/9.92lbs

NO.3 Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer - Table Mount Manual Mincer

Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer - Table Mount Manual Mincer

This Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer is mainly adopted aluminum alloy material, sturdy and durable to use. You just simply place the pieces of meat into the grinder and turn the hand crank, which can help you save time and effort to make mince. It’s an ideal mincer tool for with beautiful appearance for kitchen. Using this portable hand meat grinder can easily produce a variety of foods, such as burgers, sausages, pasta with minced meat, meatballs, etc.

Weight: 4.13KGS
Body height: 200mm/7.8''
Upper caliber: 130mm/5''
Outlet diameter: 100mm/3.9''
Base length: 135mm/5.3''
Material: Aluminum alloy

NO.4 Manual Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Kit

Manual Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer Kit

This Manual Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer is equipped with a 1.7" fine grinding plates and the fine plate for grinding raw meat, beef, pork, fish, chicken racks. It can also grind vegetables with low moisture like mushrooms and peppers. The huge feed inlet allows you to add more ingredients at once, which improves the efficiency of grinding. The bottom of the grinder has a screw fixing clip to make it more stable and less likely to shake during operation.The sausage tube can make sausages with low noise, does not affect sleeping children.

Material: 3cr13 Stainless Steel
Body Length: /8.27inch
Inlet Diameter: 3.15inch
Grinder Mouth
Diameter: 3.15inch
Handle Length: 8.1inch
Total Height: 12inch
Product Size: 12.01*8.27*3.15in
Gross Weight: 6.61lbs
Net Weight: 5.73lbs
Spiral Propulsion Shaft: The spiral propeller shaft effectively prevents the machine from slipping during the grinding process.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, you may know that choosing the best manual meat grinder should really be about finding a tool that will make your life easier.

Hopefully, this article provided you with everything you need on how to look for in hand meat grinder, and the choice should be easier if you follow the steps and guidelines listed above.


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