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    Best Guide to Modern Light for Living Room

    • Best Guide to Modern Light for Living Room
    26 Oct 2023

    Best Guide to Modern Light for Living Room

    An appropriate modern light for living room is particularly important when designing a room. If you are redesigning the room and need bright living room lighting ideas, we are here to help you.

    Table of Contents

    Layout of Modern Light for Living Room

    Division of Modern Light for Living Room


    Ceiling Light

    Wall Lamp

    Floor Lamp

    Fan Chandelier

    The living room is the place with the most frequent activities and the longest stay in the home space. You will not only reunion and chat in the living room, but also read and watch TV there... How to enjoy the most comfortable experience in these different life situations? The key point is a balanced lighting arrangement.

    Layout of Modern Light for Living Room

    Basic lighting: Provide uniform lighting for the room and reduce the dark corners of the room. Commonly used lamps for living room are chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and downlights.

    Accent lighting: Focus on certain areas and objects that need to be highlighted, so that the illuminance of these areas is greater than that of other areas, which plays a role in eye-catching or meeting the illuminance of working lighting. Commonly used lamps include spotlights, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and light strips.

    Decorative lighting: Decorative lighting for the interior can enhance the change and layering of the space, and create a certain environmental atmosphere. The light emitted by the lamps itself can also play a decorative effect, common lamps for living room such as light strips, wall lamps, table lamps and so on.

    Division of Modern Light for Living Room

    There are many options of modern living room light fixtures, which have different division of labor, so you can choose the right lamps according to the functions of different lamps.


    The style of the chandelier directly affects the style of the entire living room. Some elements will make the room feel different, such as the changes in the accessories, color, texture, and color temperature of the chandelier. The modern chandelier for living room, however, has corresponding requirements for the floor height and area of the room. When choosing a chandelier, you need to pay attention to the uniform brightness of the upper and lower spaces. If the brightness difference between the ceiling and the activity space below is too large, as a modern light for living room, it will make the space appear dark and uncomfortable.

    Multi-headed chandeliers should not be used in the rooms with floors below 2.6 meters, which will easily produce a sense of depression and the space will become crowded. In addition, the best choice for the main lamp is that the lampshade is facing upwards and the light shines toward the ceiling, so that the reflected light will feel softer and more relaxed.

    Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Lighting

    Fixture Height: 55cm

    Fixture Diameter: 40cm(15.75inches)

    Chain Length: 30cm(11.81inches)

    Ceiling Pan Diameter: 11cm(4.3inches)

    Number of light: 4

    Light Source Type: LED

    Screw Socket: E14(Not included bulbs)

    Max Wattage: 40W

    Voltage: 110V

    Solidly built with superior quality materials, including first-class crystal class raindrop and brightly stainless steel, the Modern K9 Crystal Chandelier Lighting features gorgeous and simple design with better light efficiency. Sparkling crystals glass could create a superior and classy atmosphere for your living room. As a modern light for living room, the amazing hanging K9 crystal modern rain drop chandelier lighting is a gorgeous ceiling light fixture which is far more stunning than the picture. If you really want to impress everyone, fashionable and high-end ceiling chandelier must be your top pick for its stylistic versatility.

    Ceiling Light

    Ceiling light is suitable for living rooms with low heights. When choosing a modern ceiling light for living room, you must have a translucent bright side to avoid the ceiling from being too dark. At the same time, you had better note that the bright side can not be completely transparent, otherwise it will destroy the overall lighting effect.

    Voltage: AC 110V

    Light source: LED

    Wattage: 30W

    Item dimension:  71*10.5cm

    Package dimension:40  cm * 38 cm * 15 cm

    Package weight:3 kg

    This CNCEST Modern LED Ceiling Light Acrylic Star can not only be used for lighting, but also as an ornament to decorate your room, which is a great gift for children, family, and friends. With high-quality metal iron and aluminum materials, the metal outer surface, stronger and durable, makes the entire living room look beautifully sleek and elegant. Acrylic lampshade has high light transmittance, which can bring you enough light and soft light to protect your eyes. The built-in high-efficiency energy-saving LED light source is beautifully integrated into the modern design of this fixture, which must be ideal as modern light for living room.

    Wall Lamp

    Wall lamps are mostly installed in the entrance, corridor or hall, mainly for guiding. At present, there are more choices of lamp shape, and many families use wall lamps to decorate the corners of their homes.

    Material: Metal+Glass


    Color: AS picture shows

    Voltage: 110-240V

    Light Source: LED

    Suitable Space: 3-5 square meter

    Ideal for any indoor or outdoor decoration, this Modern Style Surface Mount Wall Lamp will add more elegant and fashion elements to your house. This outdoor or indoor wall lamp provide frosted lenses, which can evenly disperse the light. The lamp features excellent color accuracy, providing a warm feeling different from harsh fluorescent white light substitutes. Adding creative shape in natural color, this modern wall light for living room will dazzle your home with beauty, if you install it as a door lighting.

    Floor Lamp

    Many villas or large-sized living rooms are very long and deep. In order to ensure that the interior lighting far from the windows is poor and dim, you can choose a movable lamp such as a floor lamp for partial lighting. Not only can it increase the transparency of the space and reduce the impact of dark areas on the overall beauty of the space, but also can be supplemented separately when the indoor light is insufficient, such as cloudy days, without the need to turn on the main light.

    If the floor lamp is directly projected downward, it is suitable for activities that require concentration such as reading. If it is indirect lighting, it can be matched with different light changes.

    When watching TV, the most important role of lighting is to relieve eye fatigue. If the room is too dark, the strong contrast light is easy to make eyes tired; if the main light is turned on, the room is too bright, the atmosphere of watching TV will be destroyed. At this time, the floor lamp, as a modern light for living room, can alleviate the brightness difference between the background and the TV, and protect eyesight.

    Product size: 35.5 inches high

    Cable size: 59 inches long

    Wattage: 24W

    Lumens: 2400 lumens

    Color temperature: 3000K

    Dimmable: Yes

    Voltage: 110V

    This Modern LED Floor Lamp 5 Rings has a height of 35.5 inches and a base diameter of 7.9 inches, which is suitable to be placed in narrow spaces such as corners and bookshelves, or equipped with a pair of TV cabinets or sofas decorated in a symmetrical manner for the living room. Boasting 3 brightness levels, the light output of the spotlight can be adjusted by touching the dimmer, and the maximum brightness can reach 2400 lumens. Thanks to the unusual LED floor lamp, the modern and future life concepts can be effectively promoted through minimalist style, which can be used as both artistic light and reading light for your living room.

    Fan Chandelier

    Installing a modern fan chandelier for living room can make good use of the upper space of the room, which is a fairly worthwhile way. Compared with ordinary ceiling fans, a modern fan with light is more fashionable and more in line with the current decoration style of houses. The natural wind of the fan can avoid air-conditioning disease caused by people staying in the room with air conditioner open for a long time. From the perspective of environmental protection, fan chandeliers are not only cost less money, but also consume less electricity compared with air conditioners.

    Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan

    Light source type: LED(Light Kit Included)

    Control: Remote Control Included

    Dimensions: 42 Inch, 4 Retractable Blades

    Material: Metal+Crystal+Acrylic

    Light Wattage: 36W

    Motor Wattage: 56W

    Speed: 3

    Voltage: AC 110 -120 Volts

    This Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan is a combination of ceiling fan and chandelier, boasting practicability and ornamental at the same time. With dimmable LED ceiling fan, you do not need to worry about the lights being too bright or too dim. This 3 changing color design makes the ceiling fan with light more easily fit in different situations.

    The fan has a 3 speed range, which could bring cool during the hot summer. Choosing the most comfortable wind speed you want, then you can enjoy your time during the hot days with this modern light for living room. Modern fans with lights remain a top favorite, which is able to complement the contemporary design, there are more beautifully sleek and elegant 42-inch Ceiling Fans with Lights.

    Final Words

    You must have learned about different types of lamps and their functions, so you can choose the right modern light for living room according to your needs. The above are some of the lights that have been well received by customers. If you want to find more lamp styles, we will recommend more fashionable lights for you, so that you can see what's popular and which kinds of lights you are in love with!

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