Best Guide to Choosing a Bedside Wall Lamp in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Aug 27, 2021

Best Guide to Choosing a Bedside Wall Lamp

The bedroom carries the space function of light reading, sleep and rest. In addition to installing the ceiling light, the bedside wall lamp is added for auxiliary lighting and decoration, which will create a warm and interesting sleeping space and greatly enhance the quality of life.

Wall lamps are a stylish and flexible addition to your lighting scheme. As far as the wall lamp for bedroom is concerned, it should not only be used for lighting, but for the combination of function and aesthetics. Are you looking for the right bedside lamp? Go through the article bellow, where you will get some information.

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Hot-selling Bedside Wall Lamps

Pros of Bedside Wall Lamp

Things to Consider


Hot-selling Bedside Wall Lamps

Below are some popular bedside wall lamps that are highly recommended by customers according to different styles and functions.

A. Modern LED White Light Marble Wall Lamp

Modern LED Wall Sconce White Light Marble Wall Lamp

Voltage: 110V
Power: 10-24W
Light color: White light
Material: Aluminum + Cast iron
Bulb Base: G4
Size: 15cm*46cm (W*H)
Weight: 3.5kg

The holder of this Modern LED White Light Marble Wall Lamp is made of high-quality pure aluminum and iron, which is rust-proof and durable. The lampshade, made of high-quality and durable translucent marble, can produce soft and romantic light indoors. The soft LED light, with low power consumption as well as no harmful chemicals, creates a bright atmosphere, which is quite suitable for reading at night. Its simple style is also able to complement the general decor, showing coordination. This bedside wall lamp is easy to install, with two installed types either vertically or horizontally to suit the decoration.

B. Modern Crystal Color Peacock Wall Lamp

Modern Crystal Colour Peacock Wall Lamp

Voltage: 110V
Power: 8W
Material: Resin + Hardware iron art
Lamp holder specifications: E27
Number of Bulb: 1(Bulb Not Included)
Size: 30cm/11.8 " * 45cm/17.71"(W*H)

This Modern Crystal Color Peacock Wall Lamp is made of crystal lampshade, resin peacock seat and iron hardware. The environmentally friendly industrial coating renders this high-quality lamp resistant to rust, moisture, oxidation, and corrosion. The beautiful peacock wall lamp reflects your noble temperament and taste.

As the kindest, smartest, and freest bird of love and peace, in Greek mythology, the elegant peacock symbolizes the goddess Hera who brings happiness and pleasure to you and your lover. The wall lamp, easy to assemble and clean, can install an E27 bulb with a maximum of 8 watts, including incandescent, LED, CFL, halogen etc. If you use this lamp as your bedside wall lamp, it will create a pleasant light which is diffused around you.

C. LED Wall Lamp with USB Socket

Bedside Lamp Reading Lamp LED Wall Lamp with USB Socket

Voltage: 110~240V
Power: 7W
Material: Iron+Glass
Light: Warm white, Natural light
Size: 32 * 9 * 19cm
Light source: LED

This LED Wall Lamp with USB Socket has a freely rotating lamp head that can adjust the direction of the light according to your needs. At the same time, it has a shelf and a USB socket, where you can put your phone on it for charging. The design of the new USB charging plug is very convenient and is an optimization of the universal bedside wall lamp.

The wall lamp, adopting LED high-efficiency energy-saving light source, with two light colors of warm white light and natural light, has good color rendering, high brightness, soft light, and does not hurt the eyes. The design of the shelf, used to store mobile phones or books, is very user-friendly. Therefore, it is very suitable for use as a bedside wall lamp to read before going to bed at night. The wall lamp comes with all the accessories and installation instructions required for installation. You can install it quickly and accurately, saving your precious time.

Pros of Bedside Wall Lamp

  • Saving the space
  • As an embellishment to decorate the room
  • Suitable for reading, with soft light
  • As an atmosphere light, which helps to relax before going to bed

From a practical point of view, the bedside wall lamp will be more practical, saving space and saving sockets. The wall lamp can also be used as a space decoration as well as an atmosphere light. Generally, the brightness of the wall lamp is low, and the soft light is more conducive to reading and helps to relax before going to bed.

Things to Consider

Although the bedside lamp on the wall is just a small object, you don't need to worry so much, in fact, if you choose an inappropriate bedside wall lamp, it will not only make you a big discount on the lighting experience, but also destroy the coordination of the overall design. Therefore, in the purchase of bedside lamps, how to maximize its utilization, which is the key point. In the choice of wall mounted bedside lamps, you need to pay attention to these elements: What is the meaning of bedside lamps; how many bedside lamps are needed to meet the demand? Only by clearly understanding its role in the space can the most suitable bedside lamp be selected.

A. Determine the color temperature and brightness of the light

The bedside wall lamp is an auxiliary light source, which is close to the human body. Considering the human body’s sensitivity to the light source and the creation of atmosphere, it is recommended to choose a gentle and soft warm yellow light, so as to help create a peaceful and comfortable space atmosphere and reduce the visual excitement from bright light.

B. The styling needs to match the decor

The choice of bedside wall lamps, mainly presented on the walls on both sides of the bed, is relatively fixed. Since the wall lamp is a fixed fixture, it is necessary to plan the style and installation location in advance before designing and installing. In terms of style selection, it is recommended to start with the overall style. Taking the Nordic style as an example, the Nordic style bedroom, emphasizing minimalism and lines, is most suitable for wall lamp designs that highlight the aesthetics of lines.

Compared with the flexible desk lamp, the lamp on the wall has more three-dimensional beauty. Whether it is a symmetrical aesthetic presentation or a single visual experience, it enriches the space level in the superposition with other decorations.

C. Grasp the installation details

Generally speaking, the bedside lamp on the wall is 10-25cm above the head of a person, which is an ideal installation position. The placement of the wall lamp is determined according to the specific position of the bed. If the bed is in the middle, it is recommended to install the wall lamp on both sides of the bed plank; if the bed is placed against the wall, it is recommended to install the wall lamp on the moving line, which is convenient for daily use.

Final Words

To sum up, after reading this article, make sure you have a new understanding of the function of the wall lamp. If you are considering buying a suitable bedside wall lamp, you can refer to the above suggestions. If it doesn't match your option, you can look for more wall lamps. Hopefully, you can choose the perfect wall lamp to decorate your room while illuminating.


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