Best Electric Outboard Motor for Boat in 2022

by Terry Welch on Mar 04, 2022

Best Electric Outboard Motor for Boat in 2022

As various countries have successively issued many prohibitions for small fuel-fired boats in inland waters, many scenic spots and water conservation areas have already banned fuel-fired boats from driving and increasingly people turn to electric engines when purchasing an outboard motor.

If you are looking for a high performance electric outboard motor for boat, this article might give you some help.

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Introduction about Electric Outboard Motor

Hot-selling Electric Outboard Motor for Boat

Electric VS Gas Outboard Motors



Electric outboard motor refers to the self-contained propulsion unit for boats using a recyclable battery as an energy, usually suspended on the outside of the stern. Based on the different position of the motor, it has been divided into two types-underneath motor (placed at the lower part of the outboard motor whose output shaft directly drives the propeller shaft to rotate) and overhead motor (located on the top of the outboard motor which transmit the kinetic energy to propeller through the drive shaft in the gearbox).


Due to the limited space in the lower part of the outboard engine, the size of the underneath motor cannot be too large, that’s the reason why it is usually applied to electric outboard motors with smaller horsepower. For example, all outboard motors below 8 horsepower of Torqeedo in Germany use overhead motors, while 20, 40 and 80HP outboard engines use underneath motors.

Hot-selling Electric Outboard Motor for Boat

According to the latest report of IDTechEx, there are already more than 100 electric boat and ship manufacturers. Among thousands of electric outboard motors generated in different companies, those two electric engines have won the best experience and gained a good reputation in the market.

No.1 CNCEST Professional Marine Engine Brushless

CNCEST Professional Marine Engine Brushless

With a huge thrust, a super-strong shaft and speed control, this CNCEST Electric Outboard Motor can be widely used in both inflatable boats and canoes for fishing, aquaculture and outdoor adventure. Pure copper core brushless motors can efficiently convert electrical energy into mechanical energy protecting unnecessary energy consumption. The most attractive point of the brushless design is that the outboard motor can be operated effectively at all speeds with less noise. You can enjoy the beautiful day with friends in the “quiet boat” with 8HP, or go fishing even if the fish don't know you're coming in this authentic outboard engine. What's more, ultra-low power consumption makes the outboard motor fully use the equipped 48V battery promising you a long lifespan and saving your cost.


Model48V 8.0HP
Rated power (W)2200
Starting systemSwitch knob added
Motor typeBrushless motor
Rated voltage (V)48
Rated speed (r/min)3000
Rated current (A)50
Control systemTiller control
Manipulation mode
Rod length (cm)91

No.2 65lb Electric Thrust Trolling Outboard Motor

CNCEST 65lb Electric Thrust Trolling Outboard Motor

If you are hunting for a more intelligent best electric boat motor in a limited budget, this 65lb Electric Outboard Motor must be the best choice. The adjustable handle of this outboard motor can be adjusted to your desired angle by folding up or down, which is more flexible and stronger than other shafts. There is also a digital horsepower display meeting your need to know the real horsepower of the engine at any time during operating the boat. But one thing you should make clear is that this unique short shaft trolling motor is designed for inflatable boats, KaBoats, kayaks, and canoes. That means if your boat does not belong to these options above, you'd better turn to other best electric outboard motors.


Shaft Length :15.7 "(400 mm)/Short shaft
Thrust Level :65 pounds (lbs) thrust
Seep control: F5-R2
Rated voltage(V):12
Rated speed(R/min):1420
Rated current(A):55
Rated power:660W

Control handle: Telescopic type
Maximum speed(km/h):11
Noise DB:50db
Propeller model(in):3 leaves/10.6

Electric VS Gas Outboard Motors

1. Cost: When looking at just the price of the outboard motor itself, both gas and electric outboard motor for boat costs around the same. If you use your boat a lot, you could even start to save money by using electric power over gas because electricity is much cheaper. The cost of daily charging in an electric one is much lower than the cost of buying fuel. And since the structure is simple, the maintenance cost in some rotating parts is extremely low. What’s more, we have made some surveys about the cost in electricity and fuel each year between electric and gas outboard motors and learned that gas motors cost much more than electric one actually in daily life.

2. Safety: No matter whether it is gasoline, liquefied gas, or diesel, it is flammable and explosive, and there are still some risks when ordinary users who are not professional technicians operate the gas outboard motors. Electric outboards don't have to worry about this risk at all.

3. Operate Experience: Due to the simple structure, an electric boat motor is easy to store, transport and operate. Compared with gas engines, electric motors are more environment friendly. First, it is non-polluting to the environment, and has positive significance for protecting water resources and air; second, for individual users, storage, transportation, and use are very clean, and there is no unpleasant gasoline smell, oil pollution, and inhalation of waste gas.


1. How is Power Measured for Electric Motors?

The power of an electric motor is usually measured in watts, not horsepower. Sometimes the power of an electric motor is given in horsepower, but usually in watts. To purchase the best electric outboard motor for boat in right watt or horsepower, you can get some useful advice in Best Outboard Motor Buying Guide.

Boat motors vary greatly in how powerful they are. A motor that is only 10hp, 5hp, or 3hp is common even though outboard motors can be 20hp or more.
Usually, you can go more like 5 knots than 15 knots with an electric or gas motor. To go 15 knots, you might need something like a 100hp motor - this is too expensive and not what people are likely to put on a small dinghy.

2. How Fast Can You Go with an Electric Outboard Motor?

If you are running a powerful motor on a small boat at full speed, you might be able to do 15 knots or better. Usually, it’s not a good idea for you to go that fast when you are in a dinghy and running an electric motor.

If you want to make it as far as possible, you’d better run the motor on much less than full power. Fifteen knots is what you might get if you are running a powerful 6000 watt motor on a small boat. Normal speeds are slower - you might move at less than five knots if you want to travel as many miles as possible before the battery dies.

Final Words

If you happen to need the best electric outboard motor for boat, each of the outboard engines above is really a good choice for you. Hope you find the right one as soon as possible!

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