Best Cordless Pruning Shear Reviews in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Mar 10, 2022

Best Cordless Pruning Shear Reviews

Are you looking for a suitable cordless pruning shear to maintain trees and plants, but don't know where to start? In this article, you may get the best tool to prune trees or cut flowers for your garden.

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Reviews on Hot-selling Cordless Pruning Shears

Advantages of Cordless Pruning Shear

Spring means the recovery of all things, and all kinds of plants begin to sprout and radiate their own vitality. Of course, this is also a busy time for growers or gardeners, because they have to shape the trees and flowers so as to attract more viewers, and at the same time, pruning and grafting fruit trees can ensure the yield. Gardening requires high physical strength, and hard work will cause damage to their joints and muscles. Therefore, one of the most recommended products when pruning and grafting is cordless pruning shears.

The working principle of cordless electric pruning shears is powered by a motor which is decelerated by a pair of gears, and the cam drives the blade to trim bushes and branches. When operating, you must press the buttons of the two handles at the same time, that is, turn on the switch of two power sources at the same time, the machine will run.

Cordless electric pruning shears are brilliant, which take the strain off your fingers, hands, and wrist joints. It is widely used in pruning and shaping of gardening flowers in nurseries, cutting of rough and hard fruit pedicles in orchards and trimming and shaping of municipal garden trees. Whether you're someone who gardens for pleasure or a gardener for a living, cordless pruners are sure to serve as a valuable piece of gardening equipment to satisfy your indulgence in the garden.

Reviews on Hot-selling Cordless Pruning Shears

There are a wide variety of cordless electric pruning shears on the market, so it’s a little difficult to choose the best one. In the following part, some reviews on hot-selling pruning shears on the market will help you narrow down your choices.

NO.1 30mm Cordless Waterproof Trimmer Tool

30mm Professional Electric Branch Cutter Scissors Cordless Waterproof Trimmer Tool

Product parameters:
Voltage: 110v
Full length: 210mm
Weight: 1250g
Opening size: 30mm
Blade length: 64mm
Trimming diameter: 30mm

This is one of the best cordless shears on the market, which is a high-performance tool that can be used in a wide range of applications. With the design of fitting the size of the palm, this 30mm Cordless Pruning Shear makes your right and left hands easy to use, without effort during working time as well as at just 1250g, lightweight too. Equipped with SK5 original carbon steel blade, it can cut smoothly and cleanly.

Brushless DC motor with efficient and stable transmission gear ensure safe use and less pressure to cut 25mm to 30mm hard branches. Two rechargeable lithium batteries with long battery life can help to continuously cut about 18 hours after being fully charged. Unique charger can help to charge two batteries one by one.

What we liked
Easy to use
Waterproof technology
Aviation aluminum forging body
Stylish and ergonomic design
Two rechargeable lithium batteries
18 hours maximum battery runtime

What we did not like
A bit pricey

NO.2 CNCEST Pruning Shears-120 PSI Tree Trimmers

CNCEST Pruning Shears-120 PSI Tree Trimmers Secateurs Garden Shears

Product parameters:
Maximum shear diameter: 10 mm
Use gas pressure: 120 PSI
Package weight: 0.8kg
Packing size: 38*12*10CM
Working pneumatic air pressure: 120PSI(about 0.8MPA)
Air inlet port: 1/4"
No-load speed: 2600RPM

This Pneumatic Cordless Pruning Shears Machine is suitable for professional pruning team, which can reduce the labor costs and effectively avoid the hand acid, arm pain during the long-term operation.The diameter of the pneumatic pruning shears is larger than that of the ordinary original shearing branches with shockproof and anti-slip design, The double safety insurance can assure you have a secure manipulation.

The pneumatic pruning shears applied to orchard winter pruning, can significantly improve pruning efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of fruit farmers. Equipped with 2KW generator and air compressor, can work in the field without power supply, more multi-purpose power generation, lighting, and air compressors or portable CO 2 systems can be used as the power source.

What We liked
Ergonomic and comfortable handle
Anti-slip design
Low noise
Shockproof design
High efficiency
Working without power supply
Less expensive

What we did not like
Limited shear diameter

NO.3 110V 40mm Electric Pruning Shears

2021 CNCEST Professional Pruning Shears-Garden Shears , 110V Manual Fruit Tree Professional Electric Pruning Shears Branch Gardening Supplies for Home

Product parameters:
Voltage: 110v
Battery specifications: 21v 2000mah
Product size: 11*7.5*32cm (4.33*2.95*12.59inch)
Product weight: 970g (without battery)
Working at full power: 2-3 hours
Cutting range: 0-40mm twig
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours

This 40mm Electric Cordless Pruning Shears is another excellent addition to your household-level gardening tools. It is packed with incredible features that capable of performing a broad range of garden applications.

First, this cordless pruner, kindly to people who has arthritic hands, has light weight, 970g only. Besides, the non-slip handle and ergonomic design are rubberized to provide comfortable grip, which renders you not feel tired after longtime using. In addition, the tool has a cutting capacity of 40mm, which means you can use it to easily cut branches, twigs, stems, and other garden applications.

Equipped with 2000mAh large capacity battery, the cordless pruner supports 2-2.5 hours fast charging, and continuously work 3 hours if it is charged fully. Also this electric pruning shear has built-in brushless motor, which has better efficiency and longer service life. The capacitor casing is made of iron galvanized material, which is resistant to high temperature corrosion and will not be crushed during transportation, preventing rust.

What we liked
Two-speed switch: long press the switch for 5s to switch
Alloy blade: 0.1s fast shear
Trigger switch: Quickly pull the trigger twice to activate
Brushless motor
Straight body

What we did not like
Inadequate battery life

Advantages of Cordless Pruning Shear

1、Safer to use
At present, the cordless electric pruning shears sold on the market generally have a protective design, which can effectively prevent accidental touch, misoperation and anti-pinch hands.

2、Lower labor intensity
The long-term use of manual pruning shears is prone to finger weakness and arm soreness, while cordless pruning shears only need to gently press the trigger, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of pruning.

3、Higher pruning efficiency
The power source of manual pruning shears is mainly manpower, and the speed is slow; while electric pruning shears rely on electric drive, 8-10 times the efficiency of traditional manual pruning, which has strong power and fast cutting frequency. At the same time, the double-edged knife design that can cut in both directions and the sharp blade make the trimming more efficient and durable.

4、Better pruning quality
After cordless electric pruning shears are pruned, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedge. What’s more, not only is neat and beautiful the pruning surface, but also the buds and leaves germinate more neatly than manual pruning. With a good blade cutting without skin and slag, it can effectively reduce the loss of sap, which makes the incision heal faster, reduces the risk of tree disease, and improves the survival rate of the tree.

5、Lower pruning costs
One electric pruning shears can support ten workers who use manual pruning shears, reducing labor requirements and labor costs within the same working hours.

6、Strong shearing ability
Manual pruning shears are more laborious to cut branches with a diameter of more than 10mm; while electric pruning shears can cut branches of 30mm or 50mm with the same ease according to the designed maximum load.


At any time of the year, gardeners will do their pruning work, and use the above-mentioned easy-to-use cordless pruning shears to take away the sense of tiredness, pain, and soreness of your garden or workplace pruning work. Therefore, consider bringing one of these brilliant pruning tools to the gardening of your life and use it to do year-round garden pruning. This way you can enjoy your garden more. Pick one!


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