Best Commercial Waffle Maker Buying Guide

by Terry Welch on Dec 09, 2021

Commercial Waffle Maker

WHO does not want to own a commercial waffle maker? As we all know, commercial waffle makers are a perfect helper in the kitchen, which can enrich your menu on the breakfast and attract more customers, or help you to make your own waffles at home. However, how to select the best one among so many  types of waffle makers in the market? Read on and you might get some ideas about it after reading. 

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Considerations before Buying

Hot-selling Commercial Waffle Makers

Frequently Asked Questions

Considerations Before Buying

1. Types

Commercial waffle makers in the market have been divided into many types according to different principles to meet various needs in our real life.

Based on what you want to make, commercial waffle makers fall into three main categories which have a lot in common: Belgian waffle makers, waffle cone makers, and bubble waffle makers.

Based on the number of plates, it can be divided into 3 types which are separately equipped with 1, 2 and 4 plates. It’s better to choose the single plate waffle maker if you use it at home, while you’d better to purchase the double or four maker if you want to use it in your restaurant.

2. Temperature and Ready Controls

A waffle maker that is intended for restaurant use must-have indicator lights, which is not the case for one designed for home use. Indicator lights will both let you know when the waffle maker is ready to use and indicate when the waffle is ready. The key point is that it will stop waffles from burning when the kitchen becomes too busy. What’s more perfect waffles are made with temperature controls. Due to the client doesn’t liking the waffles being too soft, temperature controls are essential in double- and stacked double waffle makers making waffles more crispy.

3. Accessories

A perfect waffle maker usually follows with great accessories that are essential for waffle machines’ high efficiency, but often been ignored, such as cleaning brush, cone-forming tools and drip tray. Most of the time, drip trays reduce dirt from the dripping batter and the waffle pickers allow you to select ready-made waffles without affecting their shape. Therefore, it’s better for you to make sure there are some accessories when selecting the best commercial waffle maker.

4. Electrical Configuration

The higher the voltage, the faster a waffle maker heats up. Compared with waffle makers with 120-volt circuits, waffle machines with 240-volt circuits heat up much faster and can make more waffles an hour. Before making a final decision,  you’d better considering the voltage and the efficiency.

5. Cleaning and Storage

There is no doubt that you must maintain a high standard of hygiene in the restaurant, so it’s very important to choose a waffle maker which can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, the waffle maker will last much longer if it is properly cleaned and stored.

Hot-selling Commercial Waffle Makers

No.1 Best Ball Waffle Maker Commercial Electric Waffle Maker

Commercial Waffle Maker

This commercial ball waffle maker is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is healthy for customers and resistant to high temperature. With the 2 plates, you can make enough waffles one time meeting lots of customers’ needs. The key point is that it is designed with non-stick teflon coating which means that you do not need to spend too much time in cleaning the machine and it will still keep your place clean. The feature of precise timer and temperature adjusting knobs with a clear scale of 0~5 minutes and 50~300 ℃ give you the chance to make delicious waffles with different tastes according to your own needs. What’s more, the LED indicator light and melodious alarm let you know the heating status all the time and you need not wait beside and focus on the waffle any longer. The Best Ball Waffle Maker Commercial Electric Waffle Maker which is easy to operate is a good choice for both restaurants and home to make a delicious waffle.


1. Made of food-grade stainless steel
2. Two plates
3. Non-stick
4. Precise timer and temperature control
5. LED indicator light and melodious alarm
6. Easy to operate

No2. CNCEST Best Seller Commercial Electric Waffle Maker

Commercial Waffle Maker

This CNCEST Best Seller Commercial Electric Waffle Maker with non-stick surface is also suitable for use in both restaurant and home,which is the best seller in CNCEST. With one plate and the special designed shape, it can make a beautiful waffle like a flower at one time which is the best choice for your breakfast. The stainless steel machine body makes it very easy to clean and store, promising a longer lifespan for you. What’s more, with the temperature control, you can also make the different taste of waffles according to your own needs. Compared with the first one, this waffle machine pays more attention to breakfast. Therefore, it's better for you to figure out what you want to make before purchasing a commercial waffle maker.

Using a non-corrosive cleaning agent and wet towel to clean it. Do not rinse directly with water. 


1. Non-stick surface
2. One plate and the special designed shape
3. Stainless steel machine body
4. With the temperature control
5. Easy to operate
6. Pays more attention to breakfast

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between waffles and Belgian waffles?

Belgian waffles have deeper pockets than American-style waffles, which makes them great for holding lots of little pools of syrup. What’s more. The texture is also lighter and crispier. 

2. How to clean the waffle maker?

First of all, letting the waffle maker cool before cleaning and then use a dry paper towel or a clammy material to wipe away pieces and absorb overabundance oil dribbles on the framework plates. Next, using a clammy material to clean the outside of the machine. To eliminate difficulty, you could also heat on batter trickles and pour a couple of drops of cooking oil onto the player letting it be there to sit a couple of moments to mellow. Finally wiping it away with a moist fabric or paper towel.
Removable cooking plates can be delicately cleaned in lukewarm or warm, foamy water. Ensure your waffle maker is dry before storage.  Never put your waffle maker in the dishwasher, which is a bit of apparatus and shouldn’t be presented to water.

Wrapping up

You might get some key points which should be focused on when choosing a commercial waffle maker after reading the information above. There are more commercial waffle makers offering to you in CNCEST. Hope you can meet the right one quickly.


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