Best Choosing A Commercial Kitchen Sink in 2022

by Terry Welch on Dec 09, 2021

commercial kitchen sink

A commercial kitchen sink must be a must-have device for restaurants, bars, and dessert shops. From single-compartment sinks to multi-compartment sinks, these sinks can meet the needs of different people. Perhaps the first time you managed your own restaurant kitchen, you didn't spend too much time and effort on the purchase of sinks. However, after you have rich experience, you will surely know the importance of a kitchen sink and play the core role in business.

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Number of Compartments

Material of Sink

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you don't know how to choose a commercial kitchen sink, this is the guide, which will help you choose the right sink for the restaurant kitchen from different aspects.

Number of Compartments

According to the number of compartments, the kitchen sinks can be divided into single-compartment sinks, double-compartment sinks, three-compartment sinks, etc. Many customers don't know how to choose the number of compartments when they buy a sink. In fact, whether to choose a single-compartment sink or a double-compartment tank, it needs to be based on their actual situation. The following contents will talk about it in detail.

Single-compartment Sink

Single-compartment sink is divided into two types: small single compartment and large single compartment. The size of small single compartment is generally below 650mm, and the size of large single compartment is generally above 850mm. Most common single-compartment basins on the market are rectangular, which can be used with a drain basket. What’s more, common pots and pans can also be easily cleaned in the sink. The following commercial kitchen sink is the hot-selling commercial single sink, which is highly recommended by businessmen who are dedicated to restaurant industry.

Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel Sink Utility Compartment Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Laundry Sink Drain Board

Made of 1mm thick stainless steel material, this single-bowl commercial kitchen sink, which is designed to solve any restaurant, bar or any clean space with curved corners, has strong load-bearing performance and can withstand large flows in the kitchen environment. The large-capacity drain bowl provides enough space for you to clean large pots and pans easily. The workbench leaves enough space for preparing food, drying or stacking tableware, with inclined surface to drain excess water.

The workbench and the stainless steel baffle adopt the overall plate design, no joints, not afraid of scratches, and easier to be cleaned. Featuring easy-to-adjust height threaded feet, suitable for most floors, the stainless steel sink with this foot-shaped design can help you stabilize the sink while protecting the floor from scratches. Provided a set of stainless steel sink filters, drain pipes and a faucet, this single-compartment sink can block food residues and easily lead water into the drain.

Double-compartment Sink

The double-compartment sink is currently the most popular type on the market, and it is also very practical. This type of sink can be operated on both sides at the same time. When washing dishes, one tank is used for washing and the other tank is used for rinsing. When washing vegetables, the other tank can be used to drain water. The following commercial double sink is hot sell in food industry.

Top-deal Stainless Steel Table with Sink

Top-deal Stainless Steel Table with Sink Hidden Kitchen Sink Single Bowl Bar Catering Sink

This free-standing commercial kitchen sink, with double bowls, spacious sewers, and double-layer racks, ensures the efficiency of the kitchen, which is very suitable for any dining environment. Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel, the surface of this double-compartment sink is polished, which is super easy to clean and hygienic, with better anti-corrosion and long-lasting effects. The spacious drain provides you with enough space to dry items, such as cutlery, plates, pots and pans and so on.

This commercial kitchen sink is designed with streamlined rounded corners, no dead corners, and convenient for daily washing. The double basin can be placed independently, which is very suitable for manual washing and cleaning of food, fruits and vegetables. Two stainless steel drains and two removable filters prevent food and debris from clogging the drain. Therefore, this Top-deal Stainless Steel Table with Sink is a good choice considering its ability to tackle hard food stains and fully make the most of the space.

Three-compartment Sink

There are also three-compartment commercial kitchen sinks on the market, which are suitable for commercial areas with a relatively large kitchen space and are intuitive to different operations in different sinks, including washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes.

Material of Sink

There are many materials used to make sinks, but the most popular materials on the market are stainless steel, granite, artificial stone and ceramics.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, whose color and style are more versatile, is currently the most common material of sinks on the market and it can be easily integrated into various kitchen environments. Moreover, the price of commercial stainless steel sinks is not very high, so it is currently the first choice for most commercial environments.

Considering that restaurants or bars’ kitchens often have a lot of food supplies, plus long-term use of the kitchen as well as a little wet floor, so the best quality SUS304 should be selected for commercial kitchen sinks, which has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and relatively durable quality. In addition, stainless steel like 201, 202 is much worse than SUS304 stainless steel in corrosion resistance and rust resistance.


The granite sink, relatively advanced material and craftsmanship, not only is very strong and wear-resistant, but also can withstand high temperatures, up to 300 degrees Celsius. However, granite has no resistance to very corrosive things, such as long-term pickled cabbage water, or strong tea water directly poured into the sink. If it is not cleaned in time, it is very easy to penetrate and cannot be cleaned. Therefore, this is not an advisable choice for business users.

Artificial Stone

The color of artificial stone is relatively rich, which can improve the appearance of the kitchen to a certain extent, and the price of artificial stone is relatively reasonable, not as expensive as natural materials. However, the texture of artificial stone sink is not very hard, meaning that it is easy to be scratched with sharp knives.

In addition, this kind of sink also needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise it is easy to cause stains if not cleaned for a long time, which affect the appearance and damage the finish. The sinks of artificial stone material are usually used in homes, while for the large environment of restaurants and bars, where the flow of people is large, and it is not guaranteed to be cleaned in place every day, so it is not suitable as restaurant kitchen sinks.


Ceramic sinks, loved by young people, are resistant to high temperature, aging and exquisite appearance. Although sinks made of ceramics are relatively scratch-resistant, they should avoid direct contact with hard objects and sharp knives in daily use. Ceramic sinks are very heavy, so if you install this type of sink, you must choose a cabinet and countertop with better support in advance. Of course, the budget for sinks of ceramic material is also relatively high, and for commercial kitchens, such sinks will not be chosen at all.





Stainless Steel

  • Antibacterial and heat resistance
  • Used widely and cost-effective
  • High strength
  • Long-lasting smoothness
  • Durable
    • Intolerant
    • Single appearance color


      • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-radiation
      • Effectively eliminate scratches and dirt
        • Easily cause stubborn stains
        • Heavy
        • Expensive
        • Easy to scratch when scratched with hard objects


          • High temperature resistance
          • Aging resistance
          • Easy to clean
            • Easy to scratch when scratched with hard objects
            • Heavy
            • Expensive

              Cleaning and Maintenance

              The commercial kitchen sink is the area to hide dirt most easily, because it is the most frequently used place in the kitchen. Whether you are going to cook or not, it is indispensable for any need to use water. Therefore, as the time goes by, the sink is also the most dirty place. How to clean and maintain the sink to make it look new?

              To clean the sink, be sure to use a soft cloth such as a sponge to wipe gently. If the retained water produces mineral deposits, use a low-concentration vinegar solution to remove it, and then rinse it off completely with water. With daily washing and cooking and cleaning of pots and pans, a large amount of residue will be accumulated on the filter screen of the sink.

              Some people will put it in the trash can after a few days due to its troubles and trivialities, which is easy to produce dirt and the filter will become dark in this way. For these residues, you must clean up every day to avoid clogging of sewers, and at the same time regularly clean the filter and sewer with soapy water to prevent peculiar smells.

              Restaurants often use chlorine-containing supplies and bleach, which can damage the sink. Even if it is placed in a cupboard, when the container containing bleach or chemical detergent is opened, the gas or vapor emitted from it will also affect the commercial kitchen sink. Therefore, these supplies had better be placed far away from the sink.

              Do not cut vegetables directly on the sink board, and do not place a cutting board on it to chop food so as to prevent scratches or deformation of the sink. It will corrode the sink if you put lemon, sauce, kimchi, mustard or other salt-rich or corrosive foods in the sink or on the panel for a long time. Knives and forks and other sharp utensils should be stored well to avoid hitting the sink to damage the appearance.

              Final Thought

              Commercial kitchen sinks, which can accommodate kitchens of different capacities, are available in different materials and sizes, suitable for various purposes. Finding the right commercial kitchen sink for your business requires careful thought, because this is a product that will be used every day and should last a lifetime. It is worthwhile to learn about the above articles to choose a sink suitable for your kitchen.


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