Best Automatic Coffee Grinders for 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Oct 08, 2021

Best Automatic Coffee Grinders

Looking for the best automatic coffee grinder to use for your home or business? This informative guide is here to help you.

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Types of Coffee Grinder

Best Automatic Coffee Grinders

Using Attention of Coffee Grinder

How to Maintain the Coffee Grinder

Everyone should be familiar with coffee, thanks to its unique taste and refreshing effect, which must attract a large number of coffee lovers. When choosing a coffee grinder, there will be a difficult problem: whether to choose a manual coffee grinder or an automatic coffee grinder? Today we will show you the difference.

Types of Coffee Grinder

Generally speaking, coffee grinders are divided into manual and automatic types. Both the manual type and the automatic type have their advantages and disadvantages. Please choose the suitable type according to your own habits, and then taste the best flavor of coffee at home.


1.The biggest feature of manual type, suitable for those who are willing to spend time grinding coffee, lies in its diversified design. The appearance is relatively more beautiful and highly appreciative, including elegant retro style, fashionable stainless steel material and so on.
2.And it can grind beans without a power supply, which is really environmentally friendly.
3.In addition, favored for its lightweight and easy-to-carry feature, if you are about to outdoor activities, manual coffee grinder is the great option.

1.The capacity of the hand grinder is much smaller than that of the automatic type, so there are fewer coffee beans that can be ground at a time.
2.What’s more, the grinding speed is too slow, which is very laborious. Even in the same coffee grinder, the evenness of the ground coffee powder is different due to the different speed of the rocker arm.
3.In addition, thanks to the greater heat generated during the grinding process, the aroma of the coffee will be released more quickly.


1.Suitable for easy use every day, the automatic coffee grinder saves more time and effort. Compared with the hand-cranked grinder, the automatic grinder only needs tens of seconds to complete the grinding, which can be fast.
2. The electric grinder will be more convenient for processing large quantities at a time.
3.In addition, the coffee powder ground by the automatic type is more even, so the taste of the extracted coffee will be better.

1.The automatic coffee bean grinder needs to be plugged in for use, which is not suitable for taking it out.
2.According to different designs, some models have a louder sound when grinding beans, and some models are larger and take up more space.
3.Furthermore, some people worry that the temperature generated by high-speed grinding will affect the taste, but the actual grinding time is too short to cause much problem basically.

Best Automatic Coffee Grinders

Next, let's take a look at the more popular automatic coffee grinders on the market, including domestic use and commercial use.

A.110V 100W Automatic Coffee Grinder
110V 100W Automatic Coffee Grinder - Grinding Machine (Plastic)

Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Funnel capacity: 250g
Crushing capacity:150g/min
Size: 36x19.5x12cm

This 110V 100W Automatic Coffee Grinder, with lightweight and durable plastic shell design, is designed to minimize grinding heat and protect the essential oils in the coffee bean. Equipped with high-quality steel knife, stainless steel disc as well as magic bean speed, you do not worry about the problem of stuck beans.

Boasting 1-8 file control valve, grinding precision on this electric coffee bean grinder is controlled by the gear adjustment dial rotation, convenient and fast. Thanks to removable transparent funnel and spout, you can feel easy to clean and confident that your espresso grounds will land in fall into the powder box, which also helps you avoid wasting coffee ground.

This multi-purpose machine can meet your different needs, such as coffee beans, mung beans, soybeans and other coarse grains, which is not only for your home, but also for you coffee business.

How to use:
1. Adjust the scale to the desired number
2. Turn on the power switch
3. Place the coffee beans in the hopper
4. Cover the funnel

B.110V 180W Electric Coffee Grinder
110V 180W Electric Professional Coffee Bean Grinder Stainless Steel

Material: copper , aluminum , plastic
Color: Black/red
Funnel capacity: 250g
Crushing speed: 150g / min
Product size: 19.5 * 12 * 36 cm

Packed with simple and exquisite appearance, good sealing and low noise, this 110V 180W Automatic Coffee Grinder is the upgraded version of the first one. The anti-jumping bean design of bean bin can avoid the problem of beans flying out during grinding effectively. The durability and grinding speed of the blade - made of super-hard steel, can meet the expected requirements, which renders coffee powder more uniform.

By setting eight visible gears, you can get different thickness of coffee powder easily and quickly. Furthermore, the built-in fuse can increase safety and prevent the machine from being damaged during the grinding process. This automatic coffee bean grinder is widely used for coffee beans, mung beans, dry fat-free food raw materials, and other coarse grains, but it is not recommended to grind soybeans for which have high oil content.

This is one of the most economical electrical coffee grinders on the market, so it’s a great option if you’re starting a small business of coffee and if all your family members are fond of the taste of coffee.

C.350W Commercial Coffee Grinder
Commercial 350W Coffee Grinder Burr Mill - Round Hopper Aluminum Body Coffee Bean Milling Machine

Main body(material): Aluminum
Hopper(material): ABS
Size:300*210*560 mm
Bean hopper capacity: 1.2 kg
Crushing force (Smash Ability): 6 ~ 9 kg / hour

With 64mm of hardened steel burrs, this Commercial 350W Automatic Coffee Grinder will provide you with batch after batch of uniformly ground coffee. Equipped with 10 grind setting to choose, from fine to course, this coffee grinding machine featuring intuitive settings and one-button operation make it easy for anyone to learn how to use it.

Automatic locking bean hopper can be removed with beans inside without spilling useful to storage the beans dark, and cool location for the freshness of the beans grinding head assembly can be easily to clean thoroughly.

This commercial automatic coffee burr mill is perfect for any environment with its sleek and compact design. Whether you want to brew the freshest, best tasting coffee for your family, an office meeting or small to medium-sized coffee shops, this handy coffee bean grinder will get it done, without clashing with your decor or taking up counter space.

1:Do not take the grinding parts into water or any other liquid.
2:Do not put the mill knife into water or other liquid to wash.
3:The machine only suit for grinding the coffee beans.
4:Please adjust the grinder dial while the motor is running, otherwise it will cause the motor locked.

Using Attention of Coffee Grinder

1.When using the grinder to grind, do not exceed the specified capacity at a time. If the coffee grinder works long for one time, indirectly, the coffee beans will be heated during the grinding process to cause the aroma to be released in advance, which will affect the coffee fragrance after cooking.

2.During the grinding process, do not continuously grind for a long time, as far as possible, so that the grinding core does not generate frictional heat. If the grinding time is too long, it is very likely that the parts of the grinder will be damaged, or cause a short failure of the grinder due to too much generated heat, so be sure to master the grinding time of coffee beans.

3.After each use, wipe the outside of the grinder with a damp cloth. The movement does not need to be cleaned by water, just with a special grinder brush. If you don’t use it for a long time, you only need to pour off the coffee powder in the front when you use it next time.

How to Maintain the Coffee Grinder

In order to enjoy the delicious and stable flavor continuously, whether it is a manual or automatic coffee grinder, maintenance is a must. If you have good tools and use them correctly, you can easily clean up the product. For example, a fine-bristle brush that can resist static electricity is used to clean the powder absorbed by static electricity. In addition, since coffee beans are rich in oils and fats, they are easy to stick to the cutter head after grinding, so they can be wiped clean with a soft cloth at this time.

Some grinders can also be used to grind ingredients other than coffee beans, but if you want to maintain the flavor of coffee, it is recommended not to share it with other ingredients. After all, no matter how clean it is, the smell of other ingredients may still remain, which will affect the original aroma of coffee.

Final Thoughts

As a person who is a coffee lover or engaged in the coffee industry, you must be persistent with freshly ground coffee beans. When you have the right grinding tools, the time to grind a cup of coffee will be the happiest time. Have you found your favorite product after reading the above article? Whether you choose grind the coffee beans by hand to enjoy the sound and aroma of the beans, or use the automatic coffee grinder every morning to easily enjoy the coffee time, there will always be a model that best suits your style among all kinds of attractive products, for you to enjoy the best flavor of freshly ground coffee.


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