Best Auto Transfer Switches in 2022

by Terry Welch on Feb 06, 2022

Best Auto Transfer Switches in 2022

Have you equipped a generator in your room or business to protect yourself from the inconvenience caused by a power outage. If you are, an auto transfer switch must be a crucial investment for you to keep the power supply without interrupting, which means you do not operate the generator yourself to keep the power when the current provided by the utility is suddenly cut off.

However, there are various automatic transfer switches for generator on the market, which have different sizes and wattage. And which one could meet your needs? Here are some high score switches, along with top-rated picks with online rave reviews. Let’s take a look at these products, which might catch your taste.

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Best Auto Transfer Switches in 2022

Automatic VS Manual

FAQ about Generator Transfer Switches

Best Auto Transfer Switches in 2022

No.1 CNCEST Professional Automatic Transfer Switch

CNCEST Professional Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

This CNCEST Professional Auto Transfer Switch, with the line current of (6A-63A), is designed for both home and public places where fire protection is needed. With a reasonable structure and small size, this dual power auto transfer switch will not occupy much more spaces in your home or official areas. There is no need for you to worry about the safety of this product, which is already equipped with multiple protection functions, such as short circuit, phase loss, overload and under voltage protections. What’s more, it’s very easy for you to install this switch with the manual included in the package. The most warm point is that you will find the inlet and outlet lines are marked by letters, which protect your safety and save your time when installing.

More Details:

ATS level: CB level
Use level: AC-33iB
Line voltage: AC400V
Operating frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Insulation voltage: AC690V
Conversion time: 2S or so

No.2 Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Dual Power Switch Power Automatic Transfer Switch

With the dual mode, this Power Auto Transfer Switch not only supports automatic mode, but can also be operated by manual buttons to switch according to different needs. When the official power suddenly fails, it can switch the power supplied by your generator automatically without waiting to guarantee you watching TV or working with no interruption. Furthermore, there is no noise created by this switcher during working, providing you a comfortable environment when you use it in your home. Reasonable structure and high quality material used to generate it makes this power switcher reliable and durable, promising you a long life span.

More Details:

Model: GCB1-63
Rated current: 63A
Size: 9*8*7cm

No.3 Hot Automatic Transfer Switch

Hot Automatic Transfer Switch

With the high quality material, this Hot Auto Transfer Switch is durable and reliable, giving a long serving time for you. As the most 50 amp auto transfer switch, this product is equipped with lots of protective devices to ensure your safety. In this switcher, you will find a signal indicator that can help you to know the current state of the product clearly and learn where the source of the power comes from--normal power or backup power. The integrated design and U-shaped connection port of this product makes it convenient to operate. The terminal block also helps it more conductive. Considering all of these advantages above, this power switch must meet your needs to become a perfect helper for you.

More Details:

ATS Level: CB level
Use Level: AC-33iB
Line Voltage: AC110V
Line Current: 6A-63A
Operating Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Insulation Voltage: AC110V
Conversion Time: 2S or so
Conversion Mode: self cast

Automatic VS Manual

As we all know, transfer switches are categorized to auto and manual based on their mode of operation. Let’s take a look at these two types of switcher to learn more about them.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Different from the manual one, it will automatically open your generator and supply emergency backup power to you when it detects a sudden interruption in your power, making you never be affected by power outage and giving you an ideal situation to enjoy the electric device or working. However, the largest disadvantage is its high installation fabrication and installation costs. And you might not even notice the power has gone out.

Manual Transfer Switch

Of the two types of switchers, the manual transfer switch is the simplest in terms of operation and design, which consist of a switching panel, power replays and a single power cord. Different from the auto one, this product has been operated by humans to connect your temporary electrical power supply when the normal power interrupts, which might make your company downtimes much longer or cut off your relaxation time. However, the primary virtue of this type of switch is that it costs significantly less to design, fabricate, and install than an auto transfer switch.

FAQ about Generator Transfer Switches

1. How Does an Auto Transfer Switch Work for a Generator?

It mainly used in emergency power supply systems, switching electrical appliances that automatically switch the load circuit from one power source to another (backup) power source to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. The ATS is a mechanical structure, and the conversion time is more than 100 milliseconds, which will cause the load to be powered off.

2. How Long do Automatic Transfer Switches Last?

Transfer switches life expectancy is 20 to 25 years.

3. Can you Use an Auto Transfer Switch with a Portable Generator?

Of course. Manual and automatic transfer switches can work with any type of generator. There is no problem for them, even if you use them for your portable or PTO generator.

4.Can I Install My Own Automatic Transfer Switch?

Yes, you can install an automatic generator transfer switch on your own, assuming you have the necessary experience working with electronics and are comfortable doing it.


After reading this article, you might have already known the difference between manual and automatic transfer switches. And if you happen to need a switcher, each of the three auto transfer switches above is really a good choice for you, which has a super quality material and high efficiency.

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