Reviews on 3 Best Liquid Filling Machines in 2022

by Kenny Sanay on Apr 01, 2022

Reviews on 3 Best Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid filling machines often play an important role in enterprises. Are you troubled by the challenges when filling liquid products? Without further ado, come and choose the appropriate one.

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Reviews on 3 Best Liquid Filling Machines in 2022

Advantages of Liquid Filling Machines

The liquid filling machine can be used for filling a variety of materials, such as juice, soy sauce, vinegar, medicine, toilet water, etc. When you need to fill products, you only need to adjust the machine according to the model of the product, and then fill it. With advanced technology, automatic liquid filler machines provide maximum productivity and are durable for a longer period. Besides, the variable speed and adjustable filling capacity of the machines make it suitable for different types of bottles according to the needs of customers.


Automatic liquid filling machine is an automatic quantitative machine designed with electric, crank, piston type structure, that is to say, used for filling accurate amount of liquid in bottles and containers.

1. The structure is simple, reliable and less faulty.
2. Cone piston is used, which has good sealing performance, accurate liquid dispensing and convenient adjustment of liquid volume.
3. The liquid contact part is made of stainless steel, which is easy to load and unload, and can be aseptically dispensed.
4. The cylinder, push rod and piston are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and wear.
5. The speed is continuously adjustable and easy to operate.

Reviews on 3 Best Liquid Filling Machines in 2022

Whether you own a small factory, work in a laboratory, or require liquid filling capabilities at home, the following automatic machines selected will meet your needs.

CNCEST Automatic Double-head Liquid Filler Machine

CNCEST Automatic Double-head Liquid Filling Machine Electric Digital Control Filler Magnetic Pump Bottle Filler for Liquid


Rated voltage:110V 60Hz
Power:200W Max
Air source:0.4-0.6MPa
Capping range: 15-70mm
Capping speed: 20-50 bottles/min
Adapt to bottle height: 50-300mm
Bottle cap types: round caps made of plastic and metal, pump head caps, duckbill caps, etc.
Machine weight: 12Kg
Material: 304 stainless steel

The first bottle filling machine is this duel nozzle unit. With a filling volume maximum capacity of 4000ml with a speed range between 20-50 bottles a minute (depending on volume), this Double-head Liquid Filling Machine is a versatile work-horse that doesn’t disappoint. Adopting new type potentiometer for speed regulation, this machine can be operated intuitively and easily by digital display plate, with higher filling accuracy, deviation 0.5%.

Equipped with high-quality CNC precision machining magnetic pump, this bottle filling machine is reliable, durable and oil-resistance. The stainless steel case makes it beautiful and exquisite, as well as easy to clean and disinfect.


Full functions, both automatic and manual, can be equipped with assembly line work
Can be equipped with multiple filling heads
Can be filled with most types of liquids, such as oils, cosmetics, food and other non-particulate liquids
Adjustable from 0.5ml to 4000ml, easy to adjust

Single Heads Digital Control Filler Machine

Durable Filler Machine Single Heads Digital Control Semi-automatic Bottle Filler Machine for Various Oils


Power supply: 110v 210w
Chassis size: 28 * 25 * 17cm
Maximum flow: 8L / MIN
Water pipe specification: 12mm、19 mm
Filling range: 30-99999ml / g
Water pipe length: inlet oil tube2M, outlet oil tube1.6M
Error range: <0.5%
Number of filling heads: 1
Applicable bottle height: 500 (mm)
Applicable bottle diameter: ≥12 (mm)
Production capacity: 20 (cans / minute)
Filling accuracy: 0.08 (%)
Packing type: bottle
Material type: liquid
Degree of automation: semi-automatic
Working principle: atmospheric pressure

The second one is Semi-automatic Liquid Filling Machine, which is designed for filling glass water, laundry liquid, edible oil, wine, lubricants and other particle-free liquids, with bigger capacity of 99999ml. The oil pump, separating from the motor, is made of a variety of imported corrosion-resistant materials. The design of the control panel is simple and clear, providing helpful functions such as counting, as well as displays of important filling data. After setting the weight and quantity, you just put the empty bottle on the plate and stop automatically when the set weight is reached.


High capacity filling with a range from 30ml to 99999ml
High-quality design and features
Easy to operate and intuitive digital control display
Two working modes, foot pedal and automatic

17L/min Liquid Bottle Filler Machine

17L/min Liquid Bottle Filler Machine 110V Bottle Filling Machine for the Filling of Ordinary Liquid and Viscous Liquid


Model: LH-852
Voltage: AC110v
Rated power: 210w
Filling range: 0.01-999.99
Unit of measurement: s/g/kg/ml/l
Minimum filling: 50g
Waiting time: 0.01-999.99s
Counting range: 1-99999
Filling speed: 17L/min (water)
Filling error: ±1%
Vacuum: 2m
Nozzle: outer diameter 20mm
Discharge tube: outer diameter 25mm/length 0.6m
Feeding tube: outer diameter 25mm/length 2.0m
Liquid temperature: ≤60℃
Host specification: 360*300*156mm
Machine weight: 8.5kg
Viscous liquid: applicable
Ordinary liquid filling: 17L/min
Viscous liquid filling: about 7L/min

The best budget unit is this 17L/min Liquid Filling Machine, which uses a microcomputer to control the pump's working time, speed, and other factors to achieve a liquid filling device with accurate output and small repeat error. Adopting self-priming pump, this portable filling machine run continuously for a long time with low noise. There is also the automatic and inching mode, with filling parameter learning functions. The portable liquid filling machine is suitable for the filling of ordinary liquid and viscous liquid, which can be widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, cosmetics, and other industries.


Digital Speed Control
Stainless Steel Body
Full numeric keyboard
High degree of intelligence
Single-point calibration
High filling accuracy
Delivered to you soon

Advantages of Liquid Filling Machines

First of all, the liquid fillers is simple and convenient to operate. It can be operated as long as you understand the instruction guide, not requiring special technical training, just press the start button, and then the machine can work. But the details and safety still should be paid attention, which is very crucial.

Second, it is easy to maintain. Generally speaking, people who understand packaging machinery know how to maintain them, which saves a lot of time and trouble.

Finally, they are inexpensive. The liquid filler machine, being used by both large and small businesses, is a very popular as well as cost-effective mechanical equipment. Large manufacturers can use liquid filling production lines; small manufacturers can use a single filling machine.


Through the above information, you must have a very clear understanding of liquid filling machine. When choosing an efficient and effective machine, you first need to consider the consistency of your product application, making sure you get the right machine to avoid any incompatibilities in the long-time using. If the above three machines are just right for your needs, and they will definitely make your liquid filling work more precise and efficient.


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