Best Watch Storage Box on Sale in 2022

by Terry Welch on Oct 10, 2022

Best Watch Storage Box on Sale in 2022

When you enter the watch store and want to choose a watch, there comes a need for a watch storage box. A watch box will protect the watch from wear and tear, and preserve its value. It’s a nice way to present a special present to someone who deserves it.

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Material of Boxes

Top List of Watch Storage Boxes

How to choose a good watch box

Final Verdict

Material of Boxes

Normally, there are 5 kinds of common watch package boxes, Paper Box, Leather Box, Wooden Box, Metal Box and Glass Box. But most watch storage box are made of wood and leather.

Genuine leather Box

Leather watch boxes are the best option for storing delicate watches. They’re also the most comfortable option for your watch, because they have soft padding inside. This makes it easy to move your watches around without damaging them. The most genuine leather box is often used in luxury-level packages, of course, there are also cheap watch box made of fake leather.

Wooden Box

Wooden watch boxes are cheaper than Genuine leather one. They may not last as long as metal or leather watch boxes. But if the box is made of good wood, it will be expensive. And such a good wooden box is often used in high-end jewelry packages. A good quality wooden watch box can protect your watch for years from fading. Besides, the exquisite and delicate appearance will better suit your bedroom decor,which is another selling point of the wooden box

Top List of Watch Storage Boxes

No.1 Hot Automatic Watch Winder


No.1 CNCEST Hot Automatic Watch Winder 4+6 Rotation Leather Storage W/Pillow (Brown)
Hot Automatic Watch Winder is attractive for its special fashion design, first-class workmanship and high quality material. The clear glass viewing window can display tastefully four watches, while offering convenient storage space for an additional six watches. It's perfect for keeping and displaying your watches whatever in a shop or on your dressing table. It's also ideal for home jewelry will be a great gift for any watch enthusiast.

Color: Brown
Material: PU Leather(Surface) + Board + Beads Cashmere (Lining)
Size: (L x W x H)12"x 9"x 7"

No.2 2022 Watch Self Winder Box

No.2 2022 CNCEST Self Winding Watch Box Watch Self Winder Box Automatic Rotation - Full Black

This Watch Self Winder Box is made of MDF and high-grade carbon fiber PU leather, with smooth and good touch, luxurious design, elegant unique look and super compact size. It has DC power plug and power switch, which is safe and easy to use. It's perfect to put in the bedroom or office. The durability of the box can effectively prevent scratch, high transparency and good safety.

Material: MDF + PU + Metal
Color: Black
Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.3A, AC
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)12.00”x9.65”x6.89”

No.3 Watch Storage Organizer (30 Slot)

No.3 Wooden Watches Display Box Jewelry Watch Storage Organizer (30 Slot)

This Watch Storage Organizer is made of nice wood with exquisite workmanship. It will display all your watches in a convenient, fashionable and clear way. Best for displaying your watches whatever in a shop or on your dressing table. The watch pillow is made of soft velvet cloth, which can excellent to protect your beloved watches from scratch and damage.

Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 21.06" x11.42" x1.77"

[Conversion: 1cm=0.3937 inch, 1 inch=2.54 cm]

How to choose a good watch box

In choosing the perfect watch box, you need to consider these features that are important to note in making the right decision. No matter the size of your watch collection, your watches deserved to be cared for.

Pillow Type

Pillow types vary in size. Some pillows are too small in size to accommodate your watch. For instance, a flimsy pillow is unable to hold even the smallest watch. A watch box should have a pillow capable of holding the watch by the straps or bracelets. Ideally, the average size is 45 mm thick by 75 mm long.


Make sure your watch box has a soft lining. Linings in watch boxes are to protect watches from damage and keep them in place. Anything harsh will scratch your watch. Materials like velvet, felt and suede are good. High-quality fleece or microfiber is the best.

Dimension & Depth

Your choice of watch storage box is also largely up to how many watches you’re going to store with it. You need to make sure that the watch box has enough space to store all your watches. If you’re planning to grow your collection of watches, choose watch boxes that are big and deep enough. Deeper is better. Please make sure the compartment walls are tall enough to support the pillow and the watch.

Design & Style

Watch boxes are not just for storage, it’s something where you put your cherished collections and even you may want to display them to your friends or like-minds. So design and styles matter. Just choose whatever you think the best for display. But you do have to pay attention to the material, shape, color, finish, etc.

Final Verdict

The Watches are a special and excellent expression of personal style. If you’re looking for a watch storage box, you can choose one of our list.

These boxes come in a variety of colors and styles, hope you can find one that perfectly suits your style in Watch & Jewelry Boxes.

Thank you for your reading!


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